Librerias de espectros estelares
(Libraries of stellar spectra)

IAU Commission G5 WG Stellar Spectral Libraries - WG webpage - IAU WG webpage

SVO Resources for Spectral Stellar Libraries Spanish Virtual Observatory

Libraries of stellar spectra (late-type stars) by Montes et al.

Library of high and mid-resolution spectra in the CaII H&K, H, H, and NaI D1, D2, and HeI D3lines regions of F, G, K and M field stars
D. Montes, E.L. Martín, M.J. Fernández-Figueroa, M. Cornide, E. De Castro, (accepted September 1996)
1997, Astronomy&Astrophysics Supp. S., (Jun II), 123, 473
Available via WWW--Available at CDS (J/A+AS/123/473)

Library of high-resolution UES echelle spectra of F, G, K and M field dwarf stars
Montes D., Martín E.L., (accepted August 1997),
1998, Astronomy&Astrophysics Supp. S., (Mar II) 128, 485,
Available via WWW--Available at CDS (J/A+AS/128/485)

Library of medium-resolution Fiber Optic Echelle spectra of F, G, K and M field dwarfs to giants stars
Montes D., Ramsey L.W., Welty A.D., (accepted November 1998)
1999, Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series, 123, 283 (July 1999 Vol. 123 #1)
Available via WWW

Library of high-resolution spectra and database of stellar parameters of F, G, K and M stars
Montes D., et al., 2013
Available via WWW

Review of existing and future observational libraries of stellar spectra
Montes D., 2013
Proceedings of the IWSSL2013: International Workshop on Spectral Stellar Libraries (14-17 October 2013, Lyon, France) Talk, PDF file

Other Libraries of stellar spectra

Stellar spectrophotometric atlas, wavelengths from 3130 to 10800 Å
1983ApJS...52..121 -- Catalog at CDS -- List of spectra -- Spectra in STSDAS table format

A library of stellar spectra,
1984, ApJS...56..257...Catalog at CDS...FITS images of the spectra

Spectrophotometric atlas of synthesis standard spectra,
1985, ApJS...59...33...Catalog at CDS

Spectra of late-type standard stars in the region 2.0-2.5 microns
1986 ApJS...62..501 ...anonymous FTP

A spectroscopic survey of red dwarf flare star

A standard stellar spectral sequence in the red/near-infrared - Classes K5 to M9,
1991, ApJS...77..417...

A new library of stellar optical spectra,
1992, ApJS...81..865...Catalog at CDS

An atlas of low-resolution near-infrared spectra of normal stars
1993, PASP..105..693 ... Catalog at CDS

An atlas of southern MK standards from 5800 to 10200Å,
1994 PASP..106..382

Moderate-resolution Spectral Standards from 5600 to 9000Å
Lori Allen and Karen M. Strom, (Univ. of Massachusetts)
1995 AJ 109, 1379

Jones CoudéFeed Spectral Library:Contains spectra of 684 stars observed with the CoudéFeed telescope and spectrograph at KPNO. The spectra cover the ranges 3820 - 4500Åand 4780 - 5460Åat a resolution of 1.8ÅFWHM (~60 km/sec). The spectra were described by Leitherer, C. et al. 1996 PASP, 108, 996

Spectra of late type stars from 4800 to 9000Å
M. Serote Roos, C. Boisson, M. Joly,
1996 A&AS 117, 93

The EUVE Stellar Spectral Atlas
N. Craig, M. Abbott, D. Finley, et al., 1997, Ap.J. Supp 113, 131 -- spectra by ftp

Lick/IDS star spectra(FITS spectra) from Worthey & Ottaviani, 1997 ApJS, 111, 377

HILIB: A Digital Stellar Spectral Library Extending From 1150-25000 Å (Andrew Pickles)
The Stellar Spectral Flux Library by Pickles 1998 (STSCI)
A Stellar Spectral Flux Library: 1150-25000A,
Pickles A.J.,1998, PAPS 110, 863...Data at CDS

On-line determination of stellar atmospheric parameters Teff, log g, [Fe/H] from ELODIE echelle spectra.
A database of high and medium-resolution stellar spectra
Prugniel P., Soubiran C., 2001, A&A 369, 1048
The ELODIE archive An on-line database of high-resolution stellar spectra
ELODIE: The Stellar Library
Vertical distribution of Galactic disk stars. I. Kinematics and metallicity
Soubiran C., Bienaymé, O., Siebert A. 2003, A&A 398, 141

A Library of High Resolution Infrared Stellar Spectra Digital spectra are presented for a variety of cool stars in the 2.02-2.42 micron region. The data are from Wallace and Hinkle 1996 ApJS 107, 312.
A Library of Medium Resolution Infrared Stellar Spectra Spectra of MK standard stars covering the J, H, K, and L bands. The spectra are from five papers by (variously) Wallace, Hinkle, Meyer, Edwards, and Strom.

