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Daniele Conversi (Ed.)

Ethnonationalism in the
Contemporary World:
Walker Connor and
the Study of Nationalism


Table of contents


1- Daniele Conversi, 'Conceptualizing nationalism'

2- Walker Connor, 'Nationalism and political illegitimacy'

Modernity and Emotions

3- Anthony D Smith, 'Dating the nation'

4- Donald L. Horowitz, 'The Primordialists'

5- Joshua A. Fishman, 'The Primordialist/ Constructivist debate today '

Case Studies

6- William Douglass, 'Sabino's Sin: Racism and the Founding of Basque Nationalism'

7- John Stone, 'Ethnonationalism in black and white: Scholars and the South African revolution'

8- John Edwards, 'Sovereignty or separation? Contemporary political discourse in Canada '

Applied Connorian perspectives

9- Brendan OíLeary, 'Federations and The Management of Nations: Walker Connor and Ernest Gellner'

10- William Safran, 'Ethnic conflict and third party mediation: A critical review'

11- John Coakley, 'Religion and Nationalism in the First World'

Wider implications

12- Robert J. Kaiser, 'Homeland making and the territorialization of national identity'

13- Thomas Spira, 'Ethnicity and nationality: The twin-matrices of Nationalism'

14- Daniele Conversi, 'Resisting Primordialism (and other -isms)'

15- Walker Connor: A Bibliography, 1967-2001

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