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Últimas imágenes del Sol desde el Observatorio UCM     --> Archivo de imágenes

Real Time Solar Images

Real time video images of the Sun (H alpha) Meudon Obs., BASS 2000

Current Digitized H-alpha Video Image of the Sun NSO

H-alpha image Astro-USON WebTV

Solar Images

Imagenes diarias del Sol en diferentes longitudes de onda

Index of Sites Providing Solar Images

Current Sunspot Drawing (The 150-Foot Solar Tower at Mt. Wilson)

Imagen diaria del Sol (Catania Astrophysical Observatory - Italy)

Latest Solar Images Big Bear Solar Observatory

STD, Solar Terrestial Dispatch solar images

Mees White Light Telescope Mees Solar Observatory (Hawaii)

The latest solar images from the Rome PSPT telescope

The Sun Today SHINE Directory to the Latest Solar Images and Interplanetary Data

Global High-Resolution H-alpha Network
Today full Disk H-alpha image of the sun Space Environment Laboratory, NOAA
Hydrogen Alpha Solar Images (ICSTARS Astronomy)

Clickable map: Latest Fe XV 284 Å EIT image with NOAA regions and Catania sunspot groups (SIDC)

Radioheliograph Latest Image (Nobeyama Radio Observatory)

Solar Images from La Palma Swedish Solar Telescope
Imagen actualizada del Sol VNT, (Observ. del Teide)
THÉMIS Spectropolarimetric Gallery (Observ. del Teide)

The National Solar Observatory Digital Library (NSO/NOAO)

SDAC (Solar Data Analysis Center)

SEC (Space Environment Center)

Current Magnetogram, Dopplergram, Intensitygram (The 150-Foot Solar Tower at Mt. Wilson)

BASS 2000 - BAse Solaire Sol 2000 (A full disk archive of the Sun)

Daily H-alpha and Calcium-K images (Center for Research on Physics/ Universidad de Sonora, Mexico)

Latest Solar Images from Space

YOHKOH Soft X-Ray Telescope

Yohkoh Data Archive Centre Page

SOHO, The Solar and Heliospheric Observatory

SOHO Summary Database (daily solar images by different SOHO instruments)

TRACE, Transition Region And Coronal Explorer

TRACE, Transition Region And Coronal Explorer

RHESSI, Reuven Ramaty High Energy Solar Spectroscopic Imager

SXI, Solar X-ray Imager

SXI, Solar X-ray Imager NOAA's Space Environment Center (SEC)

HINODE (Solar-B) (launched on 22 September 2006)

STEREO (Solar TErrestrial RElations Observatory) - The Sun in 3D (launched on 25 October 2006)

SDO (Solar Dynamics Observatory) (launched on 11 Feb 2010)

BATSE Solar Flare Catalog

Solar Eclipse Images

Solar UV Atlas from HRTS (High Resolution Telescope and Spectrograph)

ARTHEMIS THEMIS solar data archive

Solar WWW Servers

La Heliofísica española

Solar and solar-related links The 150-Foot Solar Tower (Mt. Wilson)

Solar World-Wide Web Servers

Solar Astronomy Links

Solar physics on the web

Links To Other Professional Solar Physics Sites (NSO)

BASS 2000, Base de donnees Solaire Sol l'Observatoire Midi-Pyrénées, l'Observatoire de Paris
Solar observatories, institutes and data centers (Solar Web Guide) BASS 2000

JOSO Joint Organization for Solar Observations

Solar Information Center

SOLAR (Solar On-Line Activity Resources) Stanford SOLAR Center

Italian Solar Physics Server - ISPS

STP Solar-Terrestrial Physics division of the National Geophysical Data Center (NOAA)

Solar Physics at the NSSDC

AAS, Solar Physics Division

NRL (Naval Research Laboratory) Solar Physics Branch

Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) Solar Physics Branch

Solar MHD Theory Group (University of St Andrews)

Hawaii Solar Astronomy (Institute for Astronomy University of Hawaii)

Total Solar Eclipses (Catania Astrophysical Observatory - Italy)

Space Weather conditions on the Sun and in the solar wind, magnetosphere, ionosphere

European Solar Magnetometry Network (Rob Rutten)

ISTP, International Solar-Terrestrial Physics

STD, Solar Terrestial Dispatch (Space Weather, Solar & Geophysical Support Services)

Space Weather Forecast Solar flares, Aurora, etc.

Solar books (Hypertext)

Informacion sobre el Sol (Nine planets, A Multimedia Tour of the Solar System)

The Sun (Views of the Solar System, by Calvin J. Hamilton)
El Sol (Vistas Del Sistema Solar por Calvin J. Hamilton)

The Sun Astronomical data (Mika Pirttivaara)

The Sun and Stellar Structure (Astronomy Notes, Nick Strobel)

Nat. Solar Obs. tour of Sun

Learn about the Sun HAO, High Altitude Observatory

The Sun - A Multimedia Tour (Michiel Berger, Sterrenkundig Instituut "Anton Pannekoek")

A Hypermedia Tour of Our Sun (Yohkoh Public Outreach Project)


The Sun (ISPEC)

The Sun : An Introduction to MHD (Solar MHD Theory Group, University of St. Andrews)

Solar flares Theory (Laboratory for Astronomy and Solar Physics, NASA/GSFC)

Solar Physics Marshall Space Flight Center's (MSFC)

Magnetic energy balance and period statility of the solar dynamo (Jos van Geffen, Ph.D. thesis)

Formation of Sunspots (J G Wissink, P C Matthews, D W Hughes, and M R E Proctor) (University of Nottingham), (MPEG movies)

Sunspots (The Galileo Project, Rice University)

The Sun Athena Project

The Sunspot Cycle (MSFC Solar Physics Branch)

The Sun - Interesting Facts and Educational Material (IPS Radio & Space Services)

SOHO EXPLORE -- A New View of the Sun (The Education and Public Outreach Page of SOHO)

The Sun in action (Marshall Space Flight Center)

Sunspots and the Solar Cycle (Science@NASA)

Solar Zoo (NSO/Sacramento Peak)

Solar Max 2000 (ISTP & NASA)
Solar modeling (D.B. Guenther and P. Demarque)
Solar and Stellar Seismology (D.B. Guenther)

The Sun, our parent star (Nanjing Univ.)

Solar Bulletins and Newsletters

SolarNews NOAO


Solar Bulletins and Newsletters

What's New! About the Sun

Cool Solar News (Science@NASA)


Solar Cycle 24 Begins (4 Jan 2008)
Sunspot is Harbinger of New Solar Cycle

Hinode: new insights on the origin of solar wind (7 dec 2007)

SOHO - keeping an eye on the Sun for 12 years

STEREO: First 3-D Images of the Sun -(23 abril 2007)

Hinode sees the dynamic and violent sun as sharply as never before ESA (21 Mar 2007)
International Spacecraft Reveals Detailed Processes on the Sun NASA (21 Mar 2007)
New Phenomena on the Sun NASA (21 Mar 2007)

International Heliophysical Year 2007
2007 - El Año Internacional de la Heliofísica (AIH)

A Cool Solar Mystery, one pole of the Sun is cooler than the other (20 feb 2007)

Midiendo "arcos" en el Sol  IAC (16 octubre 2003)

Las imágenes más precisas del Sol Telescopio Solar Sueco, 1 m (La Palma), (13 Nov 2002) (imágenes y animaciones)

Solar loops spring into view Huge loops vibrate with enormous energy at times of solar storms. (June 13, 2002)

RHESSI satellite captures new light from the Sun (June 6, 2002)

Hypervelocity winds rage in the Sun's atmosphere (May 15, 2002)

First-Light of RHESSI (Reuven Ramaty High-Energy Solar Spectroscopic Imager) (March 20, 2002)

El Sol resurgente doble máximo del ciclo solar, (Febrero 2002)

Sun erupts with an extraordinary mass ejection (January 5, 2002)

SOHO's latest surprise: gas near the Sun heading the wrong way (20 Nov 2001)

SOHO reveals how sunspots take a stranglehold on the Sun (6-Nov-2001)

Largest sunspot in 10 years blazes away with eruptions (March 31, 2001)
Largest Solar Flare on Record (2 April 2001, 21:51 UT)

The Sun Does a Flip magnetic field is flipping -- a sure sign that solar maximum is here. (February 15, 2001)

Fountains of fire illuminate solar mystery TRACE (26 Sept 00)

Bumps found on the Sun SOHO

Solar Cycle Update mid-2000 solar maximum (MSFC, 3/22/2000)

On the Day the Solar Wind Disappeared, Scientists Sample Particles Directly from the Sun (December 13, 1999)

Seasons of the Sun, Predicting What the Sun Will Do Next (July 22, 1999)

"Cool" microflares could be solar hot spots, Secret of coronal heating may be multitude of tiny blasts (June 1, 1999)

Predicting CMEs: "S" marks the spot (March 9, 1999)

SOHO finds source of high-speed "wind" blowing from the Sun ESA Press Notice (3 Feb 1999) RAS Press Notice
Solar Wind Outflow and the Chromospheric Magnetic Network
Hassler et al., 1999 Science 283, N.5403, P.810 (February 5)

Those Pesky Solar Flares
(Emergence of magnetic flux on the Sun as the cause of a 158-day periodicity in sunspot areas ,
R Oliver, J L Ballester & F Baudin, 6 August 1998 Nature, Vol 394, No 6693, p 552)

SOHO on the road to recovery 11 August 1998

SOHO spacecraft observations interrupted 25 June 1998

TRACE images capture magnetic energy burst on the Sun -- images

Solar Flare Leaves Sun Quaking

SOHO discovers tornadoes on the Sun
Surprises from SOHO Include Tornadoes on the Sun

Solar Blinkers (from SOHO-CDS)

Observations support new model of sun's magnetic field (Ulysses) (Univ. of Michigan)

