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 BRIEF REPORTS - Structure, structural phase transitions, mechanical properties, defects - Direct verification of Ga-Ga bond avoidance in the type-I clathrate Ba8Ga16Sn30 from its x-ray absorption fine structure (4 pages) / Somoza, A M / Prior, J / Ortuño, M / Lerner, I V212101-212102
 Ab initio investigation of phase stability of Y2Ti2O7 and Y2Zr2O7 under high pressure (4 pages) / Klein, Stefan / Holland-Moritz, Dirk / Herlach, Dieter M212102-212103
 Detecting oxygen vacancies in SrTiO3 by 3d transition-metal tracer ions (4 pages) / Horbach, J / Rozas, R E / Unruh, T / Meyer, A212103-212201
 Inhomogeneous, disordered, and partially ordered systems - Crossover from diffusive to strongly localized regime in two-dimensional systems (4 pages) / Hussein, Mahmoud I212201-212202
 Crystal nucleation in undercooled liquid zirconium (4 pages) / Iliev, M N / Gospodinov, M M / Litvinchuk, A P212202-212203
 Improvement of computer simulation models for metallic melts via quasielastic neutron scattering: A case study of liquid titanium (4 pages) / Appel, Heiko / Di Ventra, Massimiliano212203-212301
 Dynamics, dynamical systems, lattice effects, quantum solids - Theory of damped Bloch waves in elastic media (4 pages) / Kotetes, P / Varelogiannis, G212301-212302
 Raman spectroscopy of MnWO4 (4 pages) / Majumder, M / Ghoshray, K / Ghoshray, A / Bandyopadhyay, B / Pahari, B / Banerjee, S212302-212303
 Stochastic quantum molecular dynamics (4 pages) / Patton, Kelly R / Hafermann, Hartmut / Brener, Sergej / Lichtenstein, Alexander I / Katsnelson, Mikhail I212303-212401
 Magnetism - Magnetic-field-induced chiral particle-hole condensates (4 pages) / Subkow, S / Fähnle, M212401-212402
 Crossover of the dimensionality of 3d spin fluctuations in LaCoPO (4 pages) / Pathak, Maniit / Sims, Hunter / Chetry, Krishna B / Mazumdar, Dipanjan / LeClair, Patrick R / Mankey, Gary J / Butler, William H / Gupta, Arunava212402-212403
 Probing the Kondo screening cloud via tunneling-current conductance fluctuations (4 pages) / Lou, Jie / Sandvik, Anders W212403-212404
 Possible definition of atom- and bond-resolved contributions to the magnetocrystalline anisotropy energy (4 pages) / Sato, K / Iwasawa, H / Plumb, N C / Masui, T / Yoshida, Y / Eisaki, H / Bando, H / Ino, A / Arita, M / Shimada, K / Namatame, H / Taniguchi, M / Tajima, S / Nishihara, Y / Dessau, D S / Aiura, Y212404-212405
 Robust room-temperature magnetism of (110) CrO2 thin films (4 pages) / Zaanen, J212405-212406
 Z4 to U(1) crossover of the order-parameter symmetry in a two-dimensional valence-bond solid (4 pages) / Omelyanchouk, A N / Savel'ev, S / Zagoskin, A M / Il'ichev, E / Nori, Franco212406-212501
 Superfluidity and superconductivity - Enhancement of oxygen isotope effect due to out-of-plane disorder in Bi2Sr2Ln0.4CuO6+? superconductors (4 pages) / Petkovic, Aleksandra / Vinokur, Valerii M / Nattermann, Thomas212501-212502
 Specific-heat jump at the superconducting transition and the quantum critical nature of the normal state of pnictide superconductors (4 pages) / Sarkar, Sujit212502-212503
 Noise-induced quantum coherence and persistent Rabi oscillations in a Josephson flux qubit (4 pages) / Lin, Pei-Jen / Lipavskư, P212503-212504
 Transport properties of clean and disordered Josephson-junction arrays (4 pages) / Carpenter, Michael A / McKnight, Ruth E A / Howard, Christopher J / Zhou, Qingdi / Kennedy, Brendan J / Knight, Kevin S212504-212505
