Cátedra de Economía del Terrorismo
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Hither to the CET has worked more deeply in the following lines of research: 

  • Theoretical approaches to the economy of terrorism: The terrorist groups pursue, among others aims, creating a policy of of economic the nation which they attack, following a “predator military economy", model.

  • Direct costs of the terrorist attacks: the massive attacks imply important costs for the affected regions, that can derive in leading to a stagnation in economic growth.

  • Indirect consequences of terrorism: the fight against terrorism (costs of prevention, antiterrorist policy and of defense, etc.) has meant important additional costs, in most western countries.

  • Terrorism and stock markets: the stock markets are the first to react in the face of a terrorist attack, reflecting thus the estimation of the impact the investors perceive.

  • Sectorial impact of the terrorism: The economic impact of terrorism presents very different  intensities in different sectors, a reason why it is enlightening to study those that can be most  affected (especially the tourist and transporty sectors).

  • Financing of the terrorist groups: The terrorist organizations count on important  financing network to maintain their activity. The understanding of these mechanisms of financing is fundamental when designing an effective terrorist policy.

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