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The Archivo General de Indias was created in 1785 by the king Carlos III, with the aim of keeping in a single place all documents referred to Indies, until then dispersed in Simancas, Cadiz and Seville. The impeller of the project was José de Gálvez, Secretary of Indies, and the executor of the same one was the Academic and Historian Juan Bautista Muñoz, greater astronomer of Indies. The splendid building, the Market House of Seville, was constructed at the time of Felipe II with designs of Juan of Herrera and it serves until today as site of the Archives.
The Archivo General de Indias keeps more than 43,000 bundles, installed in eight kilometers of shelves, with about 80 million original document pages that allow to study in depth more than three centuries of a whole continent history, from Tierra del Fuego to the south of the United States, in addition to the Spanish Far East, the Philippines: political history and social history, economic history, the history of the Catholicism and the history of the art...

Magdalena Canellas Anoz and Fernando Quesada Segura are the representatives of the Archivo General de Indias in the RECLIDO network.

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