Noticias (anteriores a 2012)

Noticias 2011

CoRoT's new detections highlight diversity of exoplanets (14 June 2011)
Free-Floating Planets May be More Common Than Stars (19 May 2011)
¿A qué suena el Cosmos? - Lírica y estrellas - Multiverso Rock'n'Astronomia (CosmoCaixa, en la Noche de los Museos, Barcelona 14 Mayo 2011)
Estrellas similares a nuestro Sol y su impacto en la detección de planetas (9 Mar 2011)
Mystery of the Missing Sunspots, Solved? (2 Mar 2011)
Earth-size Planet Candidates in Habitable Zone -- Kepler-11, Six Planet System (2 Feb 2011)
NASA's Hubble Finds Most Distant Galaxy Candidate Ever Seen in Universe (26 Ene 2011)
Kepler’s First Rocky Planet: Kepler-10b (10 Ene 2011)

Noticias 2010

Renovación del convenio hispano-alemán para Calar Alto (2014-2018) (2 Dic 2010)
Global Eruption Rocks the Sun (13 Dic 2010)
First Super-Earth Atmosphere Analysed (2 Dic 2010)
'Alien' comets (23 Nov 2010)
Planet from another galaxy discovered (18 Nov 2010)
Youngest-Ever Nearby Black Hole Discovered (14 Nov 2010)
Earth's Dust Tail Points to Alien Planets (12 Nov 2010)
NASA EPOXI Flyby Reveals New Insights Into Comet Features (4 Nov 2010)
GTC: Tercera generación de instrumentos en marcha (25 Oct 2010)
The Year of the Solar System (7 Oct 2010)
Newly discovered planet may be first truly habitable exoplanet (29 Sept 2010)
Black Hole Blows Big Bubble (7 July 2010)
Probing the early and present Universe with Planck (5 July 2010)
VLT Detects First Superstorm on Exoplanet (23 June 2010)
Mysterious Flash on Jupiter Left No Debris Cloud (16 June 2010)
Kepler Releases Data On Potential Exoplanets (15 June 2010)
CoRoT unveils a rich assortment of new exoplanets (14 June 2010)
Exoplanet Caught on the Move (10 June 2010)
New Impact on Jupiter (3 June 2010) -- Mysterious Flash on Jupiter Left No Debris Cloud (16 June 2010) -- Jupiter 2009 impact
Hubble catches stars on the move (2 June 2010)
Big Mystery: Jupiter Loses a Stripe (20 May 2010)
Hubble Finds Star Eating a Planet (20 May 2010)
Herschel unveils rare massive stars in the act of forming -- galaxies in the GOODS fields -- HIFI follows the trail of cosmic water (6 May 2010)
Starry-Eyed Hubble Celebrates 20 Years of Awe and Discovery (22 Apr 2010)
First Light for the Solar Dynamics Observatory (21 Apr 2010)
New WASP Planets: Turning Planetary Theory Upside Down (13 Apr 2010)
Infrared images of the transiting disk in the ε Aurigae system (8 Apr 2010)
Small Companion to Brown Dwarf Challenges Simple Definition (6 Apr 2010)
Hubble confirms cosmic acceleration with distorted galaxies (25 Mar 2010)
Otro Júpiter en la Vía Láctea (18 Mar 2010)
Mysterious Cosmic 'Dark Flow' Tracked Deeper into Universe (16 Mar 2010)
Solar 'Current of Fire' Speeds Up (12 Mar 2010)
Herschel-HIFI unveils precursors of life-enabling molecules in Orion Nebula (4 Mar 2010)
Bully galaxy rules the neighbourhood (4 Mar 2010)
Alien invaders pack the Milky Way (23 Feb 2010)
ESA chooses three scientific missions for further study (ESA, 19 Feb 2010)
NASA's WISE Mission Releases Medley of First Images (WISE, 17 Feb 2010)
NASA's Chandra Reveals Origin of Key Cosmic Explosions (Chandra, 17 Feb 2010)
No Place to Hide: Missing Primitive Stars Outside Milky Way Uncovered (ESO, 17 Feb 2010)
Control en Tierra del telescopio espacial ultravioleta WSO-UV (12 Feb 2010)
Orion in a New Light (VISTA, 10 Feb 2010)
New Hubble Maps of Pluto Show Surface Changes (NASA, 4 Feb 2010)
The evolution of the Hubble sequence (ESA, 4 Feb 2010)
Black Hole Hunters Set New Distance Record (ESO, 27 Ene 2010)
Newborn Black Holes May Add Power to Many Exploding Stars (NASA, 27 Ene 2010)
On the Trail of a Cosmic Cat (ESO, 20 Ene 2010)
XMM-Newton traces dark matter in faint, distant galaxy groups (ESA, 20 Ene 2010)
VLT Captures First Direct Spectrum of an Exoplanet (ESO, 13 Ene 2010)
Investigadores de la Complutense hallan un nuevo planeta extrasolar (UCM, 12 Ene 2010)

 Dr. Kurt Birkle, in memoriam (Enero 2010)

