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 General Physics - Resonance with Noise and Delay / Ohira, Toru / Sato, Yuzuru2811-2815
 General Physics - Noise-Correlation-Time-Mediated Localization in Random Nonlinear Dynamical Systems / Cabrera, Juan L / Gorroñogoitia, J / Rubia, F J de la2816-2819
 General Physics - Critical Hysteresis in a Tilted Washboard Potential / Borromeo, M / Costantini, G / Marchesoni, F2820-2823
 General Physics - Vortex String Formation in a 3D U(I) Temperature Quench / Antunes, Nuno D / Bettencourt, Luís M A / Zurek, Wojciech H2824-2827
 Gravitation and Astrophysics - Black Hole Entropy from Conformal Field Theory in Any Dimension / Carlip, S2828-2831
 Gravitation and Astrophysics - New Dark Matter Candidate: Nonthermal Sterile Neutrinos / Shi, Xiangdong / Fuller, George M2832-2835
 Elementary Particles and Fields - New Doublet-Triplet Splitting Mechanism for Supersymmetric SO(10) and Implications for Fermion Masses / Chacko, Z / Mohapatra, Rabindra N2836-2839
 Nuclear Physics - Precursor of Chiral Symmetry Restoration in the Nuclear Medium / Hatsuda, T / Kunihiro, T / Shimizu, H2840-2843
 Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics - Efimov States in External Fields / Nielsen, E / Fedorov, D V / Jensen, A S2844-2847
 Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics - Laser Trapping of Metastable 3He Atoms: Isotopic Difference in Cold Penning Collisions / Kumakura, Mitsutaka / Morita, Norio2848-2851
 Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics - Coherent Control of the Energy and Angular Distribution of Autoionized Electrons / Leeuwen, R van / Bajema, M L / Jones, R R2852-2855
 Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics - Pendular States of Highly Vibrationally Excited Molecules / Ortigoso, Juan / Fraser, Gerald T / Pate, Brooks H2856-2859
 Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics - Holographic Scattering in Centrosymmetric Na2(Fe(CN)5NO).2H2O / Imlau, M / Woike, Th / Schieder, R / Rupp, R A2860-2863
 Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics - Molecule-Frame Photoelectron Angular Distributions from Oriented CF3I Molecules / Downie, Peter / Powis, Ivan2864-2867
 Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics - Measurement of the de Broglie Wavelength of a Multiphoton Wave Packet / Fonseca, E J S / Monken, C H / Pádua, S2868-2871
 Nonlinear Dynamics, Fluid Dynamics, Classical Optics, etc - Richardson Pair Dispersion in Two-Dimensional Turbulence / Jullien, Marie-Caroline / Paret, Jérôme / Tabeling, Patrick2872-2875
 Plasma and Beam Physics - Observation of Multiple Modes of Interior Density Turbulence in the TEXT-U Tokamak / Chatterjee, R / Hallock, G A / Wootton, A J2876-2879
 Condensed Matter: Structure, etc - Relationship between Friction and Molecular Structure: Alkylsilane Lubricant Films under Pressure / Barrena, E / Kopta, S / Ogletree, D F / Charych, D H / Salmeron, Miquel2880-2883
 Condensed Matter: Structure, etc - Buckling Dynamics of Compressed Thin Sheets (Membranes) / Moldovan, Dorel / Golubovic, Leonardo2884-2887
 Condensed Matter: Structure, etc - THz Spectroscopy of Liquid H2O and D2O / Ronne, Cecilie / Åstrand, Per-Olof / Keiding, Soren R2888-2891
 Condensed Matter: Structure, etc - Minimal Surfaces, Screw Dislocations, and Twist Grain Boundaries / Kamien, Randall D / Lubensky, T C2892-2895
 Condensed Matter: Structure, etc - Microphase Ordering in Melts of Randomly Grafted Copolymers / Qi, Shuyan / Chakraborty, Arup K / Wang, Hao / Lefebvre, Amy A / Balsara, Nitash P / Shakhnovich, Eugene I / Xenidou, Maria / Hadjichristidis, Nikos2896-2899
 Condensed Matter: Structure, etc - Strain Rate Induced Amorphization in Metallic Nanowires / Ikeda, Hideyuki / Qi, Yue / Cagin, Tahir / Samwer, Konrad / Johnson, William L / Goddard III, William A2900-2903
 Condensed Matter: Structure, etc - Dynamical Diffraction and X-Ray Standing Waves from Atomic Planes Normal to a Twofold Symmetry Axis of the Quasicrystal AlPdMn / Jach, Terrence / Zhang, Y / Colella, R / Boissieu, M de / Boudard, M / Goldman, A I / Lograsso, T A / Delaney, D W / Kycia, S2904-2907
 Condensed Matter: Structure, etc - Local Temperature during the Growth of Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes / Crespi, Vincent H2908-2910
 Condensed Matter: Structure, etc - Local Atomic Arrangements in Fe63.2Ni36.8 Invar from Diffuse X-Ray Scattering Measurements / Robertson, J L / Ice, G E / Sparks, C J / Jiang, X / Zschack, P / Bley, F / Lefebvre, S / Bessiere, M2911-2914
