CVD Fluidized Bed Reactor

This installation, the first of its kind in Spain, has been functioning since 1197 and was installed with the consulting Stanford Research Institute. This installation allows for development of protective metallic and ceramic coatings for high temperature applications

This process offers advantages over other traditional CVD and pack cementation processes because of the high heat and mass transfer of the fluidized bed: which allows coatings to be produced at lower times and temperatures.

This process is being applied to different steel for their application in different parts of power generation plants which are in contact with gases and molten salts and they are yielding excellent results.

Different coating types have been deposited such as Al, Cr, Si as well as multilayer and coatings with rare earth aditions such as Y, Hf, La, Ce etc.

CVD Fluidized Bed Reactor

CVD Fluidized Bed Reactor

Acero ferrítico   Fe  Al

Acero ferrítico HCM 12 recubierto con Fe2Al5 a 600ºC

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