High resolution spectroscopy over lambda 8500-8750Å for GAIA.

A Digital Spectral Classification Atlas On Line (R. O. Gray)

STELIB, A stellar Library for stellar population synthesis models (Jean-Francois Le Borgne, OMP)

Moderate-resolution near-infrared spectroscopy of cool stars: a new K-band library
Schreiber N.M.F., 2000, AJ, 120, 2089

A library of 0.5 to 2.5 μm spectra of luminous cool stars
Lançon A., Wood P.R., 2000, A&A Suppl. Ser. 146, 217 -- On-line Data

The FAST Stellar Spectral Atlas (Perry Berlind)

Spectral data from the NASA/JPL Nstars project (Appalachian State University)

Empirical Calibration of the Near-IR Ca II Triplet
Cenarro et al., 2001, MNRAS 326, 959

1-1.4 Micron Spectral Atlas of Stars
M.A. Malkan, E. K. Hicks, H. I. Teplitz, I. M. McLean, H. Sugai, J. Guichard 2002, ApJS, 142, 79

A Library of Digitized Stellar Spectra Derived from the OAO Spectrophotographic Plates (I) (B, A, F,&CP)
(Ken-ichi Kato)

Database"Stellar Spectra"obtained with the high resolution echelle-spectrometers at the 6-m telescope, SAO, Russian Academy of Sciences

Archive of high-resolution spectral observations of bright stars at Ritter Observatory of the University of Toledo [on-line public archive]

Ondrejov 2-meter Telescope Archive Data (Petr Skoda, Czech Republic) [Reticon Archive Query Form]

Library of flux-calibrated echelle spectra of southern late-type dwarfs with different activity levels
[the spectra in FITS&ASCII] (Cincunegui C., and Mauas P.J.D., 2004, A&A, 414, 699)

The Nearby Stars Project

S4N, Spectroscopic Survey of Stars in the Solar Neighborhood

A Medium-Resolution Near-Infrared Spectral Library of Late Type Stars: I (Ivanov V.D., et al., 2004, ApJS, 151, 387)

UVES-POP (Paranal Observatory Project), A Library of High-Resolution Spectra of Stars across the Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram
(Bagnulo S., et al., 2003, The Messenger 114, 10)

CFLIB - The Indo-US Library of Coude Feed Stellar Spectra NOAO
(Valdes, et al., 2004, ApJS, 152, 251)
Coude-feed stellar spectral library, CFLIB - atmospheric parameters
(Wu, Singh, Prugniel, Gupta, Koleva, 2011, A&A, 525, A71)

HNGSL, Hubble’s New Generation Spectral Library

GAUDI: The COROT Ground-based Asteroseismology Uniform Database Interface (LAEFF)

"A spectral atlas of F and G stars"
[the spectra in FITS] (Klochkova V.G., et al., 2004, Chinese J. of A&A 4 (3): 279)

"High-Dispersion Spectra Collection of Nearby F--K Stars at Okayama Astrophysical Observatory: A Basis for Spectroscopic Abundance Standards"
(Takeda Y., et al., 2005, PASJ 57, 13)

"An Atlas of Spectrophotometric Landolt Standard Stars"
[the spectra in FITS] (Stritzinger M., et al., 2005, PASP, 117, 810)

"A Medium Resolution Near-Infrared Spectral Atlas of O and Early-B Stars" (Hanson M.M., et al., 2005, ApJS, 161, 154)

"MILES: A Medium resolution INT Library of Empirical Spectra"

NGSL 2. Hubble's Next Generation Spectral Library (NGSL) (Heap & Lindler, 2007, ASPC, 374, 409)

IRTF Spectral Library (Rayner, Cushing, Vacca, 2009, ApJS, 185, 289)

A Near-Infrared Stellar Spectral Library in J, H and K Bands

A New Stellar Library in the K Band (Mármol-Queraltó et al., 2005, RMxAC, 24, 258)
A new stellar library in the region of the CO index at 2.3 μm.
New index definition and empirical fitting functions (Mármol-Queraltó et al., 2008, A&A, 489, 885)

