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NILS Science and Sustainability aims to enhance human capital and knowledge base in Spain and in Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein, by improving and deepening academic and research collaboration, promoting scientific research on strategic fields for Human well-being and Earth Sustainability.



Students Mobility:

NILS S & S shall offer to Spanish degree and master students the opportunity to make stays in higher education institutions and in other institutions in Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein, mainly based on the Erasmus programme scheme. A call addressed to Spanish universities and their students shall be launched.




The following organizations shall be involved and shall act as contact points in the involved countries: SIU in Norway, RANNIS in Iceland, AIBA in Liechtenstein. The Spanish Ministry of Finance and Public Administrations is the responsible institution in Spain for this mechanism, with the competences that the applicable regulation states for it.

CMA at University of Oslo shall act as key collaborator for Abel measures.


Researchers Mobility:

Researchers mobility is aimed at developing and deepening scientific and academic cooperation among researchers and institutions in Spain on the one hand, and in Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein on the other hand, in experimental fields related to Sustainability.

Calls addressed to individual mobility but also to coordinated mobility shall be launched, allowing researchers and research groups to apply for stays of different lengths, in one or more institutions of the participating countries.

Such stays shall aim at carrying out advanced training (specially for predoctoral researchers) and research activities.

Priority shall be given to research leading with problems related to climatic change, migration flows, natural resources, health, social dynamics and methodologies and in general with challenges related to Sustainability.

Funded research projects should have, either a multidisciplinary approach, either a clear mathematical approach. 

Scientific and / or technological approach must be clear.

Scientific publications, seminars, workshops and training courses are expected to be some specific products of such cooperation activities, as well as further cooperation proposals once the programme ended.




NILS Science and Sustainability overall budget is 3 918 000 euro. It is funded within the protocol 30b of the financial mechanism of the European Economic Area (EEA Financial Mechanism) and on the frame of the memorandum of understanding signed by Spain on the one side and Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein on the other side, Universidad Complutense de Madrid being the programme operator.






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