Noticias 2009

GTC amplía el horizonte de la población más antigua de nuestra galaxia (18 Dec 2009)
Hubble's deepest view of Universe unveils never-before-seen galaxies (8 Dec 2009)
Supernova 2007bi as a pair-instability explosion (4 Dec 2009)
The young star cluster Trumpler 14 (ESO, 3 Dec 2009)
Black Hole Caught Zapping Galaxy into Existence? (30 Nov 2009)
Herschel's splendid spectra (27 Nov 2009)
Solar tsunamis are real (24 Nov 2009)
Watching a Cannibal Galaxy Dine (20 Nov 2009)
Ticking Stellar Time Bomb Identified - prime suspect for a Type Ia supernova (17 Nov 2009)
LCROSS Impacts Confirm Water in Lunar Crater (13 Nov 2009)
Rosetta bound for outer Solar System after final Earth swingby (13 Nov 2009)
Exoplanets Clue to Sun's Curious Chemistry (11 Nov 2009)
Hidden Territory on Mercury Revealed (3 Nov 2009)
The Sun's Sneaky Variability (27 Oct 2009)
32 New Exoplanets Found (19 Oct 09, ESO 39/09 - Science Release)
IBEX Explores Galactic Frontier, Releases First-Ever All-Sky Map (15 Oct 2009)
Saturn's Infrared Ring (7 Oct 2009)
Inauguración del Gran Telescopio CANARIAS (GTC) 24 Jul 09 - Retransmisión en directo - - Galeria de imágenes
Impacto sobre Júpiter (19 Julio 2009) - Impact mark on Jupiter
Mystery of the Missing Sunspots, Solved? - (17 June 2009)
First planet discovered by astrometry - (28 May 2009)
XMM-Newton probes the inner mechanisms of Active Galactic Nuclei - (27 May 2009)
Herschel and Planck launched - ESA en route to the origins of the Universe (15 May 2009)
The Most Distant Object Yet Discovered in the Universe - ESO (28 abril 2009)
Lightest exoplanet yet discovered GJ 581e - ESO (21 abril 2009)
Kepler spacecraft lifted off (March 6, 2009)
COROT discovers smallest exoplanet yet, with a surface to walk on (ESA, 3 Feb 2009)
Astronomers Observe Planet with Wild Temperature Swings (Spitzer, January 28, 2009)
Exoplanet Atmospheres Detected from Earth (15 January 2009)
First Ground-based Near-infrared Direct Detection of an Extrasolar Planet (15 January 2009)

Noticias 2008

Hubble Telescope Finds Carbon Dioxide on an Extrasolar Planet (9 December 2008)
Students Discover Unique Planet transiting a fast-rotating F3 star (ESO, 4 December 2008)
Beta Pictoris planet finally imaged? (ESO, 21 Nov 2008)
Hubble Directly Observes a Planet Orbiting Another Star (14 Nov 2008)
Gemini and Keck obtain first direct images of a multi-planet system around a normal star (14 Nov 2008)
A Pool of Distant Galaxies (ESO, 7 Nov 2008)
CoRoT finds other stars with Sun-like vibrations (ESA, 23 Oct 2008)
A claret-coloured cloud with a massive heart (ESO, 21 Oct 2008)
NGC 7331: una gran galaxia espiral (CAHA, Oct 2008)
Astronomers get best view yet of infant stars at feeding time (ESO, 10 Oct 2008)
Born from the Wind - Unique Multi-wavelength Portrait of Star Birth (ESO, 8 Oct 2008)
The Hibernating Stellar Magnet - First Optically Active Magnetar-Candidate Discovered (ESO, 24 Sep 2008)
The Double Firing Burst (ESO, 11 Sep 2008)
Mind the gap - planets in young gas discs (VLT, ESO, 8 Sep 2008)
Steins: A diamond in the sky (Rosseta, ESA, 6 Sep 2008)
How Do Galaxies Grow? (ESO, 26 Aug 2008)
XMM-Newton’s massive discovery (ESA, 25 Aug 2008)
Hubble sees magnetic monster in active galaxy (ESA, 20 Aug 2008)
A Trio of Super-Earths (ESO, 16 june 2008)
Integral reveals exotic and dusty binary systems (5 June 2008)
Two of the Milky Way's Spiral Arms go Missing (2 June 2008)
Strange Ring Found Circling Dead Star (29 May 2008)
NASA's Swift Satellite Catches First Supernova in the Act of Exploding (21 May 2008)
Chandra Uncovers Youngest Supernova in Our Galaxy (14 May 2008)
A Molecular Thermometer for the Distant Universe (13 May 2008)
XMM-Newton discovers part of missing matter in the universe (6 May 2008)
Plethora of interacting galaxies on Hubble’s birthday (24 April 2008)
Stellar Birth in the Galactic Wilderness GALEX (16 April 2008)
Cosmic engines surprise XMM-Newton (7 April 2008)
Hinode: source of the slow solar wind and superhot flares (2 April 2008)
Hubble finds first organic molecule on extrasolar planet (19 Mar 2008)
Seeing through the Dark - Mapping the interior of interstellar clouds in great detail (7 Mar 2008)
Saturn's Moon Rhea Also May Have Rings (6 Mar 2008)
The Spinning Magnet of a Sun-like Star (12 Feb 2008)
Light echoes whisper the distance to a star (11 Feb 2008)
Un Astrónomo de la Complutense pone a Madrid en el cielo (31 Jan 2008)
Surprises from Mercury (30 Jan 2008)
MESSENGER Mercury Flyby (21 Jan 2008)
Solar Cycle 24 Begins (4 Jan 2008)
A young massive Planet in a star-disk system (3 Jan 2008)