 Adiabatic Cooper-pair pumping in a linear array of Cooper-pair boxes (4 pages) / Battaglia, Corsin / Onida, Giovanni / Gaál-Nagy, Katalin / Aebi, Philipp212505-212506
 Time-dependent Ginzburg-Landau theory with floating nucleation kernel: Far-infrared conductivity in the Abrikosov vortex lattice state of a type-II superconductor (4 pages) / Yusa, Hitoshi / Belik, Alexei A / Takayama-Muromachi, Eiji / Hirao, Naohisa / Ohishi, Yasuo212506-214101
 Structure, structural phase transitions, mechanical properties, defects - Characteristic length scale for strain fields around impurity cations in perovskites (8 pages) / Ballaran, Tiziana Boffa / Liu, Jun / Dubrovinsky, Leonid S / Caracas, Razvan / Crichton, Wilson214101-214102
 Structure and stability of the Si(331)-(12 × 1) surface reconstruction investigated with first-principles density functional theory (8 pages) / Ogitsu, Tadashi / Benedict, Lorin X / Schwegler, Eric / Draeger, Erik W / Prendergast, David214102-214103
 High-pressure phase transitions in BiMO3 (M = Al, Ga, and In): In situ x-ray diffraction and Raman scattering experiments (10 pages) / Martinelli, A / Palenzona, A / Tropeano, M / Ferdeghini, C / Cimberle, M R / Ritter, C214103-214104
 High-pressure ferroelastic phase transition in aluminosilicate hollandite (7 pages) / Gómez-García, Diego / Zapata-Solvas, Eugenio / Domínguez-Rodríguez, Arturo / Kubin, Ladislas P214104-214105
 First-principles calculations of solid and liquid aluminum optical absorption spectra near the melting curve: Ambient and high-pressure results (5 pages) / Sandoval, Luis / Urbassek, Herbert M / Entel, Peter214105-214106
 Neutron powder diffraction investigation of the structural and magnetic properties of (La1-yYy)FeAsO (y=0.10, 0.20, and 0.30) (8 pages) / Hoang, Khang / Van de Walle, Chris G214106-214107
 Diffusion driven superplasticity in ceramics: Modeling and comparison with available data (8 pages) / Morozovska, Anna N / Eliseev, Eugene A / Li, Yulan / Svechnikov, Sergei V / Maksymovych, Peter / Shur, V Y / Gopalan, Venkatraman / Chen, Long-Qing / Kalinin, Sergei V214107-214108
 Solid-solid phase transitions and phonon softening in an embedded-atom method model for iron (6 pages) / Venkatesan, Sriram / Daumont, Christophe / Kooi, Bart J / Noheda, Beatriz / De Hosson, Jeff Th M214108-214109
 Hydrogen-related defects and the role of metal additives in the kinetics of complex hydrides: A first-principles study (10 pages) / Herrero-Albillos, J / Marchment, P / Salje, E K H / Carpenter, M A / Scott, J F214109-214110
 Thermodynamics of nanodomain formation and breakdown in scanning probe microscopy: Landau-Ginzburg-Devonshire approach (12 pages) / Keast, V J / Harris, S / Smith, D K214110-214111
 Nanoscale domain evolution in thin films of multiferroic TbMnO3 (7 pages) / Lucas, Pierre / King, Ellyn A / Gulbiten, Ozgur / Yarger, Jeffery L / Soignard, Emmanuel / Bureau, Bruno214111-214112
 Elastic behavior associated with phase transitions in incommensurate Ba2NaNb5O15 (7 pages) / Diéguez, Oswaldo / Marzari, Nicola214112-214113
 Prediction of the stability of the Mn+1AXn phases from first principles (7 pages) / Purwanto, Wirawan / Krakauer, Henry / Zhang, Shiwei214113-214114
 Bimodal phase percolation model for the structure of Ge-Se glasses and the existence of the intermediate phase (8 pages) / Kazimirov, V Yu214114-214115
 First-principles characterization of the structure and electronic structure of ?-S and Rh-S chalcogenides (6 pages) / Da Silva, Juarez L F / Walsh, Aron / Wei, Su-Huai214115-214116
 Pressure-induced diamond to ?-tin transition in bulk silicon: A quantum Monte Carlo study (9 pages) / Pershoguba, S S / Skrypnyk, Yu V / Loktev, V M214116-214117
