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Abel - Individual Mobility for Researchers

Abel - Individual Mobility for Researchers


Abel Extraordinary Chair - Individual Mobility for Researchers, shall fund individual researchers in order to carry on advanced training and research activities (specially for predoctoral researchers) in cooperation with researchers in host centers. Main features of this measure are:

  • academic staff and scientists in order to give lectures, conferences and courses and researchers at different stages of their careers, active in public and private universities, or in public research institutions located in Spain and in Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein.
  • applications shall be submitted by a public or private university or by a public research institution, located in Spain, in cooperation with a similar institution located in Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein, supported by its legal representatives.
  • each application must be supported at least by a Spanish institution on the one side and an institution from Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein on the other side.


Grant modalities:

  • Senior researchers: "research month" (other lengths are admissible)
  • Visiting Postdoc research stays: standard length shall be from 6 to 24 months (other lengths are admissible)
  • Visiting Predoc studentships: standard stay shall be from 3 to 6 months (other lenghts are admissible)
Project grant may cover (totally or in part) the following costs:
  • Travel grant: travel expenses and travel insurance costs are covered based on actual incurred expenditures (invoices and bills documenting costs are required). The cheapest mode of travel should be used.
  • Stay grant to researchers. It will be determined according to the following rates:
- Scientists moving from Spain to Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein, up to 2500 euro per month
- Scientists moving from Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein, up to 2000 euro per month
- Stays shorter than a month shall be funded proportionally
- Stays shorter than a week shall be funded on the basis of dayly rates: up to 300 euro per day.
  • Tax rules of each country will apply.
  • Organization costs. Tuition fees, conference fees and similar, duly justified. They shall be proporcionate and directly related to the implementation of the granted activity.
  • Audit costs.
  • Overheads.
  • Beneficiaries shall, on their own initiative, use the European health insurance card or equivalent.


Three calls are planned, to be launched in August 2013, January 2014 and mid 2014. See the call for proposals text, the guidelines and application form at the "Calls" section of the menu at the left.

IMPORTANT: Any stay must be finished by November 2015.

Applications shall include:
  • Application form. It shall include: identification of expected results and impact; description of the work plan and methods to be used; description of how the planned cooperation shall contribute to the success of the project and how it will benefit the involved parts. Risk assessment and mitigation plan, communication plan.
  • Applicants’ and host researchers’ CV, including list of publications.
  • Formal declaration of at least one host institution, signed by its legal representative, expressing their interest and commiting themselves to provide the needed support.
  • Formal declaration of the host institution, signed by its legal representative, supporting the application and committing the institution to comply with the applicable regulation.
  • If necessary, co-funding commitment, signed by legal authorities of co-funding institutions.
  • Copy of the applicant's identity card or passport.

Indicative budget for this measure: 1 627 800 euro.


Appraisal and selection process:

  • Administrative and eligibility compliance. Responsible: UCM. Output: list of eligible applications.
  • Evaluation by experts. Responsible : experts. Output: applications scored (and, when appropriate, with improvement proposals and/or risk mitigation proposals).
  • Evaluation by Abel Selection Committee. Responsible: Abel Selection Committee. Output: list of ranked applications to be funded.
  • Awarding decision. Responsible: NILS S&S Steering Committee. Output: list of applications to be awarded, reserve list.
  • Decision shall not be appealed.


Evaluation criteria:

  • quality of the proposal
  • curriculum vitae of the involved researchers
  • complementarity of involved researchers
  • feasibility and sustainability of the proposal
  • relevance of the proposal in relation with the aims and priorities of the programme









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