Spain to Join ESO (13 Feb 2006)
España ha entrado a formar parte del ESO GTC digital
Jornada ESO 2007 (28 de Junio 2007)

Acto de primera luz del GTC (Gran Telescopio Canarias) -- Retransmisión en directo (13 de julio de 2007)

COROT surprises a year after launch (20 Dec 2007)
Speedy Mic's Photograph - Flare found on ultra-fast rotating star (19 dec 2007)
Understanding our neighbourhood in the universe (17 dec 2007)
'Death Star' Galaxy Black Hole Fires at Neighboring Galaxy (17 dec 2007)
Hinode: new insights on the origin of solar wind (7 dec 2007)
An X-Ray Santa Claus in Orion ESA's XMM-Newton (30 nov 2007)
Embryonic Star Captured With Jets Flaring NASA's Spitzer (29 nov 2007)
Venus: Earth’s twin planet? ESA’s Venus Express (28 nov 2007)
Chandra Discovers a Cosmic Cannonball NASA (28 nov 2007)
Hubble Zooms in on Heart of Mystery Comet (15 nov 2007)
Hubble - graceful dance of interacting galaxies (30 oct 2007)
M33 X-7: Heaviest Stellar Black Hole Discovered in Nearby Galaxy (17 oct 2007)
Hubble shows ‘baby’ galaxy is not so young after all (16 oct 2007)
STEREO Satellite Sees Solar Hurricane Tear Comet Tail Off (1 oct 2007)
ASTRONET Science Vision A Grand Vision for European Astronomy - Europe unveils its Scientific Strategies for the next 20 Years (28 sep 2007)
The best map of our galaxy yet (27 sep 2007)
Dawn Spacecraft Successfully Launched (27 sep 2007)
A Star with a Comet's Tail (15 agosto 2007)
Imaging the Surface of Altair - (7 junio 2007)
A Brown Dwarf Joins the Jet-Set - (23 mayo 2007)
Brown Dwarfs: A New Class of Stellar Lighthouse - (mayo 2007)
Hubble sees dark matter ring in a galaxy cluster - (15 mayo 2007)
STEREO: First 3-D Images of the Sun -(23 abril 2007)
Hinode sees the dynamic and violent sun as sharply as never before ESA (21 Mar 2007)
International Spacecraft Reveals Detailed Processes on the Sun NASA (21 Mar 2007)
New Phenomena on the Sun NASA (21 Mar 2007)
NASA' Spitzer First to Crack Open Light of Faraway Worlds (21 Feb 2007)
Chandra Peers Into the Pillars of Creation (15 February 2007)
The colourful demise of a Sun-like star (14 February 2007)
GTC, preparado para su primera luz técnica (20-12-2006)
First 3D map of the Universe’s dark matter scaffolding (7 January 2007)

Entrevista a José Cernicharo en madri+d (Mayo 2006) El proyecto ALMA revolucionará la Astrofísica,
ASTROCAM, "Madrid necesita un Instituto de Astrofísica"

NASA's First 3-D Solar Imaging Mission Soars Into Space (25 oct 2006)
The Star, the Dwarf and the Planet First Directly Imaged Brown Dwarf Companion to an Exoplanet Host Star (ESO, 19 Oct 2006 )
Spitzer Sees Day and Night on Exotic World (12 oct 2006) -- Half Fire, Half Ice
Hubble Finds Extrasolar Planet Candidates across Galaxy (4 oct 2006)
John C. Mather and George F. Smoot Shares Nobel Prize for Physics (3 oct 2006)
--- ESA’s Planck satellite builds on Nobel-prize-winning science
IAU names dwarf planet Eris(14 sep 2006) -- 2003 UB313 is now officially Eris
IAU Resolution: Definition of a Planet in the Solar System (August 24, 2006)
Cassini Finds Lakes on Titan's Arctic Region (27 July 2006)
Methane storms on Saturn's moon Titan (27 July 2006)
Venus Express Mission Commissioning Results (12 July 2006)
Hubble Reveals Two Dust Disks Around the Nearby Star Beta Pic (27 June 2006)
NASA and NSF Computers Simulate Sun's Corona (26 June 2006)
GRO J1655-40: NASA's Chandra Answers Black Hole Paradox (21 June 2006)
Scientists Find Infant Solar System Awash in Carbon (7 June 2006)
Do 'Planemos' Have Progeny? (6 June 2006 )
An extrasolar planetary system with three Neptune-mass planets (18 May 2006)
Physics in Universe's Youth (8 May 2006)
XMM-Newton reveals a tumbling neutron star (19 April 2006)
First Images from Venus Express (13 April 2006)
Spitzer Finds Hints of Planet Birth Around Dead Star (5 April 2006)
The Cosmic Dance of Distant Galaxies (15 Mar 2006)
Liquid Water on Enceladus (9 Mar 2006)
Cepheids and their 'Cocoons' (28 Feb 2006 )
Discovery of a cool planet of 5.5 Earth masses through gravitational microlensing (25 Jan 2006)
Planet finders use much faster instrument to discover distant planet (11 Jan 2006)
Spitzer Finds Possible Comet Dust Around Dead Star (11 Jan 2006)
Chandra Finds Black Holes Stirring Up Galaxies (10 Jan 2006)