 First-principles simulation of the elastic properties of multicomponent amorphous steels (7 pages) / Ling, Chen / Sholl, David S214117-214118
 Theoretical investigation of atomic and electronic structures of Ga2O3(ZnO)6 (9 pages) / Thiem, Stefanie / Schreiber, Michael / Grimm, Uwe214118-214201
 Inhomogeneous, disordered, and partially ordered systems - Numerical evidence of spectrum rearrangement in impure graphene (7 pages) / Wang, Qin / Hu, Ai-Yuan / Zheng, Hang214201-214202
 First-principles evaluation of carbon diffusion in Pd and Pd-based alloys (7 pages) / Amin, M H S / Brito, Frederico214202-214203
 Wave packet dynamics, ergodicity, and localization in quasiperiodic chains (9 pages) / Lucas, M S / Delaire, O / Winterrose, M L / Swan-Wood, T / Kresch, M / Halevy, I / Fultz, B / Hu, Jingzhu / Lerche, M / Hu, M Y / Somayazulu, M214203-214301
 Dynamics, dynamical systems, lattice effects, quantum solids - Analytical approach to dynamical behavior and phase diagrams in dissipative two-state systems (15 pages) / Körner, M / Lenz, K / Liedke, M O / Strache, T / Mücklich, A / Keller, A / Facsko, S / Fassbender, J214301-214302
 Non-Markovian incoherent quantum dynamics of a two-state system (9 pages) / Kanomata, T / Kitsunai, Y / Sano, K / Furutani, Y / Nishihara, H / Umetsu, R Y / Kainuma, R / Miura, Y / Shirai, M214302-214303
 Effects of vacancies on phonon entropy of B2 FeAl (10 pages) / Schieback, C / Hinzke, D / Kläui, M / Nowak, U / Nielaba, P214303-214401
 Magnetism - Interlayer exchange coupling of Fe/Cr/Fe thin films on rippled substrates (6 pages) / Riggs, S / Tarantini, C / Jaroszynski, J / Gurevich, A / Palenzona, A / Putti, M / Nguyen, T Duc / Affronte, M214401-214402
 Magnetic properties of quaternary Heusler alloys Ni2-xCoxMnGa (6 pages) / Gu, R Y / Antropov, V P214402-214403
 Temperature dependence of the current-induced domain wall motion from a modified Landau-Lifshitz-Bloch equation (8 pages) / Louca, Despina / Kamazawa, K / Proffen, T214403-214404
 Specific heat investigation in high magnetic field of the magnetic ordering of the rare-earth lattice in RFeAsO: The case of Sm (6 pages) / Fortin, Jean-Yves / Audouard, Alain214404-214405
 Quantum spin effects and magnetic short-range order above the Curie temperature (5 pages) / Schwabe, A / Nolting, W214405-214406
 Formation of local electric dipoles with no unique polar axis in Tb3Fe5O12 (6 pages) / Jiang, Wanjun / Wirthmann, André / Gui, Y S / Zhou, X Z / Reinwald, M / Wegscheider, W / Hu, C-M / Williams, Gwyn214406-214407
 Random walks and magnetic oscillations in compensated metals (10 pages) / Erickson, R P / Mills, D L214407-214408
 Interacting spin waves in the ferromagnetic Kondo lattice model (9 pages) / He, C / Eisenberg, S / Jan, C / Zheng, H / Mitchell, J F / Leighton, C214408-214409
 Critical behavior from the anomalous Hall effect in (GaMn)As (5 pages) / Joshi, Devang A / Wrubl, F / Manfrinetti, P / Dhar, S K214409-214410
 Theory of the undulating magnetic ground state of cylindrical cobalt nanowires (8 pages) / Zheludev, A / Garlea, V O / Tsvelik, A / Regnault, L-P / Habicht, K / Kiefer, K / Roessli, B214410-214411
 Heat capacity study of magnetoelectronic phase separation in La1-xSrxCoO3 single crystals (9 pages) / Lau, G C / Klimczuk, T / Ronning, F / McQueen, T M / Cava, R J214411-214412
 Magnetic properties of RMgSi2 (R=La, Ce, Pr, and Nd) compounds (9 pages) / Zhang, G P / Bai, Yihua / George, Thomas F214412-214413
