Non-EU education systems. Access to first year for undergraduate degrees - Extranjeros no comunitarios

General Information:

Previous studies:

  • Students who have completed their upper secondary education studies in non-EU States members or countries that do not hold international agreement for the recognition of the Baccalaureate degree.
  • Students with secondary studies in EU educational systems who do not meet the requirements for university entrance in the country of origin of their studies.
How to apply:

Non-EU students who don't take or pass the university entrance exams but have the requirements, may apply for bachelor degrees with available places in the second call. However, places will be awarded only if there were vacancies in the bachelor degrees requested once completed the admission procedures. Most bachelor degrees have no places in the second call.

          PLAZOS UNEDassis

  • Admission process at the Complutense 2021-2022

Information points about the accreditation/recognition process

In order to choose the optional subjects for the Specific Competency Exams(PCE) that will get you the best scores for your degree, look up the following links:

Weightings table at UCM 2021/2022

Grade Average Point 2020/2021 (check in each university "Grupo 1")

Also, a fourth subject passed will help you to up your scores.

  • Language acreditation: Requirement of Spanish level B2 for Foreign Educational Systems Students

Students with a non-Spanish speaking country nationality who, furthermore, come from the educational system of a country whose language is not Spanish, must certify a B2 level of Spanish, unless a different level has already been established in the corresponding degree program. This certification must be validated and accredited by UNEDassis.

This requirement of accreditation by UNEDassis will not be mandatory (although it is recommended) in the case of the following students:

1) Students with a non-Spanish-speaking country nationality who have obtained their equivalent degrees in foreign teaching centers established in Spain that provide education in accordance with RD 806/93 (arts. 10, 11 and 12),

2) Students who have studied in Spanish bilingual sections in countries with which the Ministry of Education has signed bilateral agreements with (Bulgaria, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Russia and China), who have passed the Bachillerato final exams, and who are entitled to be awarded the Título de Bachiller of the Spanish Educational System.


  • Entrance exams are in Spanish. 
  • The Complutense university doesn't offer scholarships for Non-EU international students without permanent residence.
  • Students with an accredited baccalaureate degree without entrance exams may only apply for admission through the extraordinary call in those degrees with vacant places after the ordinary call in June. In order for the pre-enrollment to be validated, the homologation must be granted, not in process, although they can provide the resolution of homologation in the claim period. They will be considered last in the distribution of places.
  • For the university admission phase, the validity of the PCE is for two academic years.
  • Accreditation obtained is valid for two years in order to apply for admission to universities.
  • Tuition fees
  • Agreement of the Public Universities of Madrid on admission procedures for students with the title of Bachiller, equivalent or homologated, academic year 2021-2022

    NOTICE: Check the website in case there are any changes.

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