Hot, massive haloes found around most spiral galaxies (14 Dec 2005)
Astronomers use Hubble to 'weigh' Dog Star's companion (13 Dec 2005)
Scientists Find Possible Birth of Tiniest Known Solar System (29 Nov 2005)
Powerful Magnetar Blast from Another Galaxy (16 Nov 2005)
Cosmic Portrait of a Perturbed Family (4 Nov 2005)
One of the Most Massive Stars in our Galaxy Has a Hot Partner (1 Nov 2005)
New Moons of Pluto (1 Nov 2005)
Sag A: Stars Surprisingly Form in Extreme Environment Around Milky Way's Black Hole (13 Oct 05)
The Best Transiting Exoplanet Yet (October 6, 2005)
Swift Spacecraft Solves Mystery of Short Gamma-Ray Bursts (5 Oct 2005)
'Big baby' galaxy found in newborn Universe (28 Sep 2005)
Mysterious Disk of Blue Stars Around Black Hole (20 Sep 2005)
A Cosmic Baby-Boom (22 Sep 2005)
Discovery of a bright quasar without a massive host galaxy (15 Sep 2005)
Farthest Known Gamma-Ray Burst detected with Swift and ESO VLT (12 Sep 2005)
Venus, Jupiter and the Moon are gathering for a beautiful sunset sky show (26 August 2005)
A 10th Planet Beyond Pluto (29 July 2005)
First Planet Under Three Suns Is Discovered (13 July 2005)
Deep Impact successfully reached out and touched comet Tempel 1 (4 July 2005)
New transiting planet (Planet with Largest Solid Core) (30 June 2005)
The Most Earth-Like Planet Yet Found Outside the Solar System (13 June 2005)
Brown-Dwarf Binary May Challenge Theories (3 June 2005)
GALEX Provides Ultraviolet Goodies (1 June 2005)
X-ray Super-Flares Aid Formation of "Solar Systems" (10 May 2005)
Creation of Black Hole Detected (9 May 2005)
Yes, it is the Image of an Exoplanet (30 April 2005)
XMM-Newton sees 'hot spots' on neutron stars (25 April 2005)
Spitzer Telescope Sees Signs of Alien Asteroid Belt (20 April 2005)
Is this a Brown Dwarf or an Exoplanet? (7 April 2005 ) -- Exoplanet Image Update (31 March 2005)
Era of Galaxy and Black Hole Growth Spurt Discovered (6 April 2005)
Spitzer has for the first time captured the light from two known Extrasolar-planets (22 Mar 2005)
VLT FLAMES Finds Hints of Helium-Richest Stars Ever Seen (15 Mar 2005)
Hubble Weighs in on the Heaviest Stars in the Galaxy (9 Mar 2005)
A planet-sized transiting star (3 Mar 2005) Undercover Stars Among Exoplanet Candidates
Discovery of most distant massive structure in the Universe (2 Mar 2005)
Frozen Lakes in Mars's Midsection (24 Feb 2005) -- Mars Express Science Conference

Cosmic Explosion Among the Brightest in Recorded History (18 Feb 2005)

A Flurry of Exoplanet Discoveries (9 Feb 2005)
Integral rolls back history of Milky Way's super-massive black hole (26 Jan 2005)
Weighing the Smallest Stars (19 Jan 2005)
Rebuilding Spiral Galaxies (13 Jan 2005)
Spitzer Sees Dusty Aftermath of Pluto-Sized Collision (10 Jan 2005)
ESA’s XMM-Newton sees matter speed-racing around a black hole (10 Jan 2005)
MS 0735.6+7421: Most Powerful Eruption in the Universe Discovered (5 Jan 2005)

Spitzer And Hubble Capture Evolving Planetary Systems (9 Dec 2004)

Explosions in Majestic Spiral Beauties (1 Dec 2004)

A baby galaxy uncovered in a grown-up universe (1 Dec 2004)

Young Stars Poised for Production of Rocky Planets (24 Nov 2004)

Theorists Tackle Astronomer’s Mysterious ‘Baby’ Planet (9 Nov 2004)

Second black hole found at the centre of our Galaxy (8 Nov 2004)

Origin of cosmic rays revealed with gamma rays (7 Nov 2004)

