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We are at...

Faculty of Physics

Universidad Complutense

Ciudad Universitaria s/n


Buses: U, F, G, 82

Bus stop: Paraninfo

Subway: L-6 Ciudad Universitaria

Google maps: U and G and subway

Location of faculty and of subway stop "Ciudad Universitaria". Piece of  full campus map
Location of faculty and of subway stop "Ciudad Universitaria". Piece of full campus map

From airport

Barajas airport has four terminals. As described in the homepage of the airport, the oldest ones (T1 to T3) are conveniently connected to the subway line 8, stop Aeropuerto, which will take you to the city. Passengers arriving to T4, will have to take a free "lanzadera" bus which takes them to the older terminals where they can take the subway.

Another alternative is to take a taxi to go to Madrid, but it is more expensive and it can be a rather long trip depending on the terminal and on the traffic conditions.

Reaching campus

The "Ciudad Universitaria" can be easily reached both by bus and by subway. The simplest possibility is to take the line L-6 to Ciudad Universitaria and walk north to the Faculty of Physics. This is described in this map. Another, probably more convenient alternative, is to leave the train at Moncloa and take the bus G or 82 to the stop Paraninfo, marked with the red arrow on the map. Directions are provided here.


Tickets are valid for both subway and bus and can be purchased at the machines and ticket counters in the subway. The price varies between 1.0 euro a one way ticket and 6.15 euros a ticket for 10 travels [1] Please note that you have to stamp the ticket prior to entering the subway or the bus, and that a single stamp allows you for only one trip -- unlike in other places every time you switch means of transport you have to purchase or stamp your ticket again.

If you take more than five means of transport a day, you should consider buying a tourist ticket valid from one to seven days.