Vascular plant communities of Spain and Portugal. Addenda to the Syntaxonomical checklist of 2001

Salvador Rivas-Martínez, Tomás E. Díaz, Federico Fernández-González, Jesús Izco, Javier Loidi, Mario Lousã & Ángel Penas

Itinera Geobotanica 15(1-2): 5-922 (2002)

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B. New syntaxa and altered names

In alphabetical order we legitimize and define the 205 new syntaxa, new names (nomina nova) and new types of syntaxa, proposed in the "Syntaxonomical checklist of vascular plant communities of Spain and Portugal to association level" published by Rivas-Martínez, Fernández-González, Loidi, Lousã & Penas in Itinera Geobot. 14: 5-341. 2001, in accordance with the regulations of the International Code of Phytosociological Nomenclature (Weber, Moravec & Theurillat in J. Veg. Sci. 11(5): 739-768. 2000). In a small number of instances syntaxa not mentioned in the "Checklist 2001"are also defined and numbered in this chapter. In the case of new high syntaxa we also list, quote and communicate the distribution of all the Spanish and Portuguese associations that are included in such syntaxa. The authors responsible for the new syntaxon names and comments appear in the following list, and also in brackets below each entry or particular syntaxa.

1. List of the new syntaxa