Recognition and equivalence of foreign university diploma - Homologación y equivalencia

General Information:

There are two different processes: recognition and equivalence

Note:  Law Degree and Psychology Degree are not recognized by the Ministry. Students must apply for Partial Validation at any Spanish university. 

Deadlines:Open permanently
How to apply:Both processes are carried out by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport.

1. Application: online or using the following forms: 2. Payment fee:  Rate Model 790

3. Supporting documentation:

4. Submission of the application: at any public register of the Central Government, autonomous regions and some of the Local Authorities.

Requirements:All documents submitted must be official and issued by the competent authorities. Also, in cases where necessary, the original documents must be duly legalized and translated. 


If your qualifications are not enough to get the recognition or equivalence, its approval will be subject to a successful completion of some additional formative requirements, the so called "Prueba de conjunto".

Students may register at any Spanish university -either state or private ones- in order to pass the complementary formative requirements, as long as the study programme involved is fully implemented. If you want to undertake the "prueba de conjunto" at the UCM, you should get in touch with the Student Office of the Faculty where the degree is held.

The foreign university degree will not be recognised if the complementary formative requirements are not accomplished within the following six years from the moment the student is notified. However, students may apply for a partial validation.
  • Students should NOT submit original diplomas, programs or other documents, but a certified copy of such documents.
  • Those students with a foreign university degree may also apply for a partial validation at the Student Office involved as long as no recognition process is being carried out through the Ministry of Education at the same time, as they are incompatible.
  • Guide to the approval procedures and equivalence regulated by Royal Decree 967/2014 (pdf not available in English)
  • Consultations on the procedure can be performed by the means listed on the page Management Information.
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