 Excitations from a chiral magnetized state of a frustrated quantum spin liquid (6 pages) / Kovács, István A / Iglói, Ferenc214413-214414
 Magnetic properties of the garnet and glass forms of Mn3Al2Si3O12 (5 pages) / Kant, Ch / Deisenhofer, J / Rudolf, T / Mayr, F / Schrettle, F / Loidl, A / Gnezdilov, V / Wulferding, D / Lemmens, P / Tsurkan, V214414-214415
 Energy- and crystal momentum-resolved study of laser-induced femtosecond magnetism (8 pages) / Ghosh, Asim Kumar214415-214416
 Critical behavior and entanglement of the random transverse-field Ising model between one and two dimensions (9 pages) / Kraj?í, M / Hafner, J214416-214417
 Optical phonons, spin correlations, and spin-phonon coupling in the frustrated pyrochlore magnets CdCr2O4 and ZnCr2O4 (10 pages) / Mandal, Suman / Banerjee, S / Menon, Krishnakumar S R214417-214418
 Spin dynamics of the Ising-like fully anisotropic spin-½ antiferromagnet in presence of a staggered magnetic field (7 pages) / Thalmeier, Peter214418-214419
 Magnetism at surfaces and defects in icosahedral Al-Pd-Mn quasicrystals (14 pages) / Burzo, E / Balazs, I / Chioncel, L / Arrigoni, E / Beiuseanu, F214419-214420
 Core-shell model of the vacancy concentration and magnetic behavior for antiferromagnetic nanoparticle (7 pages) / Greenberg, Ya S / Il'ichev, E / Nori, Franco214420-214421
 Paramagnetic acoustic Faraday rotation in Tb3Ga5O12 (9 pages) / Kim, Joo-Von / Burrowes, C214421-214422
 Rare-earth impurities in Co2MnSi: Improving half-metallicity at finite temperatures (7 pages) / Mohapatra, Niharika / Das, Sitikantha D / Mukherjee, K / Iyer, Kartik K / Sampathkumaran, E V214422-214423
 Cooling a magnetic resonance force microscope via the dynamical back action of nuclear spins (13 pages) / Yan, P / Wang, X R214423-214424
 Influence of magnetic viscosity on domain wall dynamics under spin-polarized currents (8 pages) / Popinciuc, M / Józsa, C / Zomer, P J / Tombros, N / Veligura, A / Jonkman, H T / van Wees, B J214424-214425
 Influence of pressure on the magnetic behavior and the anomalous magnetoresistance in Tb5Si3 (7 pages) / Kumar, Rakesh / Kumar, Dushyant / Kumar, Brijesh214425-214426
 Domain wall propagation due to the synchronization with circularly polarized microwaves (4 pages) / Winograd, E A / Rozenberg, M J / Chitra, R214426-214427
 Electronic spin transport in graphene field-effect transistors (13 pages) / Nath, R / Furukawa, Y / Borsa, F / Kaul, E E / Baenitz, M / Geibel, C / Johnston, D C214427-214428
 Honeycomb antiferromagnet with a triply degenerate dimer ground state (8 pages) / Shekhter, A / Varma, C M214428-214429
 Weak-coupling study of decoherence of a qubit in disordered magnetic environments (11 pages) / Kita, Takafumi214429-214430
 Single-crystal 31P NMR studies of the frustrated square-lattice compound Pb2(VO)(PO4)2 (10 pages) / Isakov, Sergei V / Sengupta, K / Kim, Yong Baek214430-214501
 Superfluidity and superconductivity - Considerations on the symmetry of loop order in cuprates (7 pages) / Hodges, J A / Bonville, P / Forget, A / Yaouanc, A / de Réotier, P Dalmas / Cottrell, S P214501-214502
 Self-consistent perturbation expansion for Bose-Einstein condensates satisfying Goldstone's theorem and conservation laws (15 pages) / Hodges, J A / Bonville, P / Yaouanc, A / de Réotier, P Dalmas / Chaud, X / Cottrell, S P214502-214503
 Bose-Hubbard model on a star lattice (9 pages) / Benfatto, L / Castellani, C / Giamarchi, T214503-214504
 Dynamic correlated Cu(2) magnetic moments in superconducting YBa2(Cu0.96Ni0.04)3Oy (y~7) (6 pages) / Schneider, T214504-214505
