Access to university degrees via Graduate quota - Primer curso como titulados

General Information:Foreign graduates may apply for admission, using the admision quota for graduates, as long as their foreign diplomas have been previously recognised by the Spanish Ministry of Education.

Second call: only for the degrees with vacancies after the first call. Most bachelor degrees have no places in the second call.

How to apply:More information about the recognition procedure:

Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport
Phones:+(34) 910 837 937
Address:C/ Los Madrazo, 15  mapa 
           28014 Madrid

Electronic consultation 

Department of Qualifications and Recognition of Qualifications, Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport 
Address: C / Torrelaguna, 58 - 2nd floor
            28014 Madrid 
Phone: + (34) 91 506 55 93
Requirements: Documents issued abroad must be legalised and translated into Spanish before being submitted in order to be taken into consideration for administrative purposes.
Remarks:If you don´t apply for average grade equivalence of your university studies at the "Ministerio de Educación", the entrance scores will be 5,000 out of 10.
Administration Office: