Mikhail Baranov's MiniCourse on Normal and Superfluid Fermi Systems


Dr. Mikhail Baranov of the University of Innsbruck, Austria will give a minicourse entitled "Introduction to normal and superfluid Fermi systems ".

The schedule will be the following :

  1. Wednesday (February the 20th) at 14h30
  2. Thursday (February the 21th) at 14h30
  3. Friday (February the 22th) at 14h30
  4. Monday (February the 25th) at 14h30
  5. Tuesday (February the 26th) at 12h00 (N.B.!)

Room: Seminar room Física Teórica I – 3ª Planta

Outline of the minicourse

  1. Degenerate Fermi gas: particle distribution function, Fermi energy, Fermi momentum, excitations.
  2. Thermodynamics of the Fermi gas.
  3. Interaction in Fermi gases. Repulsive weakly interacting two-component Fermi gas (normal Fermi gas). Basics of the Landau Fermi-liquid theory. Landau zero sound.
  4. Two-component Fermi gas with an attractive interaction. Cooper instability.
  5. BCS Hamiltonian and Bogoliubov transformation. Critical temperature. Single-particle excitations. Gap equation. Thermodynamics.
  6. Comparison between normal and superfluid Fermi gases.
  7. Effective Landau-Ginzburg description. Josephson current. Vortices. Andreev reflection.
  8. Collective modes (Bogoliubov sound).
  9. Ideas of Migdal-Eliashberg theory.
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