Echelle Spectroscopy

General Information

Introduction to Echelle Spectroscopy (Starlink Guide 9, Martin Clayton)

Echelle Data Reduction Cookbook (Starlink Cookbook 3, Martin Clayton)

Echelle Data Reduction Software


Guía IRAF para la reducción de espectros echelle (Javier López-Santiago, M. Cruz Gálvez, David Montes)

IRAF Spectroscopy Documentation
A User's Guide to CCD Reductions with IRAF Philip Massey
A User's Guide to Reducing Slit Spectra with IRAF Phil Massey, Frank Valdes, Jeannette Barnes

A User's Guide to Reducing Echelle Spectra with IRAF D. Willmarth and J. Barnes

Introduction to Echelle Data Reduction Using IRAF (C.W. Churchill) -- (PDF file)
HAMSCATT modeling and correcting scattered light in echelle spectrographs (C.W. Churchill)

IRAF Tutorials: Echelle Slit Reductions with DOECSLIT
IRAF Help page for "echelle"


MIDAS Echelle Spectra


Starlink-Echelle Data Reduction (Martin Clayton)
Pipeline echelle reduction (Andrew Collier Cameron)
ECHOMOP-Echelle Data Reduction Package (User's Manual)
ECHOMOP Online HELP text
FIGARO echelle data reductions

Wavelength Calibration (Comparison Arc Spectral Atlases)

Atlas of Thorium Argon lines and the Solar spectrum obtained with the ESA-MUSICOS spectrograph
at the Isaac Newton Telescope (1998, ING La Palma Technical Notes, 116, J. Telting, J. Oliveira, B.H. Foing)
Atlas of Thorium Argon lines obtained with FOCES Spectrograph
at 2.2m Telescope CAHA, (Calar Alto, Almería)
NOAO Comparison Arc Spectral Atlas (Thorium-Argon, Iron-Argon, Helium-Neon-Argon),
echelle spectra obtained with the KPNO 2.1m coude spectrograph, NOAO
ESO 1.5-m: He-Ar-Fe-Ne High Resolution Line Atlas FEROS Spectrograph
CFHT Coudé Comparison Arc Spectral Atlases
UCLES ThAr Atlas with the MITLL CCD
UVES Thorium-Argon Atlas
A High Resolution (0.2A) ThAr Arc-map for the Mid-range Visible (4530 - 6910 A)
MSSSO 31 g/mm Echelle Spectrograph (Dave James)
The Spectrum of the Th-Ar Hollow-Cathode Lamp (3611.9 - 10596.4 Å)
Used with the 2dcoude Spectrograph (McDonald Observatory) (Carlos Allende)
High-Resolution Spectrograph (HRS)/HET ThAr Wavelength Calibration
Selection of ThAr lines for wavelength calibration of echelle spectra and implications for variations in the fine-structure constant (Murphy, et al., 2007, MNRAS, 378, 221)
A new list of thorium and argon spectral lines in the visible (Lovis & Pepe, 2007, A&A 468, 1115)

Échelle spectrographs


ESA-MUSICOS spectrograph INT, (2.5m) Isaac Newton Telescope (La Palma) - not available -
UES, Utrecht Echelle Spectrograph WHT, (4.2m) William Herschel Telescope (La Palma) - not available -
HORUS (High Optical Resolution Ultra-Stable Spectrograph) project for update UES at GTC
SOFIN - The SOviet FINish (SOFIN) spectrograph NOT, (2.56m) Nordic Optical Telescope (La Palma)
FIES, FIber fed Echelle Spectrograph NOT (2.56m), Nordic Optical Telescope (La Palma)
IACUB (IAC & University of Belfast) Spectrograph (single spectral order), NOT (2.56m), Nordic Optical Telescope (La Palma)
SARG, Spettrografo ad Alta Risoluzione Galileo TNG, (3.58m) Telescopio Nazionale Galileo (La Palma)
FOCES Fibre Optics Cassegrain Echelle Spectrograph 2.2m Telescope CAHA, (Calar Alto, Almería) - not available -
CAFE: Calar Alto Fiber-fed Echelle spectrograph 2.2m Telescope CAHA, (Calar Alto, Almería) replace FOCES
SES, Stella Echelle Spectrograph (STELLA, 1.2m telescope, Tenerife)
HERMES, High Efficiency and Resolution Mercator Echelle Spectrograph (1.2m, Mercator Telescope, La Palma)
GIANO bifront infrared spectrometer - TNG, (3.58m) Telescopio Nazionale Galileo (La Palma) project
HARPS-North (High-Accuracy Radial velocity Planet Searcher - North) at TNG, (3.58m) - project duplicate of the original HARPS
CARMENES (Calar Alto high-Resolution search for M dwarfs with Exoearths with Near-infrared and optical Échelle Spectrographs)
3.5m Telescope CAHA, (Calar Alto, Almería) project


