Alfredo Luis Aina

Isabel Gonzalo Fonrodona, Sonia Melle Hernández, Mª Cruz Navarrete Fernández, Luis Miguel Sánchez Brea

Héctor Canabal Boutureira


Here we show images of optical phenoma that are around us every day, but that we do not see. Their main virtue is that there is no virtue at all. This is not a question of megapixels, nor sophisticated equipements, nor complicated theories, nor exotic places, nor being smart. It is only a question of opening our eyes, and letting us be surprised by the ordinary. A whole universe is there in front of us but we scarcely look at it. See that a lot of things can be observed just by watching.

Page under construction as a translation of the original one in spanish.


Great Lights and Colors in the Sky driven by the Sun via scattering by air molecules...

Ocean of blue light

Red planet

Green sky

Sunset by a plane

Lunar eclipse

Red Moon

Phony sunsets First lights from the sky First lights from the ground
All in one Solar glare  


...and their human-scale replicas

Home-made sunset

Sunset in a dirty windowpane

Blue and white smoke














More Scattering
Specks of dust More scattering by dust Scattering in your eyes
Laser ray visible in fog Landscapes in the mist Scattering in a driver license
Scattering by bubbles    







Colorful World
Pure white via multiple scattering Colorful water Rhapsody in Blue
Changing-color scattering in glass Sweet color change Black or white?
Colors of Buddha    







Droplet imaging Imaging through roughness Weird imaging
I can't see my own nose Out of focus Bright and dark drop