Speech Therapy Diploma. Syllabus

The Speech Therapy Diploma are official studies, created by Royal Decree 1419/91, on the 30th of August. It was published in the BOE 243 on October 10. In it the General Guidelines for this Diploma are established.

The U.C.M. presented a resolution on October 29, 1992 (BOE 37, February 12, 1993) establishing the Syllabus for this studies.

This Syllabus has been modified by an U.C.M. resolution on December 26, 1995 (BOE January 17/19, 1996).

101Anatomy and Physiology of the Organs of LanguageCO4
102Introduction to AudiologyCO4
103Neurological Basis of LanguageCO4
104Linguistics ICO4
105Phonetics and PhonologyCO4
106Introduction to Language Disorders ICO4
108Introduction to PsychologyOB8
109Linguistics IIOB4
110Introduction to Language Disorders IIOB4
111Psychology of LanguageOB8
---Optional Subjects--8
---Free Choice Subjects--5
112Assessment of LanguageCO8
113Speech Therapy Intervention in Language Development Disorders IOP4
114Speech Therapy Intervention in AphasiaCO4
115Speech Therapy Intervention in Speech Articulation Disorders CO4
116Speech Therapy Intervention in Voice DisordersCO4
117Speech Therapy Intervention in DeafnessCO4
118Acquisition and Development of LanguageCO8
120Dyslexias and dysgraphiasOB4
121Speech Fluency Disorder. StutteringOB4
122Applied Audiology OB4
---Optional SubjectsOP4
---Free Choice Subjects--5
123Alternative Systems of CommunicationCO8
124Technological Resources in Speech TherapyCO4
126Speech Therapy Intervention in autism and Psychopathological DisordersOB4
127Research Methods in Speech TherapyOB8
128Speech Therapy Intervention in Language Development Disorders IIOB8
---Optional SubjectsOP4
---Free Choice Subjects--5
129Cognitive NeuropsychologyOP4
131Intervention in Basic Language OP4
132Intervention in Psychomotor DevelopmentOP4
133Deontology and LegislationOP4
134Services and Assistance ResourcesOP4
135Early Intervention in Language DisordersOP4
136Special Education for Students with Language DisordersOP4
137Curricular Adaptation for Students with Language DifficultiesOP4
138School Diagnosis of Language
Not recommended for first course students
139Experimental PhoneticsOP4
140Evaluation of Speech Therapy Programes;
Not recommended for first course students
141Construction of Assessment Instruments to Explore LanguageOP4
142Individual and Group DifferencesOP4
143PDI for Children with Language DisturbancesOP4
144Representation Systems Support in Language DisturbancesOP4
145Differentiated Intervention in Students with auditory DeficienciesOP4
146New Educational Methodologies for Children with Auditory AlterationsOP4
147School and Proffesional Guidance for Students with Auditory AlterationsOP4
148 History of Speech Therapy OP4
149Computer Applied to Language AnalysisOP4
150technology Applied to Speech ProcessingOP4
151Applied Linguistics: Linguistic Aspects of Language PsychopathologyOP4
152Methods and Analysis in LinguisticsOP4
154Text LinguisticsOP4
155Speech Therapy Intervention in Professional DysphoniasOP4
156 Speech Therapy Intervention in Cochlear ImplantationOP4

From the list of optional subjects this center will offer annually the available subjects