Spectral libraries and their uncertainties
Coelho P., CEFALU 2008, 2009, AIP Conf. Proc., 1111, 67

The Gemini spectral library of near-IR late type stellar templates and its application for velocity dispersion measurements
(Winge, Riffel & Storchi-Bergmann, 2009, ApJ Sup.S, 185, 186)

F, G, K, M Spectral Standards in the Y Band (0.95-1.11 μm)
Sharon et al., 2010, AJ, 139, 646

StarCAT: A Catalog of Space Telescope Imaging Spectrograph Ultraviolet Echelle Spectra of Stars
Ayres 2010, ApJS, 187, 149

CRIRES-POP (Paranal Observatory Project) - A Library of High Resolution Spectra in the Near-infrared

XSL: The X-Shooter Spectral Library (3200 Å to 2.5 μm) - (Trager et al.)

A catalogue of Paschen-line profiles in standard stars,
(Huang W., Wallerstein G., Stone M., 2012, A&A, 547, A62)

A Digital Low Dispersion Spectral Library Covering the 3500-7500AA Region Using the SAAO Radcliffe 1.9m Telescope's Cassegrain Spectrograph,
(James, D., 2013, PASP, 125, 1087)

OB-type and WN stars (IACOB, GOSSS, OWN):

The AMBRE project

The Gaia FGK Benchmark Stars Library of high resolution and high signal to noise ratio stellar spectra.

On the Construction of a New Stellar Classification Template Library for the LAMOST Spectral Analysis Pipeline,
(Wei, P., 2014, AJ, 147, 101)

On the construction of a new 3d atlas of stellar spectral energy distributions,
(Mironov, et al., 2014, BaltA, 23, 286)

A Digital Low Dispersion Spectral PolarBase: A Database of High-Resolution Spectropolarimetric Stellar Observations,
(Petit, et al., 2014, PASP, 126, 469)

Las Campanas Stellar Library

Precision Stellar Characterization of FGKM Stars using an Empirical Spectral Library
(Yee, Petigura & von Braun, 2017, ApJ, 836, 77)

An empirical template library of stellar spectra for a wide range of spectral classes, luminosity classes, and metallicities using SDSS BOSS spectra
(Kesseli, et al., 2017, ApJS, 230, 16)

The GALAH Survey: Accurate Radial Velocities and Library of Observed Stellar Template Spectra
(Zwitter, et al., 2018, MNRAS, arXiv180406344)


Late-M, L and T dwarfs spectral libraries

See: Brown Dwarfs page (D. Montes) and (A. Burgasser)

Late-M and L Field Dwarfs Spectra from"Spectroscopic Classification of Late-M and L Field Dwarfs",
(Martín E.L. et al., 1999, AJ 118, 2466) (Maintained by D. Montes)

L dwarf and T dwarf spectral classification I. Neill Reid
Keck LRIS spectra of late-M, L and T dwarfs I. Neill Reid
(Kirkpatrick et al. 1999, ApJ 519, 802) --> Archive of M, L, T, and Y Dwarfs (Chris Gelino, Davy Kirkpatrick, Mike Cushing, David Kinder, Adam Burgasser)

The Spectra of T Dwarfs I: Near-Infrared Data and Spectral Classification (Burgasser et al., 2001, ApJ, 564, 421)
T dwarfs spectra (Adam Burgasser)

IRTF/SpeX-Prism Spectra of M, L, and T Dwarfs (Adam Burgasser)

Near-infrared spectral classification of late M and L dwarfs
(Reid et al., 2001, AJ 121, 1710)

M Dwarf and M Giant Standards (Kelle Cruz)

L and T dwarf data archive (Sandy Leggett)

Towards Spectral Classification of L and T Dwarfs: Infrared and Optical Spectroscopy and Analysis
(Geballe et al., 2001, ApJ, Dec 20, 2001)

The NIRSPEC Brown Dwarf Spectroscopic Survey (BDSS) Archive (Ian McLean)

"An Infrared Spectroscopic Sequence of M, L and T Dwarfs", --> IRTF Spectral Library
(Cushing, Rayner, & Vacca, 2005, ApJ, 623, 1115)

The IAC online catalog for M-, L- and T-type dwarfs (E. Martín, J. Cabrera, E. Cenizo, 2005, Astronomische Nachrichten, 326, 1026)

SONYC, Substellar Objects in Nearby Young Clusters (R. Jayawardhana (Univ. of Toronto), K. Muzic (ESO Santiago), V. Geers (DIAS), and M. Tamura (NAOJ))

