Late-M and L field dwarfs spectra

From: "Spectroscopic Classification of Late-M and L Field Dwarfs" ,
Martín E.L. et al., 1999, AJ 118, 2466

Name SpT
ASCII file
FITS file
DENIS-P J1116-1945 - dM8 den1116-19.dM8
VB 10 dM8 dM8 vb10.dM8
DENIS-P J1158-1201 - dM8 den1158-12.dM8
DENIS-P J0243-5432 - dM9 den0243-54.dM9
DENIS-P J1431-1953 - dM9 den1431-19.dM9
PC 0025+0447 dM9.5 bdM9 pc0025+04.bdM9
DENIS-P J1208+0149 - dM9.5 den1208+01.dM9.5
EROS-MP J0032-4405 - bdL0 eros0032-44.bdL0
DENIS-P J1323-1806 - dL0 den1323-18.dL0
DENIS-P J0909-0658 - dL0 den0909-06.dL0
DENIS-P J1441-0945 - dL1 den1441-09.dL1
G 196-3 B - bdL1 g196-3b.bdL1
2MASSW J0030+3139 dL2 dL2 2m0030+31.dL2
Kelu 1 dL2 bdL2 kelu1.bdL2
DENIS-P J1058-1548 dL3 dL2.5 den1058-15.dL2.5
LHS 102 B - dL4 lhs102b.dL4
DENIS-P J1228-1547 dL5 bdL4.5 den1228-15.bdL4.5
DENIS-P J0205-1159 dL7 dL5 den0205-11.dL5
2MASSW J1632+1904 dL8 bdL6 2m0030+31.dL2
DENIS-P J0255-4700 - dL6 den0255-47.dL6

(Paper I) Library of high and mid-resolution spectra in the CaII H & K, H, H, and NaI D1, D2, and HeI D3 lines regions of F, G, K and M field stars
(Montes et al. 1997. A&AS 123, 473)

(Paper II), Library of high-resolution UES echelle spectra of F, G, K and M field dwarf stars,
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(Paper III), Library of medium-resolution Fiber Optic Echelle spectra of F, G, K and M field dwarfs to giants stars
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