How is the Solar Corona Heated ?, Magnetism the key to mysteries of the Sun (SOHO) (E.R. Priest, et al. 1998)

Taking the Sun's Temperature
The Nature of the Heating Mechanism for the Diffuse Solar Corona (E.R. Priest, et al. 1998, Nature 393, 545)

Solar Mystery Nears Solution with Data from SOHO

Jet Stream Runs Swiftly Inside the Sun (SOHO)

Solar Telescopes

Solar Telescope Resources
European Association for Solar Telescopes (EAST)

Telescopios solares y Laboratorios solares, Observ. del Teide
High Resolution Solar Observations Swedish Vacuum Solar Telescope, La Palma
THEMIS project (Telescope Heliographique pour l'Etude du Magnetisme et des Instabilites de l'atmosphere Solaire) Telescopio solar THEMIS (Observ. del Teide )
DOT, Dutch Open Telescope on La Palma is an optical telescope of highly innovative design, suited to high-resolution mapping of solar magnetic fields.

The 150-Foot Solar Tower at Mt. Wilson Observatory
WWW Home Page for Coordinated Solar Observations
(NSO) National Solar Observatory
(NSO/SP) National Solar Observatory/Sacramento Peak Sunspot, New Mexico,
(NSO/KP) National Solar Observatory/Kitt Peak
(BBSO) Big Bear Solar Observatory
HAO, High Altitude Observatory Boulder, Colorado
GONG (Global Oscillation Network Group)
SOLIS (Solar Long-term Investigations of the Sun) NOAO

ATST (Advanced Technology Solar Telescope) NSF
EST (European Solar Telescope) pan-european project

The Solar Maximum Mission
SOHO The Solar and Heliospheric Observatory
YOHKOH Soft X-Ray Telescope Lockheed Palo Alto Research Laboratory
TRACE, Transition Region And Coronal Explorer -- TRACE (GSFC)
RHESSI, Reuven Ramaty High Energy Solar Spectroscopic Imager (NASA)
Solar Orbiter Proposed as an ESA Element in a New International Programme to Study the Sun
SXI, Solar X-Ray Imager NOAA's Space Environment Center (SEC)
STEREO (Solar TErrestrial RElations Observatory)
SDO (Solar Dynamics Observatory)
Solar Orbiter A High-Resolution Mission to the Sun and Inner Heliosphere

Sunspots, Active Regions, Activity Reports

Sunspot Index Data Center (SIDC) (RWC Brussels World Data Center for the Sunspot Index)
Sunspot Numbers NSO (National Solar Observatory) SP
Royal Greenwich Observatory/USAF/NOAA Sunspot Data (1874-present)

Solar-Terrestrial Activity Chart (sunspot groups, solar flares and radio sudden ionospheric disturbance)

Active Region Maps Archive (Mees Solar Observatory)

NOAA Active Regions (SolarMonitor)

Solar Map of Active Regions (raben.com)

SEC/USAF Solar Region Summary Report (SEC, Space Environment Center)


Solar Ephemeris / Efemérides solares

Solar grids of coordinates and ephemerids (BASS 2000 - BAse Solaire Sol 2000)
Solar Ephemeris Calculations (K. Reardon, ARTHEMIS / Obs A. di Capodimonte)
Cálculo de las Coordenadas Heliográficas del Sol con Applets de Java (Joaquín García Ferrer)
Helio, programs to calculate the latitude/longitude and area of sunspots (Peter Meadows)
Solar Software (AAVSO)
Solar Ephemeris A.L.P.O.
Carrington Rotation Commencement Dates

Solar spectrum

Solar spectrum links

Espectrógrafo solar de fibras ópticas de la Universidad Complutense (FOCUSS)

Solar Observations

Seguimiento de las Manchas Solares en el Obs. de la UCM

AAVSO (Solar Division)
A.L.P.O. (Solar Section)

ParHelio, Página de observación solar (Faustino García, Javier Ruiz)
Sección solar de ASTER
Observación Solar (Gema Araujo)

CV-Helios Network (CV - Classification Values after Malde)

SUN (Franky Dubois)
The Sun by: Richard Taylor, RASC Ottawa Centre Solar Coordinator
Solar Observing Equipment (Christopher Seal)
Solar Observing (by Peter Meadows)
Solar Observation and Photography (Groenez Gunther)
Large Scale Sunspot Imaging (Arthur L. Whipple)
Solar Images (Starfield Observatory)
Solar Images acquired with a cannibalized inexpensive webcam (Marc A. Murison)

Robotic Solar telescope (eyes-on-the-skies.org) (Mike Rushford)

Historical Sunspot Drawing Resource Page (Mount Wilson Observatory)

Zurich Sunspot Classification Scale establised by Waldmeier
McIntosh Sunspot Group Classification
Sunspot group classification (McIntosh) Modified Zurich Class
Classification of Luminous Bridges
Mount Wilson Sunspot Magnetic Classification

Ver también Galeria de Imágenes del Observatorio UCM

Astronomía Internacional

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