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Past issues

Here you will find past issues of Amaltea.

Issue #0 (October 2008): 15 articles devoted to theoretical aspects of myth criticism as well as to the study of classical myths in contemporary European literature, from Wilde and Giraudoux to Stefan George.

Issue #1 (October 2009): issue devoted to the mythic theme of the labyrinth.

Issue #2 (October 2010): 14 articles on the myth of Arachne.

Issue #3 (October 2011): monographic issue on the mythic Double Self.

Issue #4 (October 2012): issue on Prometheus the rebel.

Issue #5 (October 2013): issue on the Apocalypse.

Amaltea. Revista de mitocrítica. Facultad de Filología. Edificio D. Despacho 02.363. Universidad Complutense 28040 Madrid (España).