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In order to begin the conversation, you must hope to that the Java application of 44 KB was loaded.

Once loaded, it will appear a form where you must introduce your nickname or Nick Name and do click on button OK, Connect!.

When you are connected, you will see the messages in the left window of white bottom and the nicknames of the other participants in the right window of dark bottom. It writes your messages in the inferior text panel (where initially it puts Type HERE) and presses the Intro key.

I feel it; your navigator cannot execute Java.

A navigator with Java is essential to participate in chat. These navigators (or their superior versions) incorporate Java:

  • Windows 95 or NT: 2,0 Netscape and Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0;
  • Windows 3.x: Netscape 3.01b with Java;
  • UNIX: Netscape 3.01;
  • Mac: 4,0 Netscape and Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.01b.

If you have some of these navigators (or some superior version), confirm that is checked the option to activate Java.

Advanced Options

In order to send a prived message to somebody, so that the rest of the users cannot read it, indicates the panel Private Chat and presses in the nickname of the participant to whom you wish to send the message in the right window. It will see the message preceded of [ PRIVATE FROM you-nickname ].

Not to see the messages sent by usuary determining, indicates the panel Ignores User and you do click in his nickname.

The rest of the bellboys has the following uses: