Alejandro Cámara

A. Cámara photo
Department of Optics

Faculty of Physical Sciences
Complutense University of Madrid

Ciudad Universitaria s/n
28040 Madrid, Spain. 
Phone: +34 91 394 4629
            +34 91 394 4678

Alejandro Cámara was born in Alicante, a coast-side city in the Southeast-East of Spain. He took his graduate in physics in June 2008 after five years of preparation in the Physics Faculty of the UCM. He also took his M. Sc. in Fundamental Physics in the UCM a year later.

Right now he is preparing his Ph.D. under the supervision of Prof. Tatiana Alieva and Prof. María Luisa Calvo about Phase Space Tomography.

If you want to know more personal information about him you can visit his homepage or his blog (in Spanish).

If you want to know more about the publications in which he participated you can visit his Google Scholar profile.

He presented his PhD dissertation under the supervision of T. Alieva and M. L. Calvo, September 2014, Faculty of Physical Sciences, Complutense University of Madrid. 

He is currently working for a company in digital imaging. 

On July 2016 he was awarded with the Justiniano Casas Award, second position, to the Best PhD Dissertation presented in 2015 at the Spanish Universities  on the subject: Optics and Image Science.



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