Studies commenced abroad-Partial validation - Convalidación parcial

General Information:
Students that have commenced an undergraduate degree abroad can apply for admission to continue their studies at the UCM.
Deadlines:From May 20th to June 30th 2021
How to apply:
The transfer credit process is carried out by the Student Office of the Faculty involved. Send them an email with the application form and the rest of  the documents.

Supporting documentation:
  • Official transcript of records.
  • Programme/s with the contents of each subject and the length of tuition (syllabus).
  • A copy of passport or identity card.
  • Payment receipt of fees: 70 € (contact the Student Office for the payment process)

All documents must be official and translated into Spanish and legalised.
Exceptions to the legalizaction:
- Documents issued in the European Uniión or the E.E.E.S.
- Documents with "The Hague Appostille" don't need any legalzation.

Tutorial on how to apply

Requirements:Only in case there are any vacancies for the degree you have applied for, you may be admitted if the UCM validates at least 30 credits of your previous studies.
  • The official enrolment will depend on a favourable resolution and will be valid for the present academic year and the following one, not later.
  • In case there are more applications than available placements, the assessment of student’s academic records will be the prevailing criteria.
  • If you don´t meet the requirements, you may apply for general admission for international students.

NOTE: Look up the web for any changes.
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