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editorial process

Submission and receipt of articles
a) Articles must be submitted by the 15th March of February and 15th September each year to the editor of the journal Ángulo recto: angulorecto@filol.ucm.es
b) The editor will confirm receipt of the works by the 15th April and 15th October.
c) The articles should not be signed nor should the place of origin of the author(s) be indicated.
d) Authors may suggest the names of suitable reviewers to assess their original works.
e) The authors of the original works have sole responsibility for the contents of same, and for obtaining due permission to reproduce works, texts or illustrations in their article, should the quotation or inclusion of which require prior authorisation from another author.

Article selection
a) In accordance with the scientific arbitrage system, Ángulo recto applies double anonymity in the reviewing process by using independent assessors from outside the editorial team.
b) After checking that the original article received complies with the proposed subject, the editorial regulations and is within the deadline, the editorial board sends it to two external reviewers by the 15th April and 15th October.
c) The reviewers read the article and send the editor an anonymous report on its suitability for publication in the journal by the 1st May and 1st November.
d) In the case of a difference of opinion, the article will be referred to a third reviewer, who may be a member of the advisory board, and who will make the final decision.
e) The journal uses reviewers specialised in judging the methodology of the studies.
f) Ángulo Recto will inform the author of the decision taken according to the vote and the reviewers' reports by the 15th May and 15th November.
g) This communication will be explanatory and include reasons for the acceptance, request for modification or rejection of the manuscripts.
h) When an article, in the opinion of the reviewers, requires indispensable modifications in order to be published, the editor will advise the author of these by the 15th May and 15th November. The author will then submit the definitive text to the editor by the 1st June or 1st December.
i) If an author should lodge a complaint or claim against the decision taken regarding their article, the director will communicate this to the editorial board who will study the case. The editor may include the reviewers' reports, in part or in full, in the final answer, whether positive or otherwise.
j) Articles which fail to comply with one or more of the following requirements will not be reviewed. Articles must:
- be relevant to the proposed subject
- conform to the submission rules
- be sent within the deadline
- show no signs of plagiarism or similar irregularities

Publication of articles
a) Each issue of the journal is published before the 1st July and 1st January.
b) The articles appear with the name(s) or the author(s) and that of any institution to which they may belong.



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