Measuring Cosmic Distances with Stellar Heart Beats (29 Oct 2004)

Scientists elated by Cassini's Titan observations (27 Oct 2004)

The Virgo Cluster of Galaxies in the Making (22 Oct 2004)

Astronomers Discover Planet Building Is Big Mess (18 Oct 2004)

What is it? Mystery object discovered -- Neither Star Nor Brown Dwarf (8 Oct 2004)

Great Observatories May Unravel 400-Year-Old Supernova Mystery (6 Oct 2004)

Massive merger of galaxies is the most powerful on record (23 Sept 2004)

Is This Speck of Light an Exoplanet?, VLT Images and Spectra of Intriguing Object near Young Brown Dwarf (10 Sept 2004)

Brightest supernova in a decade captured by Hubble Space Telescope (2 Sept 2004)

Scientists discover first of a new class of extrasolar planets (31 Agosto 2004)

ESO HARPS Instrument Discovers Smallest Ever Extra-Solar Planet (25 Agosto 2004)

ESA’s high-energy observatories spot doughnut-shaped cloud with a black-hole filling (20 July 2004)

La cara oculta del magnetismo solar. (14 July 2004)

Cassini exposes Saturn's two-face moon Iapetus (15 July 2004)

NASA Sending a MESSENGER to Mercury (15 July 2004)

Weighing Ultra-Cool Stars - "Dynamical mass of a binary L dwarf" (15 June 2004)

Hubble refines distance to Pleiades star cluster (6 Junio 2004)

Raw Ingredients for Life Detected in Planetary Construction Zones (27 Mayo 2004)
An "Impossibly" Young Planet? Spitzer (27 Mayo 2004)

Astronomers surprised by locations of quasars (25 Mayo 2004)

Galaxy Clusters and Dark Energy: Chandra (18 Mayo 2004)

The remarkable Red Rectangle: A Stairway to Heaven? (11 Mayo 2004)

Two Extremely Hot Exoplanets Caught in Transit (7 Mayo 2004)

Illuminating The "Dark Ages" Of The Universe (3 Mayo 2004)

Cosmic Magnifying Glass: Distant Star Reveals Planet (MOA/OGLE)  (15 Abril 2004)

Cassini watches as two storms merge on Saturn  (9 Abril 2004)

Milky Way Past Was More Turbulent Than Previously Known  (6 Abril 2004)

A star is born  (23 Marzo 2004)

Most Distant Object in Solar System Discovered  (15 Marzo 2004)

Hubble's Deepest View Ever of the Universe Unveils Earliest Galaxies  (9 Marzo 2004)

Opportunity Rover Finds Strong Evidence Meridiani Planum Was Wet  (2 Marzo 2004)

VLT Smashes the Record of the Farthest Known Galaxy  (1 Marzo 2004)

Nearest, youngest star with planet nursery found  (28 Febrero 2004)

Neutron Star Explosion In Real-Time  (23 Febrero 2004)

Giant black hole rips star apart  (18 Febrero 2004)

Farthest known galaxy in the Universe discovered  (15 Febrero 2004)

Far away quasars probe end of cosmic dark ages  (14 Febrero 2004)

Oxygen and carbon discovered in exoplanet atmosphere 'blow-off'  (2 Febrero 2004)

Chandra finds that star has the right stuff  (30 Enero 2004)

Unraveling Brown Dwarf Origins (A failed star is born)  (15 Enero 2004)

Hubble's Really Big Picture (12 Enero 2004)

Color Picture from Spirit is Most Detailed View of Mars Ever Seen  (6 Enero 2004)

Un superbólido sobrevuela la peninsula ibérica el 4 de enero 2004 en pleno día (Red de Invest. Bólidos y Meteoritos) SPMN

Dazzling Images from Spitzer Space Telescope (formerly known as SIRTF)  (18 dec 2003)

GALEX observatory captures galaxies galore  (11 dec 2003)

Extensive destruction powers Solar Explosions (RHESSI)  (8 dec 2003)

Mars Express snaps its first view of Red Planet  (3 dec 2003)

New evidence for nearby Solar-like planetary system  (1 dec 2003)

Biggest Star in Our Galaxy Sits within a Rugby-Ball Shaped Cocoon  (26 nov 2003)

Sun does magnetic flip  (19 nov 2003)

The Newest Closest Galaxy  (10 nov 2003)

The biggest solar X-ray flare ever is classified as X28  (7 nov 2003)

Refining the Cosmic Recipe  (3 nov 2003)

SMART-1 leaves Earth on a long journey to the Moon (September 28, 2003)

Space Infrared Telescope Facility (SIRTF) Sees First Light (September 3, 2003)

Hubble's closest view of Mars (August 27, 2003) -- STScI Images & Video

HUBBLE Helps Confirm Oldest Known Planet (July 10, 2003)

Solar system 'most similar' to our own discovered (July 3, 2003)

7 New Extrasolar Planets (June 30, 2003)

Powerful 'conveyor belts' drive Sun's 11-year cycle (June 25, 2003)

