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 Aspects of sociolinguistics in Iran / Modarresi, Yahya1-4
 The role of social context, intimacy, and distance in the choice of forms of address / Keshavarz, Mohammad Hossein5-18
 Language planning in Iran: a historical review / Sadeghi, Ali Ashraf19-30
 Emotion and sincerity in Persian discourse: accomplishing the representation of inner states / Beeman, William O31-58
 Bilingualism and diglossia: patterns of language use by ethnic minorities in Tehran / Nercissians, Emilia59-70
 A comparison between taarof in Persian and limao in Chinese / Asdjodi, Minoo71-92
 The Iranian community in the United States and the maintenance of Persian / Modarresi, Yahya93-116
 Iranian Nationality and the Persian Language, by Shahrokh Meskoob / Farokh, Kaveh117