CLIWOC Expected Results


A million daily and subdaily observations will be included in the database.

Recorded data will contain, among others: wind direction, wind force, precipitation, fog, ice cover and state of sea and sky. The following examples are only a small illustration of the applications that CLIWOC database will provide.


This picture shows an example of wind direction in a 1784 trip from La Coruņa to La Habana
A large number of observations will allow to obtain climatological fields over large areas, such as this example of averaged wind directions displayed over a 5º x 5º grid from a set of 1770's trips from Europe to America and return. (The brighter the red shade the greater the number of measures over the area covered by each grid-point).
A careful observation and record of the weather that every ship encountered along its route  was of extreme importance to the success of the voyage. This example shows for the same data set used for the wind direction, the number of rainy days expressed as % over the total of observations.