The Spanish Society of Giftedness Studies  


     This Society is formed by professionals and international experts of recognized prestige. It tries to contribute to the development and diffusion of the scientific knowledge about giftedness.
In order to achieve this purpose, the Society will organize congresses, conferences, debates, days of investigation and other activities related to its aim.




     This Society look for agreements with universities, local, national and international scientific or cultural institutions. Also it will stimulate the edition of publications informative, scientific and cultural, tending to the diffusion of the knowledges generated in his own field of performance.
These organs of diffusion will be: the Magazine Faisca, where the partners will be able to publish his studies or makes come his news, the Informative Bulletin of the Society, and a space in Internet.


   This Society will be able to emit, besides, judgments and advice on the own contents of his performance, directed educational administrations or the society in general.
The members of the Society will take part of preferential form in all the scientific activities that remove to end, as well as in those that, organized by other societies and organisms, do in collaboration.