A high resolution spectral atlas of brown dwarfs (Reiners, Homeier, Hauschildt & Allard, 2007, A&A, 473, 245)

Low-mass dwarf template spectra from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (Bochanski, et al., 2007, AJ, 133,531)
Calibrating Ultracool Dwarfs: Optical Template Spectra, Bolometric Corrections, and ;xhi Values (Schmidt, et al., 2014PASP..126..642S)

A library of near-infrared integral field spectra of young M-L dwarfs (Bonnefoy, Chauvin, Lagrange, et al., 2014, A&A, 562, A127)

The CARMENES input catalogue of M dwarfs. I. Low-resolution spectroscopy with CAFOS (Alonso-Floriano, et al., 2015A&A...577A.128A)
The CARMENES search for exoplanets around M dwarfs: High-resolution optical and near-infrared spectroscopy of 324 survey stars (Reiners, et al., 2017arXiv171106576R)

Montreal Brown Dwarf and Exoplanet Spectral Library

The VLT/X-shooter spectral library of M subdwarfs (Lodieu, et al., 2017, IWSSL2017)

Spectroscopic Virtual Observatory, A new Spectroscopic Database
(an IAU initiative through its Working Group for Spectroscopic Data Archives)
World Spectra Heritage

Libraries of Stellar Spectra Summary Table (Tom Williams)

Available libraries of observed spectra.
(U. Munari & R. Sordo, 2005, MSAIS, 8, 170)
The Asiago Database of Spectroscopic Databases (ADSD)
(R. Sordo & U. Munari, 2006, A&A 452, 735)

Spectra in the Virtual Observatory

Virtual Observatory links
Spectrum Services for the Virtual Observatory NVO
VOSpec A tool to handle VO compliant spectra through SSAP

SVO Resources for Spectral Stellar Libraries Spanish Virtual Observatory

MK (Morgan-Keenan) Spectral Classification

[William Wilson Morgan (1906-1994) and Philip C. Keenan (1908-2000)]
William Wilson Morgan (1906-1994) Obituary, PASP 1995, 107, 507
Philip C. Keenan (1908-2000) Obituary, PASP 2000, 112, 1519

Spectral Classification (Astronomy 122, Univ. Oregon)

The Classification of Stellar Spectra (Jesse S. Allen)

Stellar Spectral Types (hyperphysics)

Investigating Stellar Spectra (D. Johnson, Douglas High School Science)

Luminosity&Spectral Classes (Deb n Ken)

The Spectral Types of Stars (By Alan MacRobert, Sky&Telescope)

Stars and Their Spectra : An Introduction to the Spectral Sequence (1989, by James B. Kaler)
SPECTRA a linked and illustrated introduction to the spectra of the stars (by James B. Kaler)

Stellar Spectra (Astronomy 162, R.W. Pogge)

Stellar Spectroscopy: an introduction (by Micheal Lemke, Bamberg)

Stellar Spectra, ``Stellar Spectral Line Formation'' (Computer exercises, Rob Rutten)

Stellar Spectra (The Science of Light)

The MK process and stellar classification (Proceedings of the Workshop in honour of W.W. Morgan and P.C. Keenan, held at the University of Toronto, Canada, June 1983)

Michigan Spectral Catalogue Project, (Huck, N.)
Michigan Catalogue of HD stars, Vol.4 Houk N., Smith-Moore M., Ann Arbor, Dept. of Astronomy, Univ. of Michigan (1988)

The MK Process at 50 Years: A Powerful Tool for Astrophysical Insight, Corbally, C.J., Gray, R.O. and Garrison, R.F. 1994, ASP Conf. S, 60
Robert F. Garrison

The Brightest Stars (C. Kronberg, MAA)
The 25 Brightest Stars (RGO Leaflet)
The 30 closest stars (RGO Leaflet)
List of The Nearest 100 Stellar Systems RECONS
The 50 Nearest Stars within 4.9 parsecs of the Sun (Cosmobrain)
The Solar Neighbourhood (Richard Powell)
Notable Nearby Stars

MKK,"An atlas of stellar spectra, with an outline of spectral classification",
W.W. Morgan, P.C. Keenan and E. Kellman, Chicago, Ill., The University of Chicago press 1943
Digital spectra (at Level5)

Spectral classification,
Morgan W. W., Keenan P.C., 1973, ARA&A 11, 29

An atlas of spectra of the cooler stars : types G, K, M, S, and C
Keenan P.C., McNeil R.C., (1976) Columbus : Ohio State University Press
Digital spectra (by R. Riordan at Canonical Education Consultants)

