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Profesora Titular de Universidad
Department of Optics

Faculty of Optics and Optometry
Complutense University of Madrid
Arcos de Jalón 118 - MADRID 28037, SPAIN 
Phone:   +34 91 394 69 09
Fax:       +34 91 394 68 85 
E-mail: smelle@fis.ucm.es


Sonia Melle received the B.Sc. degree in Physics from Complutense University of Madrid (UCM), Spain, in 1995. She received the Ph.D. degree in Physics for her work on the "Study of the dynamics in magnetorheological suspensions subject to external fields by means of optical techniques". This research was co-advised by Professor Miguel A. Rubio in the Physics Department at the Spanish National Open University (UNED) and Professor Gerald G. Fuller in the Chemical Engineering Department at Stanford University (California). During her postdoc at the National Institute of Microelectronics in Madrid-CSIC, she worked on magneto-optical properties of nanostructured systems with Professors F. Briones and G. Armelles.

In 2003, she got a position in the Department of Optics of the UCM. At that time she joined the Group of Laser Physics, Quantum Optics, and Non-linear Optics (UCM) and she worked on pattern dynamics in broad area lasers with Professors J. M. Guerra and Oscar G. Calderón. In 2005, she moved to the Faculty of Optics and Optometry of the UCM where she started up a new research line on slow and fast light propagation in erbium doped fibers. 

During the last years, her research activity has been focused on studying plasmonic effects in hybrid systems form by erbium/ytterbium nanoparticles or quantum dots and metallic nanoparticles, in particular studying upconversion fluorescence for biomedical applications.


Non-linear optics

 *  Upconverting nanoparticles for biomedical applications
 *  Slow and fast light propagation based on coherent population oscillations
Quantum coherence in multilevel atomic systems
 *  Pattern dynamics in broad area lasers

Magnetic colloids
* Colloids at interfaces: Magnetic microfluidics, magnetic Pickering emulsions, particle-laden drops instabilities
* Magneto-optical and optical properties of nanostructured systems: optical switches
* Dynamics of magnetizable colloids by means of optical techniques

                                                            Proceedings: International Meetings
  • Fast light based on excited-state absorption in erbium doped fibers

    IONS 9 International OSA Network of Students, Salamanca, Spain, April 7-9, 2011 [Abstract PDF]

  • Controlled release of stored pulses in a double quantum-well structure

    Emerging Trends & Novel Materials in Photonics, Delphi, Greek, October 7-9, 2009 [Abstract PDF] 

  • Pulse width depending group velocity on Erbium-doped fibers
    2009 Slow and Fast Light Topical meeting, July 12-17, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
    [Abstract PDF]

  • Phase-controlled slow and fast light in current-modulated semiconductor optical amplifiers
    2009 Slow and Fast Light Topical meeting, July 12-17, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
    [Abstract  PDF]

  • Control of the group velocity of light in Erbium doped fibers via the modulation frequency
    2008 Optics and Photonics Congress. Slow and Fast Light Topical meeting, July 13-16, Boston, Massachusetts, USA
    [Abstract  PDF (159  kB)][Talk  PDF (1788  kB)] 
  • Modulation-frequency-controlled change from sub- to super-luminal regime in highly-doped erbium fibers
    2007 2nd
    Meeting of the Spanish Thematic Network on Quantum and Non-Linear Optics, September 5-7, Salamanca, Spain [Poster JPG (262  kB)]
  • Slow light propagation experiments in highly-doped erbium fibers
    2006 Slow and Fast Light Topical meeting, July 23-26, Washington DC
    [Abstract PDF (159  kB)]  [Talk PDF (344  kB)]
  • First experimental measurement of the fast change of laser transverse energy profiles
    International Conference on Coherence and Nonlinear Optics / Lasers, appliations and Technologies, ICONO/LAT 2005, Saint Petersburg, Russia 
    [View  PDF (124  kB)]
  • Pickering emulsions stabilized by magnetic particles
    18th Conference of the European Colloid and Interface Science, ECIS 2004, Almería, Spain
    [View PDF (70 kB)]
  • Dynamics of a ferrofluid in contact with Co-microsquare arrays
    Trends in Nanoechnology 2004 Conference, TNT 2004, Segovia, Spain [View PDF (43 kB)]
  • Localized Doping Effects in High Anisotropy Magnetic FePd Alloys
    International Conference on Magnetism, ICM 2003, Roma, Italy 
  • Magnetization reversal processes in epitaxial g’-Fe4N thin films on (100) MgO
    XVIII International Colloquium on Magnetic Films and Surfaces, ICMFS 2003, Madrid, Spain pag. 63
    [View PDF (247 kB)]
  • Influence of the ordering degree of Nickel nanowire arrays on their magnetic and magneto-optical properties
    203rd Meeting of The Electrochemical Society, ECS 2003, Paris, France
    [View PDF (315 kB)]
  • Nickel nanowire arrays based on imprint lithography
    INTERMAG 2003 Conference, Boston, Massachusetts, USA, pag. GC11.
    [View PDF (322 kB)]
  • Pure magneto-optic diffraction by an array of periodic domains
    Trends in Nanoechnology 2002 Conference, TNT 2002, Santiago de Compostela, Spain. Pags. 205-206
    [View PDF (161 kB)]
  • Aggregation kinetics in MR fluids
    Euroreho2002-01 Conference Joint Meeting of British, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish Rheologist, Torremolinos, Spain (2002)
    [View PDF (62 kB)]
  • Microstructures evolution in MR suspensions governed by Mason number
    Progress in Rheology Theory and Applications, pags. 207-210, edited by F.J. Martínez Boza, A. Guerrero, P. Partal, J.M. Franco and J. Muñoz  (Grupo Español de Reología, Sevilla, 2002). ISBN: 84-607-4383-7
    [View PDF (355 kB)]
  • Chain rotational dynamics in MR suspensions
    Eighth International Conference on Electrorheological fluids and Magnetorheological suspensions, Nice, France, July 2001, pags. 345-351, edited by G. Bossis (World Scientific, Singapore, 2002). ISBN: 981-02-4937-3
    [View PDF (112 kB)]
  • Structure and dynamics of MR suspensions in rotating magnetic fields
    XIIIth International Congress on Rheology,  Cambridge, UK, 2000. Vol. 3 pag. 81. Published by the British Society of Rheology. ISBN: 0-9538904-2-2
    [View PDF (536 kB)]
  • Dynamics of ferrofluid filaments in rotating fields
    2000 AIChe Annual Meeting, Los Angeles, California, November 2000.
  • Orientation dynamics of ferrofluids subject to rotating external fields
    7th International Conference on Electro-rheological Fluids and Magneto-rheological Suspensions, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA, 1999. Pags. 215-223. Editor Rongjia Tao (Editorial World Scientific). ISBN: 981-02-4258-1
    [View PDF (89 kB)]
  • Polarimetry and SALS experiments to characterize ferrofluids subject to an external magnetic field
    The Society of Rheology 70th Annual Meeting, CA, USA, 1998
  • Viscoelastic properties in ferrofluids by optical methods
    Elasticity and Viscoelasticity: non linear inestabilities, Cargese, France, 1997

