Empirical Calibration of the Near-IR Ca II Triplet

Paper III

Empirical calibration of the near-IR Ca II triplet - III. Fitting functions

Cenarro A.J., Gorgas J., Cardiel N., Vazdekis A. and Peletier R.F.


Using a near-IR stellar library of 706 stars with a wide coverage of atmospheric parameters, we study the behaviour of the Ca II triplet strength in terms of effective temperature, surface gravity and metallicity. Empirical fitting functions for recently defined line-strength indices, namely CaT*, CaT and PaT, are provided. These functions can be easily implemented into stellar populations models to provide accurate predictions for integrated Ca II strengths. We also present a thorough study of the various error sources and their relation to the residuals of the derived fitting functions. Finally, the derived functional forms and the behaviour of the predicted Ca II are compared with those of previous works in the field.

Paper III is published in MNRAS, 329, 863 (2002)

Free Software to compute the fitting functions predictions of the near-IR indices