 Condensed Matter: Electronic Properties, etc - Slave Boson Approach to Neutron Scattering in YBa2Cu3O6+y Superconductors / Brinckmann, Jan / Lee, Patrick A2915-2918
 Condensed Matter: Electronic Properties, etc - Dramatic Change of the Magnetic Response in LiV2O4: Possible Heavy Fermion to Itinerant d-Metal Transition / Krimmel, A / Loidl, A / Klemm, M / Horn, S / Schober, H2919-2922
 Condensed Matter: Electronic Properties, etc - Magnetoresistance in excess of 200% in Ballistic Ni Nanocontacts at Room Temperature and 100 Oe / García, N / Muñoz, M / Zhao, Y-W2923-2926
 Condensed Matter: Electronic Properties, etc - Thermopower of a Chaotic Quantum Dot / Godijn, S F / Moller, S / Buhmann, H / Molenkamp, L W / Langen, S A van2927-2930
 Condensed Matter: Electronic Properties, etc - Maximum-Density Droplet and Charge Redistributions in Quantum Dots at High Magnetic Fields / Oosterkamp, T H / Janssen, J W / Kouwenhoven, L P / Austing, D G / Honda, T / Tarucha, S2931-2934
 Condensed Matter: Electronic Properties, etc - Phase Transition Curves for Mesoscopic Superconducting Samples / Jadallah, H T / Rubinstein, J / Sternberg, P2935-2938
 Condensed Matter: Electronic Properties, etc - SO(5) Model of p-wave Superconductivity and Ferromagnetism / Murakami, Shuichi / Nagaosa, Naoto / Sigrist, Manfred2939-2942
 Condensed Matter: Electronic Properties, etc - Quasiparticle Transport in the Vortex State of YBa2Cu3O6.9 / Chiao, May / Hill, R W / Lupien, Christian / Popic, Bojana / Gagnon, Robert / Taillefer, Louis2943-2946
 Condensed Matter: Electronic Properties, etc - Central Peak Position in Magnetization Loops of High-Tc Superconductors / Shantsev, D V / Koblischka, M R / Galperin, Y M / Johansen, T H / Püst, L / Jirsa, M2947-2950
 Condensed Matter: Electronic Properties, etc - Excitation Spectrum of Andreev Billiards with a Mixed Phase Space / Schomerus, H / Beenakker, C W J2951-2954
 Condensed Matter: Electronic Properties, etc - Quantum Creep in Y1-xPrxBa2Cu3O7-d Crystals: Magnetic Relaxation and Transport / Stein, T / Levin, G A / Almasan, C C / Gajewski, D A / Maple, M B2955-2958
 Condensed Matter: Electronic Properties, etc - Zone Boundary Softening of the Spin-Wave Dispersion in Doped Ferromagnetic Manganites / Solovyev, I V / Terakura, K2959-2962
 Condensed Matter: Electronic Properties, etc - Doniach Phase Diagram, Revisited: From Ferromagnet to Fermi Liquid in Pressurized CeRu2Ge2 / Süllow, S / Aronson, M C / Rainford, B D / Haen, P2963-2966
 Condensed Matter: Electronic Properties, etc - Matrix Elements of the System of Moment Equations Governing the Kinetics of Superparamagnetic Particles / Kalmykov, Yu P / Titov, S V2967-2970
 Condensed Matter: Electronic Properties, etc - Observation of a Fano Resonance in Photoemission / Patthey, François / Schaffner, Marc-Hermann / Schneider, Wolf-Dieter / Delley, Bernard2971-2974
 Interdisciplinary Physics: Biological Physics, Quantum Information, etc - Statistical Mechanics of Support Vector Networks / Dietrich, Rainer / Opper, Manfred / Sompolinsky, Haim2975-2978
 Interdisciplinary Physics: Biological Physics, Quantum Information, etc - Synaptically Generated Wave Propagation in Excitable Neural Media / Bressloff, P C2979-2982
 Interdisciplinary Physics: Biological Physics, Quantum Information, etc - Oscillatory Neurocomputers with Dynamic Connectivity / Hoppensteadt, Frank C / Izhikevich, Eugene M2983-2986
 Interdisciplinary Physics: Biological Physics, Quantum Information, etc - Far-Infrared Emission by Boson Peak Vibrations in a Globular Protein / Leyser, H / Doster, W / Diehl, M2987-2990
 Interdisciplinary Physics: Biological Physics, Quantum Information, etc - Waves in Diffusively Coupled Bursting Cells / Raghavachari, Sridhar / Glazier, James A2991-2994
 Interdisciplinary Physics: Biological Physics, Quantum Information, etc - Prevalence of Rate-Dependent Behaviors in Cardiac Muscle / Hall, G Martin / Bahar, Sonya / Gauthier, Daniel J2995-2998
 Comments - Comment on "Spontaneous Magnetization of Simple Metal Nanowires" / Starykh, Oleg A / Maslov, Dmitrii L2999
 Comments - Zabala, Puska, and Nieminen Reply / Zabala, N / Puska, M J / Nieminen, R M3000
 Errata - Erratum: Indications of a T = O Quantum Phase Transition in SrTiO3 (Phys Rev Lett 78, 3511 (1997)) / Grupp, Daniel E / Goldman, Allen M3001
 Errata - Erratum: Coherent Control of Reactive Scattering (Phys Rev Lett 81, 3789 (1998)) / Abrashkevich, Alexander / Shapiro, Moshe / Brumer, Paul3002