Library of high-resolution spectra and
database of stellar parameters of F, G, K and M stars

D. Montes, et al.

Poster, PDF file, (Highlights of Spanish Astrophysics VII, Proceedings of the X Scientific Meeting of the Spanish Astronomical Society (SEA),
held in Valencia, July 9 - 13, 2012, Eds.: J.C. Guirado, L.M. Lara, V. Quilis, and J. Gorgas., pp.661-661)

Poster, PDF file, (10th Potsdam Thinkshop: High-Resolution Optical Spectroscopy: From instruments to astrophysical models,
held in Potsdam, May 28-31, 2013)

Talk, PDF file, (First SVO Workshop on data publishing in the Virtual Observatory
8 - 9 April 2014, Centro de Astrobiología, INTA-CSIC)

During the last years our group have undertake several high resolution spectroscopic surveys of nearby FGKM stars with different spectrographs (FOCES, CAFE, SARG, SOFIE, FIES, FEROS, HERMES). A large number of stars have been already observed and we have already determined spectral types, rotational velocities (vsini) as well as radial velocities (Vr), Lithium abundance and several chromospheric activity indicators. We are working now in a homogeneous determination of the fundamental stellar parameters (Teff, log g, metallicity, [Fe/H], and microturbulent velocity) and differential abundance analysis of all these stars. Some fully reduced spectra in FITS format have been available via ftp and in the World Wide Web by Montes et al. (1997; 1998; and 1999) and some particular spectral regions of the echelle spectra are available at VizieR by López-Santiago et al. (2010). We are now working in made accessible all the spectra of our different surveys in a Virtual Observatory (VO) compliant library and database accessible using a common web interface following the standards of the International Virtual Observatory Alliance (IVOA). The spectral library includes F, G, K and M field stars, from dwarfs to giants. The spectral coverage is from 3800 to 10000 Å, with spectral resolution ranging from 40000 to 80000. The database will provide in addition the stellar parameters determined for these spectra.

Access to the database using

Preliminary database developped thanks to the academic works of the students: Jesús Ramos Medina (2011-2012) and Mario Díaz de Miguel (2012-2013) at the UCM.

Echelle Spectra (merged orders and normalized)

Onedimensional Spectra (individual orders)

Fundamental stellar parameters (Teff, log g, metallicity, [Fe/H]) using StePar (Tabernero et al. 2012, A&A, 547, A13)

Additional parameters (spectral types, rotational velocities (vsini), radial velocities (Vr), Lithium abundance, several chromospheric activity indicators, kinematics (U, V, W))

(Paper I) Library of high and mid-resolution spectra in the CaII H & K, H, H, and NaI D1, D2, and HeI D3 lines regions of F, G, K and M field stars
(Montes et al. 1997. A&AS 123, 473)

(Paper II), Library of high-resolution UES echelle spectra of F, G, K and M field dwarf stars,
(Montes & Martín 1998, A&AS 128, 485)

(Paper III), Library of medium-resolution Fiber Optic Echelle spectra of F, G, K and M field dwarfs to giants stars,
(Montes Ramsey, & Welty, 1999, ApJ Supp.S., 123, 283)

Late-M and L Field Dwarfs Spectra from "Spectroscopic Classification of Late-M and L Field Dwarfs",
(Martín E.L. et al., 1999, AJ 118, 2466)

Other Library of stellar spectra

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