'Rosetta stone' decodes gamma-ray burst mystery (June 23, 2003)

Spacecraft trio peeks at secret recipe for stormy solar weather (June 18, 2003)

Scientists Image the 3D Surface of the Sun (June 17, 2003)

'Solar tsunamis' used to study the solar corona (June 16, 2003)

XMM-Newton makes the first direct measurement of a neutron star's magnetic field (June 11, 2003)

Flattest Star Ever Seen (June 11, 2003)

One Thousand "Wonderful" Stars Discovered in Centaurus A (June 10, 2003)

A strong decrease in Saturn's equatorial jet at cloud level (June 5, 2003)

ESA's Mars Express en route for the Red Planet (June 3, 2003)

CFHT and VLT Identify Extremely Distant Galaxy (May 28, 2003)

RHESSI's lucky break may lead to secret of ultimate explosions (May 28, 2003)

Chandra provides new view of biggest construction sites in universe (May 21, 2003)

Stephan's Quintet: Intruder shocks tightly-knit group (May 10, 2003)

Deepest View of Space Yields Young Stars in Andromeda Halo (May 7, 2003)

Finding the ashes of the first stars (30 Abril 2003)

Giant solar tadpoles born in explosion (April 10, 2003)

NASA Helps Link Gamma Ray Burst and Supernova (April 10, 2003)

Hubble's rainbow image of a dusty star (April 3, 2003)

Hubble Watches Light from Mysterious Erupting Star Reverberate Through Space (March 26, 2003)

Chandra image reveals supernova origin (March 14, 2003)

Hubble discovers an evaporating planet (March 12, 2003)

CHIPS begins interstellar search for birthplace of solar systems (Mar 3, 2003)

Chandra observes a heart in the darkness (Feb 16, 2003)

Images of our infant Universe WMAP, Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe (Feb 11, 2003)

Giant Exoplanet Orbits Giant Star (Distant World in Peril Discovered from La Silla) (22 Enero 2003)

Stellar cocoons found in harsh environment (15 Enero 2003)

New type of star identified (11 Enero 2003)

Discovery of Nearest Known Brown Dwarf (13 Enero 2003)

La Silla Camera Observes Chandra Deep Field South (10 Enero 2003)

Scientists Find Faint Objects with Hubble that May Have Ended the Universe's 'Dark Ages' (9 Enero 2003)

The throes of a hypergiant star facing death (CfA, 7 Enero 2003) Hypergiant erupts
Rho Cas: anunció la entrada en el nuevo milenio con una espectacular explosión (IAC, 8 Enero 2003)

Biggest 'Zoom Lens' in Space Takes Hubble Deeper into the Universe (7 Enero 2003)

Our Sun does the wave (6 Enero 2003)

More Sun-like stars may have planetary systems (17 Dec 2002)
Detection of Molecular Hydrogen Orbiting a "Naked" T Tauri Star (Bary & Weintraub 2002, ApJ 576, L73)

Deepest Infrared View of the Universe (11 Dec 2002)

VLT Interferometer Measures the Size of Low-Mass Nearby Stars (29 Nov 2002)

Never Before Seen: Two Supermassive Black Holes in Same Galaxy CHANDRA (19 Nov 2002)

Las imágenes más precisas del Sol Telescopio Solar Sueco, 1 m (La Palma), (13 Nov 2002) ( imágenes y animaciones)

An exceptionally bright eruption on Io observed with the Keck telescope (13 Nov 2002)

Gravitationally redshifted absorption lines in the X-ray burst spectra of a neutron star (7 Nov 2002)

Scientists measure the most powerful magnet known (4 Nov 2002)

A Glimpse of the Young Milky Way, VLT UVES Observes Most Metal-Deficient Star Known (ESO, 30 October 2002)

Red freckles on Europa suggest 'lava lamp' action (30 October 2002)

INTEGRAL (INTErnational Gamma-Ray Astrophysics Laboratory) en Orbita (Oct 17, 2002)

Star orbiting the supermassive black hole at the center of the Milky Way (October 17, 2002)

Nobel prize in physics awarded to astronomers (October 08, 2002)

Hubble Spots an Icy World Far Beyond Pluto (October 07, 2002)

Chandra Discovers The History Of Black Hole X-Ray Jets (October 03, 2002)

Space Movie Reveals Shocking Secrets Of The Crab Pulsar (19 September 2002)

Hubble discovers black holes in unexpected places (17 September 2002)

A rose blooming in space (September 2002)

Surprising black hole activity found in old galaxies (September 2002)

Newfound Planetary System Has "Hometown" Look (June 13, 2002)

Eleven more moons found orbiting Jupiter (16 May 2002)

Solar-type Oscillations in a Star Very Different from the Sun (ESO) (15 May 2002)

Infrared Images of an Infant Solar System The "Flying Saucer" (ESO) (7 May 2002)

Fading White Dwarfs Confirm the Age of the Universe -
Hubble Uncovers Oldest "Clocks" in Space to Read Age of Universe (26 April 2002)

Most Distant Group of Galaxies Known in the Universe (9 April 2002)