 Dynamic correlated Cu(2) magnetic moments in superconducting YBa2(Cu0.96Co0.04)3Oy (y~7) (5 pages) / Deng, Shuiquan / Köhler, Jürgen / Simon, Arndt214505-214506
 Broadening of the Berezinskii-Kosterlitz-Thouless superconducting transition by inhomogeneity and finite-size effects (11 pages) / Berdiyorov, G R / Milo?evic, M V / Peeters, F M214506-214507
 Estimation of the critical dynamics and thickness of superconducting films and interfaces (7 pages) / Dubi, Y / Di Ventra, M214507-214508
 Electronic structure and lattice dynamics of NaFeAs (7 pages) / Pallecchi, I / Lamura, G / Tropeano, M / Putti, M / Viennois, R / Giannini, E / Van der Marel, D214508-214509
 Tunable kinematics of phase-slip lines in a superconducting stripe with magnetic dots (7 pages) / Shimahara, Hiroshi214509-214510
 Maintaining the local critical temperature of thermally out-of-equilibrium superconducting wires below the critical value (5 pages) / Podolsky, Daniel / Chandrasekharan, Shailesh / Vishwanath, Ashvin214510-214511
 Seebeck effect in Fe1+xTe1-ySey single crystals (7 pages) / Hu, Rongwei / Bozin, Emil S / Warren, J B / Petrovic, C214511-214512
 Transition from the vortex state to the Fulde-Ferrell-Larkin-Ovchinnikov state in quasi-two-dimensional superconductors (8 pages) / Lobos, Alejandro M / Iucci, Aníbal / Müller, Markus / Giamarchi, Thierry214512-214513
 Phase transitions of S=1 spinor condensates in an optical lattice (8 pages) / Michaeli, Karen / Finkel'stein, Alexander M214513-214514
 Superconductivity, magnetism, and stoichiometry of single crystals of Fe1+y(Te1-xSx)z (8 pages) / Calamiotou, M / Gantis, A / Siranidi, E / Lampakis, D / Karpinski, J / Liarokapis, E214514-214515
 Dissipation-driven phase transitions in superconducting wires (10 pages) / Kim, T-H / Jin, R / Walker, L R / Howe, J Y / Pan, M H / Wendelken, J F / Thompson, J R / Sefat, A S / McGuire, M A / Sales, B C / Mandrus, D / Li, A P214515-214516
 Quantum kinetic approach to the calculation of the Nernst effect (23 pages) / Gurarie, V / Pollet, L / Prokof'ev, N V / Svistunov, B V / Troyer, M214516-214517
 Pressure-induced lattice instabilities and superconductivity in YBa2Cu4O8 and optimally doped YBa2Cu3O7-? (7 pages) / Basak, Susmita / Das, Tanmoy / Lin, Hsin / Nieminen, J / Lindroos, M / Markiewicz, R S / Bansil, A214517-214518
 Probing microscopic variations of superconductivity on the surface of Ba(Fe1-xCox)2As2 single crystals (5 pages) / Rajauria, Sukumar / Courtois, Hervé / Pannetier, Bernard214518-214519
 Phase diagram of the disordered Bose-Hubbard model (8 pages) / Benfatto, L / Cappelluti, E / Castellani, C214519-214520
 Origin of the high-energy kink in the photoemission spectrum of the high-temperature superconductor Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8 (6 pages) / Salikhov, R I / Garif'yanov, N N / Garifullin, I A / Tagirov, L R / Westerholt, K / Zabel, H214520-214521
 Quasiparticle-diffusion-based heating in superconductor tunneling microcoolers (4 pages) / Belyavsky, V I / Kapaev, V V / Kopaev, Yu V214521-214522
 Spectroscopic and thermodynamic properties in a four-band model for pnictides (12 pages) / Pekker, David / Shah, Nayana / Sahu, Mitrabhanu / Bezryadin, Alexey / Goldbart, Paul M214522-214523
 Spin screening effect in superconductor/ferromagnet thin film heterostructures studied using nuclear magnetic resonance (8 pages) / Shklovskij, Valerij A / Sosedkin, Vladimir V214523-214524
 Checkerboard superconducting order and antinodal Bogoliubov quasiparticle interference (9 pages) / Mosqueira, Jesús / Cabo, Lucía / Vidal, Félix214524-214525