                                                         Proceedings: National Meetings
  • Dynamic population gratings in highly doped erbium fibers
    QUONLOP 2011 Quantum Optics and NonLinear Optics Meeting, Valladolid, February 2011 [Abstract PDF] [Talk PDF]
  • Propagación sublumínica y superlumínica de pulsos por oscilaciones coherentes de la población
    Reunión Nacional de Óptica, Orense, September 2009 [Abstract PDF] [Talk PDF]
  • Control del régimen de propagación de pulsos de luz combinando amplificadores ópticos y absorbentes saturables de fibra dopada con Erbio
    Reunión Nacional de Óptica, Orense, September 2009 [Abstract PDF]
  • Efecto de la configuración de bombeo en la velocidad de propagación de haces modulados en fibras dopadas con Erbio  
    Reunión Nacional de Óptica, Orense, September 2009 [Abstract PDF]
  • Shape transitions and buckling of particle-covered droplets
    XIII Congreso de Física Estadística, FISES 2005, Madrid, June 2005.
    [View PDF (229 kB)]
  • Transient grating formation in colloidal suspensions subjected to biaxial magnetic fields
    XII Congreso de Física Estadística, FISES 2003, Pamplona, October 2003.
    [View PDF (245 kB)]
  • Cinética de agregación en fluidos magneto-reológicos sometidos a campos unidireccionales constantes
    XXIX Reunión Bienal de la RSEF, Madrid, July 2003.
  • Resonant behavior of simple magnetorheological suspensions under rotating magnetic fields
    XI Congreso de Física Estadística FISES 2002, Tarragona, May 2002, pag. 43. ISBN: 84-8424-013-4
  • Microstructure dynamics induced by biaxial fields in dipolar suspensions
    XI Congreso de Física Estadística FISES 2002, Tarragona, May 2002, pag. 105. ISBN: 84-8424-013-4.
    [View PDF (75 kB)]
  • Estudio experimental de los procesos de agregación en coloides magnéticos
    X Congreso de Física Estadística FISES 2000, Santiago de Compostela, September 2000, pag. 17
  • Fenómenos de agregación en suspensiones coloidales de partículas magnéticas: Formación de cadenas y propiedades ópticas.
    IX Congreso de Física Estadística FISES 99, Santander, May 1999, pag. OV_3
  • Optical bistability in lasers induced by  electronic vibrational coupling
    VIII Spanish Meeting on Statistical Physics FISES 97, Madrid 1997. Anales de Física Monografías  RSEF  4
    (1998) 187-188. Editors J.A. Cuesta and A. Sánchez (Editorial Ciemat, España, 1998). ISBN: 84-7834-326-1 [View  PDF (106  kB)]
  • Non-linear dynamics in tumoral processes
    VIII Spanish Meeting on  Statistical Physics FISES 97, Madrid 1997. Anales de Física Monografías RSEF  4 (1998) 175-176. Editors J.A. Cuesta and A. Sánchez (Editorial Ciemat, España, 1998). ISBN: 84-7834-326-1 [View  PDF (133 kB)]
  • Fractal dimension and t emporal evolution of neurons
    VIII Spanish Meeting on  Statistical Physics FISES 97, Madrid 1997. Anales de Física Monografías RSEF 4 (1998) 287-288. Editors J.A. Cuesta and A. Sánchez (Editorial Ciemat, España, 1998).  ISBN: 84-7834-326-1 [View PDF (785   kB)]        

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