RHESSI (R. Ramaty High-Energy Solar Spec. Imager) (Mar 29, 2002) First-Light images

The VLT Unravels the Nature of the Fastest Binary Star (15 Mar 2002)

A Galaxy Turning Backward? (February 7, 2002)

Fine Images of Saturn and Io with VLT NAOS-CONICA (January 31, 2002)

VLT Images the Horsehead Nebula (January 25, 2002)

Gemini South Telescope Dedication (January 18, 2002)

Distant Cousins of the Pleiades (January 10, 2002)

Stellar 'Fireworks Finale' Came First in the Young Universe (January 8, 2002)

Directly observed a brown dwarf orbiting a G-type star (January 8, 2002)

VLT ISAAC Looks for Young Stars in the Famous "Pillars of Creation" (20 December 2001)

United Kingdom to Join ESO on July 1, 2002 (5 Dic 2001)

First image and spectrum of a Dark Matter object (5 Dic 2001)

Descubrimiento de agua en una estrella agonizante (15 Nov 2001; Miranda et al., Nature 414, 284).
Caught in the act: Star seen turning into planetary nebula

2001 Mars Odyssey in Orbit Around Mars (October 23, 2001)

Black hole monster in a spin releases energy! (XMM, 22 October 2001)

X-ray emissions detected from Herbig Haro objects (Chandra, 20 October 2001)

"Perfect Spiral Galaxy", first-light image, Gemini North Telescope (Oct 3, 2001)

Search of galactic halo yields treasure trove (September 30, 2001)

Detección de expansión relativista en CYGNUS X-3 Martí, Paredes & Peracaula (2001)

Close-up view of Andromeda Galaxy Subaru Telescope (September 7, 2001)

Heavy Metal Stars (August 22, 2001)

Ground-based observation of emission lines from the corona of a red-dwarf star (August 1, 2001)

Astronomers discover giant Kuiper Belt object (3 July 2001)

Sounds of a Star, Acoustic Oscillations in Solar-Twin "Alpha Cen A" (28 June 2001)

Una gigantesca herradura de gas entorno al centro de una galaxia enana (12 June 2001)

Brown Dwarfs Form Like Stars (7 June 2001)

Hubble unveils a galaxy in living colour (31 May 2001)

A Hungry Quasar Caught in the Act (31 Mayo 2001)

Un enigmático embrión estelar expele una burbuja esférica de vapor de agua (16 Mayo 2001)

The Harsh Destiny of a Planet? The VLT Uncovers Traces of Stellar Cannibalism (9 May 2001)
Huellas de un planeta devorado por su estrella (IAC)

VLT Spectra "Resolve" a Stellar Disk during a microlensing event (25 April 2001)

Largest sunspot in 10 years blazes away with eruptions (March 31, 2001)

White dwarfs shed light on dark matter (March 23, 2001)

Mir dives into Pacific (March 23, 2001)

"First Light" for the VLT Interferometer (March 18, 2001)

Keck Interferometer Achieves "First Fringe" (March 16, 2001)

Universe put on the scales (March 10, 2001)

NEAR Descent to Eros (12 Feb 2001)

How Old is the Universe?, Uranium "clock" (ESO 02/2001)

Astronomers take the pulse of a Sun-like star (31-01-2001)

Hubble and Chandra finally may have proof black holes do exist (11-01-2001)
'Death Spiral' Around a Black Hole Yields Tantalizing Evidence of an Event Horizon (11-01-2001)

Chandra links pulsar to historic supernova of 386 AD (11-01-2001)

ESO Telescopes Provide Most Detailed View Ever Into a Dark Cloud (January 10, 2001)

Bizarre new planets puzzle astronomers (January 10, 2001)

Evidence of Martian land of lakes discovered (Mars Global Surveyor, 4/Dec/2000)

Movies of Jupiter by the Cassini probe, (November 22, 2000)

UK Announces Intention to Join ESO (22 November 2000)

Descubierta la estrella más pequeña de la vecindad solar (21/11/00)

Fountains of fire illuminate solar mystery TRACE (26 Sept 00)

Hubble Movies Show the Changing Faces of Young Stars (21 Sept 00)

Chandra Clinches Case for Missing Link Black Hole (12 Sept 00)

Lift Off for first pair of Cluster II spacecraft (16 July 2000)

CHANDRA X-ray observatory captures Flare from Brown dwarf (11 July, 2000)

Bumps found on the Sun SOHO

S.A.R. el Príncipe de Asturias colocó la primera piedra del edificio del "Gran Telescopio Canarias" (GTC) (2 de Junio, 2000)

SOHO scoops a picture of planets on parade (May 5, 2000)

First detailed images of early universe revealed (BOOMERANG, balloon-borne telescope) (Apr 26 2000)

SOHO find stormy regions on the other side of the Sun (Mar 9 2000)

NEAR in orbit around asteroid 433 Eros (14 Feb 2000)

First images from XMM-Newton (09 Feb 2000)

On the Day the Solar Wind Disappeared, Scientists Sample Particles Directly from the Sun (December 13, 1999)

