7th European Union Science Olympiad
EUSO - 2009
Murcia (Spain), 28/03/09 - 05/04/09



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  About EUSO    
  The European Union Science Olympiad (EUSO) is a team competition for EU second level school science students who are 16 years of age or younger on the December 31st prior to the competition. Students born on or after 1st January 1992 are therefore eligible to take part in EUSO 2009.    
  Objectives of the EUSO    
  To challenge and stimulate gifted science students to develop their talents and to promote their career as scientists.    
  To provide invaluable experience for students who may take part in the International Science Olympiads.    
  To offer the opportunity to compare the syllabi and educational trends in science education within the EU member states which could help improve science education at national levels    
  Aims of the Competition    
  To select the top young EU science student teams at the annual EUSO.    
  To stimulate the active interest of students in the sciences.    
  To promote and reward the pursuit of excellence in scientific endeavour.    
  To foster a positive and high profile image of science and scientists.    
  To encourage an appreciation of the value of science amongst the wider community.    
  To convey to students, schools and the community the importance of advanced study and progressive learning in science.    
  To exchange ideas and materials about science education among EU states.    
  To encourage greater contact and co-operation between secondary school students and teachers from the EU.    
  To prepare EU science students for the International Science Olympiads.    
  EUSO Governing Body    
  President Mr. Michael A. COTTER michael.cotter@dcu.ie  
  Austria Mr. Peter HOLUB peter.holub@ph-kaernten.ac.at  
  Belgium Mr. Victor RASQUIN viras@euso.be  
  Bulgaria Prof. Snejana TOMOVA tomovas@abv.bg  
  Cyprus Mr Mikis HADJINEOPHYTOU mikis@cablenet.com.cy  
  Czech Republic Mrs Jana SEVCOVA sevcova@nidm.cz  
  Denmark Mr. Hans MARKER marker@post3.tele.dk  
  Estonia Mrs. Karin HELLAT Karin.Hellat@ut.ee  
  Germany Dr. Eckhard R. LUCIUS ERLucius@arcor.de  
  Greece Mr. Konstantinos KAMPOURIS ekfexal@otenet.gr  
  Hungary Dr. Péter VANKÓ vanko@mono.eik.bme.hu  
  Ireland Dr. Odilla FINLAYSON Odilla.Finlayson@dcu.ie  
  Latvia Dr. Leonids BULIGINS leonids.buligins@lu.lv  
  Lithuania Mr. Paulius L. TAMOSIUNAS paulius@olimpiados.lt  
  Luxembourg Mr. Edouard RIES ries@men.lu  
    Mr. Jeff KOHNEN eff.kohnen@education.lu  
  Malta Mr. Joe BUTTIGIEG joe.c.buttigieg@gov.mt  
  Netherlands Dr. Emiel de KLEIJN e.dekleijn@slo.nl  
  Portugal Dr. Isaura De Jesus VIEIRA isaura.vieira@dgidc.min-edu.pt  
  Romania Dr. Daniela BOGDAN daniela.bogdan@medu.edu.ro  
  Slovakia Prof. Ivo CAP ivo.cap@fel.uniza.sk  
  Slovenia Ms. Katja STOPAR katja_stopar@yahoo.com  
  Spain Prof. Juan A. R. RENUNCIO renuncio@quim.ucm.es  
  Sweden Mrs. Birgitta SANG Birgitta.sang@skarholmen.stockholm.se  
  United Kingdom Mrs. Linda HARWOOD lin@zams.co.uk