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“We found significant differences in the creative and career paths of individuals who showed different ability patterns on the math and verbal portions of the SAT at age 13 . . .”

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The CTY Talent Search--
Enrollment Is Ongoing

Enrollment options are still open for families applying to CTY's Talent Search.

Once enrolled, you open the door to a world of opportunities for your child.

  • Learn more about your child's math and reading abilities
  • Make sure your child’s academic talent is recognized and encouraged

The Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth is a world leader in the assessment and development of highly gifted children. Find out more, check our testing updates, and apply online.

Exclusive Fall Learning Days for CTY Students and Families

CTY's Family Academic Programs fall lineup spotlights: 

Join us! Apply online!

CTY Online -- Supplement Your Child's School Curriculum With Distance Education

Apply for courses through CTY's Distance Education program:

  • K-12 Math, Computer Science, and non-AP Science are individually paced--apply anytime!

  • Fall courses in language arts, writing, AP, and Chinese language are filled, but plan ahead to apply for spring.

Camilla Benbow, Dean of Education, Vanderbilt University, on her long-term study focusing on students who take the SAT as seventh graders

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"The Gifted Children Left Behind"
The Washington Post continues its look at NCLB and gifted education with its 11/25/2007 article, and Susan Goodkin and David G. Gold look at NCLB in the 08/27/2007 Washington Post


"On My Mind"
Gifted kids weigh in on the big (and small) issues at Cogito.org