The Transit of Mercury as seen by TRACE (November 15, 1999)

Distant, unseen planet may be orbiting the Sun (J.B. Murray, 1999, MNRAS 309, 31)

Evidence of a Supernova Origin for the Black Hole in GRO J1655-4 IAC, (9-Sep-99)

Chandra X-ray's First Images (26 Aug 1999)

Image of a Planet: Too Hot to be True? (June 26, 1999)

Observational evidence for "HYPERNOVA" explosion (April 12, 1999)

Predicting CMEs: "S" marks the spot (March 9, 1999)

GRANTECAN S.A. adjudica el suministro de la vitrocerámica para GTC (11/2/99)

SOHO finds source of high-speed "wind" blowing from the Sun (3 February 1999)
Solar Wind Outflow and the Chromospheric Magnetic Network
Hassler et al., 1999 Science 283, N.5403, P.810 (February 5)

Imagenes del asteroide Eros (24 Dec 1998) ( NEAR, Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous)

Distant Supernovae Indicate Ever-Expanding Universe
Supernova Cosmology Project a winner (18 Dec 1998)

ROSAT X-ray telescope mission ends (16 Dec 1998)

Hubble Deep Field South (HDF-S)

SOHO is nearly back in business 15 October 1998
SOHO on the road to recovery 11 August 1998
SOHO spacecraft observations interrupted 25 June 1998

A New Stellar Spectral Class (L dwarfs)

TRACE images capture magnetic energy burst on the Sun -- images

First image of a possible planet around another star (May 28, 1998)

First Astronomical Images from the VLT (May 27, 1998)

Solar Flare Leaves Sun Quaking

SOHO discovers tornadoes on the Sun

Mars Global Surveyor -- Mars Orbiter Camera
Solar Blinkers (from SOHO-CDS)

Un astrofísico español resuelve un misterio sobre las manchas solares (ABC, 4 Dec 1997)
"The Evershed effect in sunspots as a siphon flow along a magnetic flux tube"
B. Montesinos & J.H. Thomas, (Letter to Nature) Vol 390, No 6659, p. 485

Observations support new model of sun's magnetic field (Ulysses) (Univ. of Michigan)

Solar Mystery Nears Solution with Data from SOHO

Discovery of two new moons of Uranus (Univ. Toronto & Cornell)

Cassini, Mission to Saturn

Hubble Identifies What May Be the Most Luminous Star Known

Dedication of the Hobby-Eberly Telescope (HET) October 8, 1997 --- HET

Hubble Sees a Neutron Star Alone in Space

Jet streams runs swiftly inside the Sun (SOHO)

Infrared Space Observatory Probes Oldest Galaxies

Hubble Separates Stars In The Mira Binary System

The Farthest Galaxy In The Universe

Mars Pathfinder Mission (July 4th 1997, Entry, Descent and Landing)
Latest News!
Mars Pathfinder Mission, Mirror Sites

VLBA Gives Researchers Unprecedented Look At Workings of Distant Star (May 29 1997)

NASA's Polar Spacecraft Confirms ... Small Comets are Pelting Earth
Louis Frank Small Comets (May 28 1997)

Supercomputer to probe deepest questions of existence (Cosmos, Stephen Hawking)

Hubble Space Telescope , NICMOS and STIS recent observations
Space Telescope Imaging Spectrograph (STIS)
Near-infrared Camera and Multi-Object Spectrometer (NICMOS)

UK Astronomers Help To Rechart The Heavens
HIPPARCOS Venice '97 Symposium 13-16 May 1997

Astrónomos Europeos Descubren un Nuevo Tipo de Cola Cometaria (Nota de Prensa ING 4/97)

Primera detección en el óptico de un GRB (Nota de Prensa ING 3/97)

España se lanza al espacio ... MINISAT 01 (21 Abril 1997)

Discovery of New Galaxy in the Local Group: The Antlia Dwarf Galaxy
Mike Irwin (Royal Greenwich Obs.), Alan Whiting, and George Hau (Univ. of Cambridge)

SOHO has detected a CME on April 7 .... Flare images
Solar explosion on April 7 1997 (mpeg and GIF)

SOHO Instrument Captures Comet Zooming Behind the Sun

Carl Sagan dies (Dec 20 1996)

Clementine Finds Ice on the Moon

Mars 96 project ..... Unsuccessful result of M96 mission (17 Nov. 1996)
MARS-96 Launch Countdown
Mars Global Surveyor (MGS) (lanzado el 7 Nov. 1996)

Life on Mars was found by Britons - and it's still there UK News (1 Nov. 1996)
Life on Mars? (NASA, August 7, 1996)
Life from Ancient Mars? (Adapted from Sky & Telescope, October 1996)
Life on Mars? (FAS, Space Policy Project)
Mars Meteorites

TNG Inaugurated (June 29 1996)
TNG, Telescopio Nazionale Galileo

NGST, Next Generation Space Telescope

The Ariane 5 launcher carrying CLUSTER exploded (4 Jun 1996)


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