1988 Revised MK Spectral Standards for stars G0 and later,
Keenan P.C., Yorka S.B., 1989, Bull. Inform. CDS 35, 37

The Perkins Catalog of Revised MK Types for the Cooler Stars,
Keenan P.C., McNeil R.C., 1989, Ap.J.S., 71, 245

A List of MK Standard Stars,
Garcia B., 1989, Bull. Inform. CDS 36, 27

MK Spectral Classifications, Northwestern University, Evanston Illinois

The Revised Catalog of MK Spectra Types for the Cooler Stars, (Updated 2000 Jan 14)
Keenan P.C. & Newsom G.H., 1998, (The Ohio State Univ.)

A Digital Spectral Classification Atlas On Line (R. O. Gray)

Criteria for spectral classification of cool stars in the near-IR GAIA wavelength region
(F. Boschi, U. Munari, R. Sordo, P.M. Marrese, 2002, proceedings of"Symbiotic stars probing stellar evolution")

Spectral Classification of late-type dwarfs (Neill Reid)
L dwarf and T dwarf spectral classification (Neill Reid)

General Catalogue of Stellar Spectral Classifications (Skiff B.A., Lowell Observatory (2005, 2007, 2009, 2010))

Stellar Spectral Classification Book (R.O. Gray & C.J. Corbally, 2009, Princeton Series in Astrophysics)


Advances in Spectral Classification (S. Giridhar, 2010, BASI, Bull. Astr. Soc. India, 38, 1)


Solar spectrum

Image of the solar spectrum (Mees Solar Observatory)
The solar spectrum Fraunhofer lines
The Most Intense Solar Fraunhofer Lines
Fraunhofer lines (History of Astronomical Spectroscopy)
Echelle spectrum of the Sun (NOAO Image Gallery)
Color image of the high resolution solar spectrum (NOAO Image Gallery)

High resolution solar spectrum (BASS 2000 - BAse Solaire Sol 2000)

High-Resolution Solar Spectrum (Observatoire Midi-Pyrénées / Pic du Midi, Lunette Jean Rösch)

'Photometric Atlas of the Solar Spectrum' (3612 - 8771Å)
(Minnaert et al., 1940, Utrecht: Sterrewacht"Sonnenborgh")

Plot of a segment of the spectrum of the Sun from Kurucz et al. (1984)

Solar spectral atlases FTS, McMath/Pierce Solar Telescope, Kitt Peak, Arizona, NOAO

Spectral Atlas of Solar absolute disk-averaged and disk-center intensity from 3290 to 12510Å
(Brault and Neckel, 1987)
(available at Hamburg Observatory anonymous ftp site: /pub/outgoing/FTS-Atlas)

A catalogue of accurate wavelengths in the optical spectrum of the Sun
(Allende Prieto, García López, 1998 A&AS 131, 431)

The Solar EUV Spectrum (790 - 1600Å) from SUMER (SOHO)

The IAG solar flux atlas: Accurate wavelengths and absolute convective blueshift in standard solar spectra
(Reiners, A.; Mrotzek, N.; Lemke, U.; Hinrichs, J.; Reinsch, K. 2016A&A...587A..65R)

The HERMES Solar Atlas and the spectroscopic analysis of the seismic solar analogue KIC324158
(P G. Beck, C. Allende Prieto, T. Van Reeth, et al. 2016A&A...589A..27B)

El Sol


Spectrophotometric Atlasses

Procyon (α Canis Minoris) (F5 IV-V)

A photometric atlas of the spectrum of Procyon (3140-7470 A)
(Griffin R., Griffin R., 1979, Cambridge: Institute of Astronomy, Obs.) --On-line Data
The McDonald Observatory Spectrum of Procyon between 4559 and 5780 Å
R200,000 Spectroscopic Observations of Procyon (Allende Prieto C., et al., 2002ApJ...567..544A)
Color image of the high resolution spectrum of Procyon (NOAO Image Gallery)

Arcturus (α Boo) (K1.5 III)

A Photometric Atlas of the Spectrum of Arcturus (3600-8825 A)
(Griffin 1968, Cambridge: Cambridge Philosophical Society)
High Resolution IR, Visible, and UV Spectroscopy of the Sun and Arcturus
(Hinkle et al., 2000 IAUJD 1E, 26), Digital version (NOAO)
The Spectrum of Arcturus from the Infrared through the Ultraviolet
(Hinkle et al., 2005ASPC..336..321H)
Color image of the high resolution spectrum of Arcturus (NOAO Image Gallery)