TBL(2m) Telescope Bernard Lyot, Pic du Midi
OHP, Observatoire de Haute-Provence
  • AURELIE (1m52 telescope)
  • ELODIE (1m93 telescope) - decommissioned in mid-August 2006 -
  • SOPHIE Spectrographe pour l'Observation des PHénomenes sIsmologiques et Exoplanétaires (1m93 telescope)


Coudé Echelle spectrograph (2m telescope, Thüringer Landessternwarte Tautenburg (TLS) Karl-Schwarzschild-Observatorium)
TRAFICOS- an Échelle Zeeman Spectrograph (2m telescope, Thüringer Landessternwarte Tautenburg (TLS) Karl-Schwarzschild-Observatorium)
GIRAFFE (Grating Instrument for Radiation Analysis with a Fibre Fed Échelle)
(copy of the MUSICOS spectrograph) (1.9-m (Radcliffe) Telescope, SAAO, South African Astronomical Observatory)


Echelle spectrograph
(copy of the MUSICOS spectrograph) 2.16m telescope, (Xinglong Station of the BAO, Beijing astronomical Observatory)


HIDES (HIgh Dispersion Echelle Spectrograph), 1.88m telescope, (OAO, Okayama Astrophysical Observatory, NAOJ)

Chile, La Silla Obs. (ESO)

FEROS, Fiber-fed Extended Range Optical Spectrograph (ESO 1.52-m telescope, La Silla Obs. Chile)
FEROS on the MPG/ESO-2.20m Telescope
HEROS, Heidelberg Extended Range Optical Spectrograph (ESO Dutch .90-m telescope, La Silla Obs. Chile)
CASPEC, Cassegrain Echelle Spectrograph (ESO 3.6m telescope, La Silla Obs. Chile)
CES, Coude Echelle Spectrometer (ESO 3.6m telescope, La Silla Obs. Chile)
EMMI, ESO Multi Mode Instrument, (ESO NTT, New Technology Telescope (3.58m), La Silla Obs. Chile)
CORALIE spectrometer (Swiss 1.2-m Leonhard Euler telescope, La Silla Obs. Chile)
HARPS, High Accuracy Radial velocity Planet Searcher (ESO 3.6m telescope, La Silla Obs. Chile)

Chile, CTIO, Cerro Tololo Interamerican Obs. (NOAO)

Echelle Spectrograph 4m Blanco Telescope, CTIO
STELES (SOAR Telescope Echelle Spectrograph) SOAR (Southern Astrophysical Research) 4.1m telescope, CTIO
a Nasmyth fed, two channels, VPH (Volume Phase Holographic) cross-dispersed echelle spectrograph project

Chile, Las Campanas Observatory

MIKE, Magellan Inamori Kyocera Echelle Magellan Telescopes (Carnegie Institution of Washington)
PFS, Planet Finder Spectrograph Magellan II (Clay) Telescope (Carnegie Institution of Washington) project

