Stellar Flares / Fulguraciones estelares

Publications about Flares by the Stellar Activity Group (UCM)

Stars with optical flares:

M Dwarf Flare Stars (UV Cet type)

RS CVn and BY Dra stars

Ordinary solar-type stars

Flares on Ultracool Dwarfs

Links related with stellar flares:

Stellar Flares (Sea of Galilee Astrophysical Observatory)

Flares on M dwarfs & RS CVn Binaries (J.G. Doyle, Armagh Obs)

Space observatories detect new type of stellar flare (University of Colorado, June 7, 2000)

XMM-Newton reveals details of the Castor sextuplet All three X-ray sources are blinking, indicating that all flaring stars (June 21, 2000)

Flare Stars (R.M. Robb, Univ. Victoria)

Flaring Stars (IUE observations)


Flares and Flashes (IAU Colloquium No. 151) 1994

Flare stars in star clusters, associations and the solar vicinity; Proceedings of the 137th IAU Symposium, Byurakan, Armenian SSR, Oct. 23-27, 1989 (A91-55760 24-90)

Flare stars Gurzadian, G. A. (1980)

Solar flares Svestka, Z. (1976)

Flare activity and flare star system age Mirzoian, L. V. ((ISSN 0861-265X), vol. 6, 1991, p. 71-76.)

Stellar Flares Publications G.H. Fisher

Flares and Coronal Heating in the Sun and Stars Arnold O. Benz

Are Coronae of Magnetically Active Stars Heated by Flares? Gudel 1997, ApJ 480, L121

Magnetic Activity and Ultraviolet Flares on HR1099 M.J. Thorpe

Flare stars in Pleiades (Kazarovets 1993)

Catalogue and bibliography of the UV Cet-type flare stars and related objects in the solar vicinity (Gershberg et al. 1999, A&AS 139, 555)


Stellar Astrophysics (Armagh Observatory)

Arnold O. Benz   (Institute of Astronomy, ETH Zürich)
Manuel Güdel (Institute of Astronomy, ETH Zürich,)

Bernhard Michael Haisch -- Publications

Metcalf, Thomas R. -- Publications

George H. Fisher (Unv. California, Berkeley)
Christopher M. Johns-Krull (Unv. California, Berkeley)

Richard Canfield (Montana State University)

Marcelo, Rodono, (Catania, Universita)

B.R., Pettersen (Oslo, University)

Zdenek, Svestka (Space Research Astronomical Observatory, Utrecht, Netherlands)

Grigor A., Gurzadian (Garniiskaia Laboratoriia Kosmicheskoi Astronomii)

L.V., Mirzoian (Byurakan Astrophysical Observatory)

R.E., Gershberg (Krymskaia Astrofizicheskaia Observatoriia)

L.N., Mavridis (Univ. of Thessaloniki)

Ilya Yu. Alekseev (Crimean Astrophysical Observatory)


Superflares on solar-type stars Maehara et al. 2012, Nature, 11063, 16 May 2012.
Superflares from Sun-like Stars S&T,16 May 2012.

Superflares on Ordinary Solar-Type Stars Schaefer et al. 2000, ApJ 529, 1026

Are Superflares on Solar Analogues Caused by Extrasolar Planets? Rubenstein & Schaefer et al. 2000, ApJ 529, 1031
Superflares and Giant Planets Rubenstein, American Scientist Jan/Feb 2001, Vol. 89, pg. 38

Superflares Can Zap Planets Schaefer, B. et al. 1999, 193rd Meeting of the American Astronomical Society (Austin, TX)
Superflares on Normal F8-G8 Main Sequence Stars Schaefer B. King J.R., Deliyanis C.P., 1998AAS...193.2201S
Superflares on Solarlike Stars Schaefer B., 1997S&T....93d..36S
Flashes from normal stars Schaefer B., 1989ApJ...337..927S

Links related with solar flares:

The First Solar Flare recorded (R.C. Carrington and R. Hodgson)

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Overview of Solar Flares (HESI)

Solar flares (The Sun : An Introduction to MHD)

Solar Flares (Sea of Galilee Astrophysical Observatory)

Solar Flares (William P. Abbett, Michigan State University)

Solar Flare Research Astronomical Institute, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic

Solar Flares and magnetic shear (MSFC)

Post-Flare loops observed in H (MSFC)
Post-Flare loops observed by Doppler imaging (MSFC)

Solar Prominences and Flares (ISPEC)

The surface of the Sun - Solar flares (The Sun - A Multimedia Tour)

BATSE Solar Flare Server

OSSE Solar Flare Spectrum

Solar Flare Leaves Sun Quaking (SOHO)

Those Pesky Solar Flares
(Emergence of magnetic flux on the Sun as the cause of a 158-day periodicity in sunspot areas ,
R Oliver, J L Ballester & F Baudin, 1998 Nature, Vol 394, No 6693, p 552)

Actividad estelar El Sol

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