Deneb (α Cyg) (A2 Iae)

A spectroscopic atlas of Deneb (A2 Iae) lambda 3826-5212 (Albayrak B. et al., 2003, A&A 400, 1043)

Vega (α Lyr) (A0V C)

High-Resolution and High-S/N Spectrum Atlas of Vega (Takeda, Y., et al., 2007PASJ...59..245T)
Atlas of Vega: 3850 - 6860 Å (Hyun-Sook Kim et al., 2009, PASP, 121, 1065)


Plot a segment of the spectrum of the Sun/Arcturus/Procyon
Spectral Atlases of Cool Stars in the Infrared and Visible (Hinkle K., Wallace L., 2001 csss 11, 803)

SpectroWeb: An Interactive Graphical Database of Digital Stellar Spectral Atlases
(Lobel, 2007, 26th IAU GA, Joint Discussion 4, p. 167)

Automated and Neural Network Classification

Automated Classification of Stellar Spectra

Neural Network Classification of the Near-Infrared Spectra of A-Type Stars
Weaver Wm.B., Torres-Dodgen A.V., 1995, ApJ 446, 300
Accurate Two-dimensional Classification of Stellar Spectra with Artificial Neural Networks
Weaver Wm.B., Torres-Dodgen A.V., 1997, ApJ 487, 847
Spectral Classification of Unresolved Binary Stars with Artificial Neural Networks
Weaver Wm.B., 2000, ApJ 541, 298

Neural Network Classification of Stellar Spectra (Ph.D. Thesis, Coryn Bailer-Jones)

Three-Dimensional Spectral Classification of Low-Metallicity Stars Using Artificial Neural Networks
Shawn Snider, Carlos Allende Prieto, Ted von Hippel, et al. 2001, ApJ 562, 528

Automated Stellar Spectral Classification and Parameterization for the Masses,
Ted von Hippel, Carlos Allende Prieto, Chris Sneden (in The Garrison Festschrift conference proceedings, June 10 - 11, 2002)

An Automated System to Classify Stellar Spectra I,
C. Allende Prieto (2003, MNRAS, 339, 1111)

Reliability checks on the Indo-US Stellar Spectral Library using Artificial Neural Networks and Principal Component Analysis,
Singh et al., (2006, PASJ, 58, 177)

Synthetic spectra

Kurucz stellar atmosphere models

A grid of synthetic spectra for the determination of effective temperature, gravity and metallicity of F, G, and K stars.

The calibration of MK spectral classes using spectral synthesis. 1: The effective temperature calibration of dwarf stars Gray R.O., Corbally C.J., 1994, AJ 107, 742

BaSeL (Basel Stellar Library) - An extensive and uniform grid of theoretical stellar energy distributions

An Atlas of high resolution synthetic spectra in the wavelength region 4850-5400Å.
(Chavez M., Malagnini M.L., Morossi C., 1997, A&AS 126, 267)

Synthetic spectra of H Balmer and HeI absorption lines. I: Stellar library
(R.M. Gonzalez Delgado, C. Leitherer, 1999, ApJS 125, 479)

Synthetic Spectra of B Main-Sequence Stars from 3000 - 10000Å (Gummersbach & Kauferi, Landessternwarte Heidelberg-Königstuhl)

SPECTRUM A Stellar Spectral Synthesis Program (R.O. Gray)

The physical basis of luminosity classification in the late A-, F-, and early G-type stars.

Spectral classification of stars using synthetic model atmospheres (Bertone E., Buzzoni A., 2001, 1st COROT-MONS Ground-Support Observations Workshop)

A critical appraisal of ATLAS9 and NextGen 5 model atmospheres
(Bertone E., et al. 2001,"New Quests in Stellar Astrophysics: The link between Stars and Cosmology")

ATLAS vs. NextGen model atmospheres: a combined analysis of synthetic spectral energy distributions
(Bertone E., et al., 2004, AJ, 128, 829)

Simulated quantitative stellar classification at different spectral resolutions (V. Malyuto, R. Lazauskaite and T. Shvelidze, 2001, New Astronomy, Vol. 6 (6) pp. 381)

Kurucz model energy distributions: a comparison with real stars. II. Metal-deficient stars (V. Straizys, R. Lazauskaite, G. Valiauga, 2002, BaltA, 11, 341)

