MUSICOS (MUlti SIte COntinuous Spectroscopy)

MUSICOS Scientific Goals
Stellar physics programs that need continuous spectroscopic coverage
Stellar surface structures (Doppler imaging, Zeeman-Doppler imaging)
Stellar Chromospheric activity (rotational modulation, flares, microflares)
Circumstellar environments (variable stellar winds)
Support to space observations
Links to other MUSICOS pages
Multi-Site Campaigns and the MUSICOS Project,
(B.H. Foing, J. Oliveira & MUSICOS Collaboration)
MUSICOS web page (obs-mip)
The MUSICOS Network (J. Neff)
The MUSICOS project (Y. Unruh)
Echelle Spectrographs
MUSICOS spectrographs:
MUSICOS spectrograph on the TBL ( Pic du Midi)
ESA-MUSICOS spectrograph on the INT (La Palma)
GIRAFFE (copy of MUSICOS) on 1.9-m SAAO
Copy of MUSICOS on 2.16m Xinglong BAO

Future spectrographs
ESPaDOnS: an Echelle SpectroPolarimetric
Device for the Observation of Stars

MUSICOS Campaigns
Previous MUSICOS Campaigns
MUSICOS 96 Campaign
MUSICOS 98 Campaign
MUSICOS 01 Campaign (Internal Page)

MUSICOS upcoming campaigns (Internal Page)

Deadlines for Observing Applications

Data Analysis Methods
Echelle Spectroscopy Data Reduction
Comparison Arc Spectral Atlases
Software ..
Access to MUSICOS data (Internal Page)
Previous published papers -- this year

MUSICOS working papers (Internal Page)

MUSICOS Collaboration
Collaboration Team
e-mail list
MUSICOS Meetings
7th MUSICOS workshop
(5-7 June, 2000, ESTEC, Holland)
Summary of the workshop

Other related meetings
Meetings (Stellar Activity, Cool Stars, ..)

MUSICOS Newsletter
Current Newsletter

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