 Stochastic dynamics of phase-slip trains and superconductive-resistive switching in current-biased nanowires (17 pages) / Smith, M F / McKenzie, Ross H214525-214526
 Guiding of vortices and ratchet effect in superconducting films with asymmetric pinning potential (13 pages) / Kaplan, C Nadir / Berker, A Nihat / Hinczewski, Michael214526-214527
 Structural and Tc inhomogeneities inherent to doping in La2-xSrxCuO4 superconductors and their effects on the precursor diamagnetism (8 pages) / Zhang, Lijun / Singh, D J214527-214528
 Interlayer transverse magnetoresistance in the presence of an anisotropic pseudogap (8 pages) / Doiron-Leyraud, Nicolas / Auban-Senzier, Pascale / de Cotret, Samuel René / Bourbonnais, Claude / Jérome, Denis / Bechgaard, Klaus / Taillefer, Louis214528-214529
 Frustrated further-neighbor antiferromagnetic and electron-hopping interactions in the d=3 t-J model: Finite-temperature global phase diagrams from renormalization group theory (11 pages) / Kogan, V G214529-214530
 Density functional study of the electronic structure and magnetism of LaFeAsO alloyed with Zn (5 pages) / Cabral, L R E / Aguiar, J Albino214530-214531
 Correlation between linear resistivity and Tc in the Bechgaard salts and the pnictide superconductor Ba(Fe1-xCox)2As2 (5 pages) / Reznik, D / Lokshin, K / Mitchell, D C / Parshall, D / Dmowski, W / Lamago, D / Heid, R / Bohnen, K-P / Sefat, A S / McGuire, M A / Sales, B C / Mandrus, D G / Subedi, A / Singh, D J / Alatas, A / Upton, M H / Said, A H / Cunsolo, A / Shvyd'ko, Yu / Egami, T214531-214532
 Pair breaking in iron pnictides (7 pages) / Zorin, A B / Chiarello, F214532-214533
 Vortex configurations in thin superconducting equilateral triangles (13 pages) / Heinrich, Georg / Wilhelm, F K214533-214534
 Phonons in doped and undoped BaFe2As2 investigated by inelastic x-ray scattering (5 pages) / Kupferschmidt, Joern N / Brouwer, Piet W214534-214535
 Superconducting phase qubit based on the Josephson oscillator with strong anharmonicity (5 pages) / Chen, Mei-Yu / Tu, Matisse W Y / Zhang, Wei-Min214535-214536
 Current fluctuations in rough superconducting tunnel junctions (11 pages) / Dolgov, Oleg V / Mazin, Igor I / Parker, David / Golubov, Alexander A214536-214537
 Enhanced triplet Andreev reflection off a domain wall in a lateral geometry (5 pages) / Kanomata, T / Kitsunai, Y / Sano, K / Furutani, Y / Nishihara, H / Umetsu, R Y / Kainuma, R / Miura, Y / Shirai, M214537-214538
 Entangling two superconducting LC coherent modes via a superconducting flux qubit (5 pages) / Geshi, Masaaki / Kusakabe, Koichi / Nagara, Hitose / Suzuki, Naoshi214538-214538
 ERRATA - Erratum: Interband superconductivity: Contrasts between Bardeen-Cooper-Schrieffer and Eliashberg theories [Phys. Rev. B 79, 060502(R) (2009)] (1 page) / Riggs, S / Tarantini, C / Jaroszynski, J / Gurevich, A / Palenzona, A / Putti, M / Nguyen, T Duc / Affronte, M219901E
 Publisher's Note: Magnetic properties of quaternary Heusler alloys Ni2-xCoxMnGa [Phys. Rev. B 80, 214402 (2009)] (1 page) / Hüger, E / Schmidt, H / Stahn, J / Braunschweig, B / Geckle, U / Bruns, M / Markwitz, A219902E
 Erratum: Synthetic ferromagnetic nitrides: First-principles calculations of CaN and SrN [Phys. Rev. B 76, 054433 (2007)] (1 page) / Sluiter, Marcel H F219903E
 Publisher's Note: Specific heat investigation in high magnetic field of the magnetic ordering of the rare-earth lattice in RFeAsO: The case of Sm [Phys. Rev. B 80, 214404 (2009)] (1 page) / Miga, S / Kleemann, W / Dec, J / Lukasiewicz, T219904E