A grid of synthetic spectra and indices Fe5270, Fe5335, Mgb and Mg2 as a function of stellar parameters and [a/Fe] (Barbuy et al., 2003, A&A 404, 661)

An extensive library of synthetic spectra covering the far red, RAVE and GAIA wavelength ranges (Zwitter T., Castelli F., Munari U., 2004, A&A, 417, 1055)

A library of high resolution Kurucz spectra in the wavelength range 3000–10000 A (Murphy T., Meiksin A., 2004, MNRAS, 351, 1430)

A High-Resolution Stellar Library for Evolutionary Population Synthesis (Martins, et al., 2005, MNRAS, 358, 49)

An extensive library of 2500-10500 Å synthetic spectra (Munari, et al., 2005, A&A, 442, 1127)

A Phoenix Modelatmosphere Grid For GAIA (Brott & Hauschildt, 2005, Proc. of "The Three Dimensional Universe With Gaia")

UVBLUE: a new high-resolution theoretical library of ultraviolet stellar spectra (Rodriguez-Merino et al., 2005, ApJ 626, 411)

A library of high resolution synthetic stellar spectra from 300nm to 1.8 micron with solar and alpha-enhanced composition
(P. Coelho, B. Barbuy, J. Melendez, R. Schiavon, B. Castilho, 2005, A&A 443, 735)
Testing the accuracy of synthetic stellar libraries (Martins & Coelho, 2007, MNRAS, 381, 1329)
Spectral models for solar-scaled and alpha-enhanced stellar populations (Coelho, et al. 2007, MNRAS, 382, 498)
A new library of theoretical stellar spectra with scaled-solar and alpha-enhanced mixtures (Coelho, 2014, MNRAS, 440, 1027)
- available throughout the Theoretical Spectra Web Server of the SVO (Spanish Virtual Observatory)
- available at SpecModels Spectral models of stars and stellar populations (Paula R. T. Coelho and collaborators)

The POLLUX Database of Stellar Spectra (University of Montpellier, France)

A grid of MARCS model atmospheres for late-type stars I. Methods and general properties (Gustafsson et al., 2008, A&A 486, 951)

New high resolution synthetic stellar libraries for the Gaia Mission (Sordo et al., 2008, MSAIt, vol 10)

Grids of ATLAS9 Model Atmospheres and MOOG Synthetic Spectra (Kirby et al., 2011, PASP, 123, 531)

The APOGEE Spectral Line List for H band Spectroscopy (Shetrone, et al., 2015ApJS..221...24S)
New H-band Stellar Spectral Libraries for the SDSS-III/APOGEE survey (Zamora, Garcia-Hernandez, Allende Prieto, et al., 2015AJ....149..181Z)

Effective Temperature - Color Calibrations

Articles on effective temperature calibrations

"Model Atmospheres Broad-Band Colors, Bolometric Corrections and Temperature Calibrations for O - M Stars"
(M.S. Bessell, F. Castelli, B. Plez, 1998, A&A 333, 231)
The effective temperature scale of FGK stars.
Broad-band photometric colors and effective temperature calibrations for late-type giants I. Z = 0.02
(Kucinskas, et al., 2005, A&A 442, 281)
An Empirical UBVRIJHK Color-Temperature Calibration for Stars
(G. Worthey, H.-c. Lee, 2006, ApJS)
Improved u'g'r'i'z' to UBVRCICTransformation Equations for Main Sequence Stars
(Rodgers et al., 2006, AJ, 132, 989)
Effective temperature scale and bolometric corrections from 2MASS photometry
(Masana E., Jordi C., Ribas I., 2006, A&A, 450, 735)
Accurate fundamental parameters for lower main-sequence stars
(Casagrande et al., 2006, MNRAS, 373, 13)
M dwarfs: effective temperatures, radii and metallicities
(Casagrande et al., 2008, MNRAS, 389, 585)
A new implementation of the infrared flux method using the 2MASS catalogue
(González Hernández & Bonifacio, 2009, A&A, 497, 497)
An absolutely calibrated effective temperature scale from the InfraRed Flux Method
(Casagrande et al., 2010, A&A, 512, A54)

Atmospheric parameters: Teff, logg, [Fe/H]

Catalogue of [Fe/H] determinations for FGK stars: 1996 edition (Cayrel de Strobel et al. 1997, A&AS, 124, 299) -- CDS Catalog
Catalogue of [Fe/H] determinations for FGK stars: 2001 edition (Cayrel de Strobel et al. 2001, A&A, 373, 159) -- CDS Catalog
PASTEL, PAramètres STELlaires, Database of stellar parameters

