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The creation of the Medical Hydrology Department

Physicians acquired knowledge of mineral medicinal water by their own experience and through brief topics of the subject of "Materia Medica". The need of institutionalized studies and the creation of a specific university was being called for both by the Corps and by the Society. When Amalio Gimeno (medical director of Cestona spa resort) occupied the Ministry of Public Education, this claim finally went ahead, considering that this way he would contribute to revitalize the official bodies of the discipline that were in open conflict. A Royal Decree of January 5, 1912 created the Department of Medical Hydrology as an open choice amongst other doctorates. The result of the opposition gave the position to Hipolito Rodriguez Pinilla in 1913 who developed an intense promotion of hydrological studies, enhanced research, advocated the creation of an Institute of Medical Hydrology and Climatology and created a Hydrology School that followed his teachings (and those of José García Viñals and Antonia Martínez Casado). He became a Member of the Royal Academy of Medicine and State Councellor and his proposals and activity changed the discipline and led it to a controversial and short deletion of the Corps in order to create the specialty.

  • The teaching of Medical Hydrology before the chair
  • Hipolito Rodriguez Pinilla: the creation of theoretical hydrological corps
  • Hipolito Rodriguez Pinilla, baths doctor
  • The first disciples: José García Viñals



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