Spectroscopic Survey of Late-type Stars in Young Stellar Kinematic Groups

David Montes,   Javier López Santiago, et al.       Dpto Astrofísica, UCM

We describe here our ongoing high-resolution spectroscopic survey of single late-type stars identified in Paper I: (Montes et al. 2001, MNRAS 328, 45) as members of young stellar kinematic groups (SKG) (Local Association (20 - 150 Myr), Ursa Mayor group (300 Myr), Hyades supercluster (600 Myr), IC 2391 supercluster (35 Myr) and Castor Moving Group (200 Myr)) or as other young disk stars.
Information about this spectroscopic study can be found in Montes et al. 2001, A&A 379, 976;   Montes et al. 2002, 12th Cool SSS;   Montes & López-Santiago, 2003, Kluwer Acad. Pub., p. 293 ;   López-Santiago, et al., 2003, A&A, 411, 489;   López-Santiago & Montes, 2004, Calar Alto Newsletter N.7;   López-Santiago 2005, Ph.D. thesis, UCM;   Lopéz-Santiago, et al. 2006, ApJ, 643, 1160;   López-Santiago, et al. 2009, A&A, 499, 129   López-Santiago, Montes et al. 2010, A&A, 514, A97.
The spectra and derived parameters database will be publicly released in these pages.

  • High resolution echelle spectra.

  • List of observed stars.

  • Spectral type and luminosity class.

  • Radial velocity.

  • Rotational velocity (vsini).

  • Lithium (LiI 6707.8 Å) EW.

  • Chromospheric activity.

  • Flare stars

Analysis of individual stars

Other publicaciones about SKG can be found here.

  Stellar kinematic groups

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