Other related links

IAU Commission G5 WG Stellar Spectral Libraries

IAU Division IV - Stars

IAU Division V - Variable Stars
IAU Division IX - Optical & Infrared Techniques
IAU Working Group on Standard Stars (Commissions 25, 29, 30, and 45)
IAU Division XII - Union-Wide Activities

SOFA, Standard Objects For Astronomy--mirror site in India--mirror site in France at LAOG

Astronomical Spectra on the net

Color plots of the spectra of stars along the main sequence

History of Astronomical Spectroscopy (1802 - 1996)

Spectrophotometric resources from HYPERCAT Extragalactic database

Astronomical Spectroscopy (Mike Guidry)

Sites of interest in Spectro (Valérie Desnoux)

The spectro bookmarks (Christian Buil)

ARAS (Astronomical Ring for Access to Spectroscopy)

Spectroscopy (Astronomy Camp)
Astronomical Spectroscopy (RGO, Leaflet)
CCD Spectroscopy (by M. Gavin, Sky&Telescope)

CDBS Stellar spectral Atlases

Investigating Stellar Spectra: Integrating Chemistry and Astronomy (D. Johnson)

Mnemonics for the Harvard Spectral Classification Scheme

Standard Stars links

Cool stars in the solar Neighborhood (links by D.Montes)

Amateur Spectroscopy links

A Gallery of Stellar Spectra (collected by Leos Ondra)

Spectral atlas of the Luminous Blue Variable P Cygni (Otmar Stahl, A&AS 99, 167)

GAIA Classification Working Group

Spectral lines

ILLSS, Identification list of lines in Stellar Spectra (Moore, 1959)
Revised version of the ILLSS Catalogue (Coluzzi 1993) VizieR
Description of the computer-readable version of the ILLSS (ADC)

Atomic Energy Level Data VI/74 (NIST 1993) VizieR
Atomic Transition Probabilities, Sc-Ni VI/72 (NIST 1993) VizieR
VALD: The Vienna Atomic Line Data Base WWW interface and e-mail service
VAMDC, Virtual Atomic and Molecular Data Centre (EU FP7project)
Atomic Line List v2.00 (Peter van Hoof)
UV and Visible Spectroscopic Database (UVSD) for Atoms and Molecules in Celestial Objects (S.J. King)
Atomic data for astrophysics (Dima Verner)
Atomic&Molecular Data for Astronomy (CfA) Search R.L. KURUCZ: Atomic Linelist
Atomic Data for Resonance Absorption Lines (By Donald C. Morton)

NIST National Institute of Standards and Technology

Spectra of Gas Discharges Color plots of the optical emission line spectra of the elements
Emission line spectra of some elements (Don Klipstein)
Spectra Photos of various elements (Ioannis Galidakis)

Wavelength Calibration (Comparison Arc Spectral Atlases) links

Periodic Table of the Elements (LANL)
WebElements, the periodic table on the web Mark Winter [The University of Sheffield and WebElements Ltd, UK]
Periodic Table of Elements by
Periodic Table of Elements with its own characteristic line spectrum
Student Resources: Master the Periodic Table!
Partial Grotrian Diagrams of Astrophysical Interest (Level5)

The 6th International Colloquium on Atomic Spectra and Oscillator Strengths for Astrophysical and Laboratory Plasmas (University of Victoria, 1998 August 9-13)

Molecular Spectroscopy (JPL)


IWSSL 2011: International Workshop on Stellar Spectral Libraries
(5-9 December 2011, University of Delhi, India)
Proceedings ASICS, Astronomical Society of India Conference Series, Vol. 6 (Eds: P. Prugniel and H.P. Singh) - Content via ADS
IWSSL2013: International Workshop on Spectral Stellar Libraries
(14-17 October 2013, Lyon, France)
Proceedings ASICS, Astronomical Society of India Conference Series, Vol. 11 (Eds: H. P. Singh, P. Prugniel and I. Vauglin)
IWSSL2017: International Workshop on Spectral Stellar Libraries - 3rd Edition
(6 - 10 February, 2017 - Campos do Jordao, Brazil) - - #iwssl2017
ISSI-BJ International Team meeting - “Stellar libraries of 2020
(23 - 17 April 2018, ISSI-BJ International Space Science Institute in Beijing), Beijing, China)
IWSSL2020: International Workshop on Spectral Stellar Libraries - 4rd Edition
(2020, China)

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