Chromospherically active binaries members of young open clusters

D. Montes

Departamento de Astrofísica, UCM

2000, ASP Conf. Ser. 198, 475, in "Stellar clusters and associations: convection, rotation, and dynamos", (Second "Three-Islands" Euroconference) (May 25 - 28, 1999, Mondello, Palermo, Sicily, Italy), R. Pallavicini, G. Micela and S. Sciortino eds.

We have compiled a list of late-type stars (F5-M) spectroscopic binaries members of nearby and well-studied young open clusters: Persei (51 Myr), Pleiades (77 Myr), Coma Berenices (500 Myr), Hyades (660 Myr), Praesepe (660 Myr). Stars have been selected making use of the information provided by open clusters databases and the most recent literature. Many of these systems are chromospherically active binaries (CAB), other are possible CAB, but their activity indicators need to be confirmed. Basic stellar parameters and references for orbital parameters are listed for each star.

Preliminary lists of late-type spectroscopic binaries members of young open clusters can be found here:

NGC 2264



Coma Berenices



Actividad estelar Open clusters

David Montes,