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Gifted Child Today

The Nation’s Leading Resource on Teaching and Parenting Gifted Children

Susan Johnsen, Ph.D., Editor
Baylor University

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Gifted Child Today offers timely information about teaching and parenting gifted and talented children. The journal provides critical information for teachers and administrators involved with gifted children. Gifted Child Today includes articles about topics such as teaching strategies in gifted education, building a more effective gifted and talented program, and working with gifted children with learning disabilities. Gifted Child Today also offers thought-provoking articles for parents of gifted and talented children. The journal features information about raising a gifted child, how to tell if your child is gifted, and effective strategies for parenting a gifted child.

The journal includes articles from around the country featuring the very best ideas for teachers of these special children. The journal is packed with exciting practical ideas, such as:

  • identifying gifted children;
  • building effective gifted and talented programs;
  • helping gifted children with learning disabilities;
  • building effective gifted education in math, science, language arts, and social studies; and
  • designing quality learning activities for gifted children.

As the leading resource on teaching and parenting gifted children, Gifted Child Today includes regular columns by the nation’s most respected experts in the field of gifted education. There is no better source for news and information in the field.

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