Empirical Calibration of the Near-IR Ca II Triplet

Paper II

Empirical calibration of the near-IR Ca II triplet - II. The atmospheric parameters

Cenarro A.J., Gorgas J., Cardiel N., Pedraz S., Peletier R.F. and Vazdekis A.


We present an homogeneous set of stellar atmospheric parameters (Teff, log g, [Fe/H]) for a sample of about 700 field and cluster stars which constitute a new stellar library in the near-infrared developed for stellar population synthesis in this spectral region (8350 Å - 9020 Å). Having compiled the available atmospheric data in the literature for field stars, we have found systematic deviations between the atmospheric parameters from different bibliographic references. The Soubiran, Katz & Cayrel (1998) sample of stars with very well determined fundamental parameters has been taken as our standard reference system, and other papers have been calibrated and bootstrapped against it. The obtained transformations are provided in this paper. Once most of the datasets were on the same system, final parameters were derived by performing error weighted means. Atmospheric parameters for cluster stars have also been revised and updated according to recent metallicity scales and colour-temperature relations.

HR diagram of the stellar library

Paper II is published in MNRAS, 326, 981 (2001)

Together with other information, the final atmospheric parameters for each star are given in this Database .

Table 1 provides the whole compilation of atmospheric parameters from the literature for the field stars of the library. Also, the original literature data used to derive the final atmospheric parameters are given in Table 2 . See this explanation for full details on the above tables.