Stellar Flares / Fulguraciones estelares

Publications about Flares by the Stellar Activity Group (UCM)

Chromospherically Active Binaries (CABS)

- UX Ari

- II Peg

- 2RE J0743+224

- V711 Tau

  • Simultaneous Optical and X-ray Observations of Flares and Rotational Modulation on the RS CVn Binary HR 1099 (V711 Tau) from the MUSICOS 1998 Campaign
    García-Alvarez D., Foing B., Montes D., Oliveira J., Doyle J.G., and MUSICOS 1998 Collaboration (acceptted 10 October, 2002)
    2003, Astronomy & Astrophysics, A&A, 397, 285

- CC Eri

  • - XMM-Newton observation of the flare star CC Eri: a peculiar time-evolution of spectral parameters
    Crespo-Chacón I., Micela G., Reale F., Camarazza M., López-Santiago J., Pillitteri I.,
    2007, Astronomy & Astrophysics (A&A), in press
    astro-ph/0706.3332 -- ADS abstract

Young single stars

- LQ Hya

- PW And

- BD+17 232, BD+20 1790, DK Leo, and FP Cnc

UV Cet type stars

- AD Leo

- V1054 Oph

- Other UV Cet stars

Actividad estelar Flares

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