From macro- to micro-stellar transits

European Astronomical Society S4 symposium
6-7 September 2010, Lisbon, Portugal

Scientific rationale

Stellar transits provide us fundamental information about planets, stars, and the properties of discs: geometrical sizes, dynamical masses, bulk densities, inclinations of orbital axis with respect to rotational axis, apsidal motions, centre-to-limb darkening, and circumstellar disc structure. Those properties are crucial ingredient in the understanding of the formation and evolution of stars and the planetary systems around them. Great progress has been made and will be made in the study of stellar transits through observations and theory, particularly with the successful operation of the COROT and KEPLER space missions. Thus, the time is right for a meeting to focus on the observational and theoretical aspects of transits in stars, with the programme centred around four topical questions:

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