Chile, Cerro Armazones

BESO, Bochum Échelle Spectroscopic Observer 1.5-m Hexapod Telescope
UCLES, UCL (Uni. College London) Coudé Echelle Spectrograph (3.9m Anglo-Australian Telescope (AAT), AAO)
Echelle Spectrograph 1.88m Telescope at Mount Stromlo (ACT, Australia)
HERMES, A High resolution multi-object echelle spectrograph for the AAT (3.9m Anglo-Australian Telescope (AAT) project
New Zealand
HERCULES, High Effeciency and Resolution Canterbury University Large Echelle Spectrograph (Mt. John Univ. Observatory, 1m McLellan telescope, New Zealand) project
CFHT, Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope (3.6 m) Mauna Kea, Hawaii
Gecko, CFHT coudé spectrograph (single spectral order),
ESPaDOnS: an Echelle SpectroPolarimetric Device for the Observation of Stars
SPIRou: a nIR échelle spectropolarimeter for CFHT project
UPF, UKIRT Planet Finder [successor of PRVS, Precision Radial Velocity Spectrometer (Gemini)]
Sandiford Cassegrain Echelle Spectrometer 2.1 m Otto Struve Telescope (McDonald Obs., Texas)
2dcoudé Spectrograph 2.7m Harlan J. Smith Telescope (McDonald Obs., Texas)
Echelle spectrograph (Kitt Peak (4m) Telescope, KPNO, Tucson Arizona)
Hamilton Echelle Spectrometer (Shane 3-m Telescope and with the 0.6-m Coude Auxilliary Telescope (CAT), Lick Obs., California)
East Arm Echelle (Palomar 200-inch Telescope, California)
Echelle Spectrograph CTIO 4m Blanco Telescope, CTIO, CTIO, Cerro Tololo Interamerican Obs., Chile (NOAO)
ARC Echelle Spectrograph (ARC, 3.5m Telescope, Apache Point Observatory, New Mexico)
AFOE, Advanced Fiber-Optic Echelle (1.5m telescope, Whipple Observatory, Tucson, Arizona)
Hectochelle, multi-object echelle spectrograph for the converted 6.5m MMT (Multiple Mirror Telescope) Mt. Hopkins, Tucson, Arizona project
PEPSI (Potsdam Echelle Polarimetric and Spectroscopic Instrument) LBT (Large Binocular Telescope) two 8.4 m, Arizona project
Very large telescopes (> 8m)
HET, Hobby-Eberly Telescope (9.2m) 11m, (McDonald Obs., Texas USA)
UFOE, The Upgraded Fiber Optic Echelle HET
MRS, Medium-Resolution Spectrograph HET
HRS, High-Resolution Spectrograph HET
HZPF: (Habitable Zone Planet Finder), A proposed high resolution NIR spectrograph for the HET to discover low mass exoplanets around M stars project

SALT, Southern African Large Telescope (9.2m) 11m, (SAAO)
SALT-HRS, High-Resolution Spectrograph


HIRES, HIgh REsolution Echelle Spectrograph (Keck (10.0m) telescope, Mauna Kea, Hawaii)
ESI, Echelle Spectrograph & Imager (Keck II (10.0m) telescope, Mauna Kea, Hawaii)


UVES, UV-Visual Echelle Spectrograph
CRIRES, CRyogenic high-resolution InfraRed Echelle Spectrograph - (is not cross-dispersed)
ESPRESSO, (Echelle SPectrograph for Rocky Exoplanet- and Stable Spectroscopic Observations) - High resolution (R150000) visual spectrograph project


HROS, High Resolution Optical Spectrograph (Gemini (8.1m) South telescope)
PHOENIX cryogenic, long slit, high resolution infrared spectrograph - (is not cross-dispersed)
TEXES, Texas Echelon Cross Echelle Spectrograph high spectral resolution in the mid-infrared (5-25 µm)
PRVS, Precision Radial Velocity Spectrograph - Searching for Earth-mass Planets - fiber-fed, white-pupil, cooled echelle (R=70,000) Y, J and H bands project


HDS, High Dispersion Spectrograpgh (Subaru (8.3m) telescope, Mauna Kea, Hawaii)


NIRINTS (Near-infrared Intermediate Resolucion Spectrograph) - NAHUAL (Near-infrAred High-resolUtion spectrogrAph for pLanet hunting) project
HORUS (High Optical Resolution Ultra-Stable Spectrograph) project for update UES at GTC

LBT (Large Binocular Telescope)

PEPSI (Potsdam Echelle Polarimetric and Spectroscopic Instrument) (LBT, two 8.4m, Arizona) project

Extremely Large Telescopes, ELT (> 30m)
E-ELT, European Extremely Large Telescope (ESO)
CODEX (COsmic Dynamics and EXo-earth experiment) - High resolution (R150000) visual spectrograph project
SIMPLE, High resolution (HR) near infrared (NIR) spectrograph for the E-ELT project

Libraries of stellar spectra MUSICOS (MUlti SIte COntinuous Spectroscopy)

David Montes,