Astronomy Education Resources

AstroWeb: Astronomy Education Resources

ADC, Astronomical Data Center, Educational Resources

NASA Education

NASA Observatorium Educator's Resources

NSO, National Solar Observatory's Educational and Outreach Resources

Astronomy Picture of the Day's Educational Links

CLEA, Contemporary Laboratory Experiences in Astronomy

The ESO Educational Office
The ESA/ESO Astronomy Exercise Series
ESO/EAAE Journey Across the Solar System! a Series of Instructive InfoSheets

HOU, Hands-on Universe High School Astrophysics Research and Education Program

Astronomy Education at the ASP Astronomical Society of the Pacific

TIE, Telescopes in Education (Mount Wilson)

AAS Education American Astronomical Society

Nova online novae, supernovae, other cataclysmic variables, late stages of stellar evolution.

Imagine the Universe! (High-Energy Astrophysics Learning Center)

Project STAR (Science Teaching through its Astronomical Roots)

Proyecto PARTNeR: Proyecto Académico Radio Telescopio NASA en Robledo

A Knowledgebase for Extragalactic Astronomy and Cosmology LEVEL5

Astronomer's Education Notebook (E.E. Roettger)
Teaching Resources / Activities (E.E. Roettger)

IPAC, Education and Otreach tutorials
2MASS Public Outreach and Education Page
Spitzer Space Telescope Research Program for Teachers and Students

STARBASE, Surrey's Teachers' Astrophysics Resource dataBASE

Multimedia Presentations Dept of Astronomy University of Florida

Hipparcos: Educational Resources

ExInEd (Exploration In Education) Space Telescope Science Institute

Astronomy Classes

Astronomy Notes (N. Strobel)

Astronomy HyperText Book The Electronic Universe Project (Univ. of Oregon)

Astronomy 150, The Planets (Toby Smith, Univ. Whashington)

Virtual School Astronomy Course (Los Angeles Physics Teachers Alliance Group)

Astronomical Courseware (UMass Astronomy Dep.)

Space and Astronomy Athena

Astronomy and Space Science classes (George Mason University)

Astro Notes: Astronomical Vignettes by The Astronomical League

Astronomy 101/103: The Nature of the Universe (Univ. Cornell)

AST1002 "Discover the Universe" (Dr. Oliver, University of Florida)

Astronomy 162: Introduction to Stars, Galaxies, & the Universe (R,W. Pogge, Ohio Univ.)

FFYS4327 Galactic Dynamics (Tuorla Observatory, Finland)

Yohkoh Public Outreach Project

Leicester University Educational Guide to Space & Astronomy

ScholarX Extended MAA Scholar Pages (Chris Kronberg, Hartmut Frommert)

PH226 Astronomy A: Solar System Astronomy (J.E. Ross) Univ. of QueensLand
PH227 Astronomy B: Stellar and Galactic Astronomy (J.E. Ross) Univ. of QueensLand
PH317 Space Physics & Astrophysics (J.E. Ross) Univ. of QueensLand

"ASTRONOMY on the WEB" Introductory Astronomy! (Michael Stewart & Roger Stanley, San Antonio College Astronomy Department)

Astronomy Courses (Univ. Rochester)

Class Web Pages Dpt. Astronomy, (Univ. of Illinois)

PHY 445/515 : Astronomy Exercises (State Univ. New York, A.S. Evans)

PHYS134 Astronomy Fundamentals (Liverpool John Moores Univ., M.F. Bode)

The Science of Astronomy (S.S. Wadhwa)

Astronomy 201, Solar System Astronomy (Univ. of Regina)
Astronomy 202, Stars and Galaxies (Univ. of Regina)

Stars and Galaxies: a Hypertext Course by Dick McCray (Univ. of Colorado)

Astronomy 12: Introduction to Astrophysics II Steven T. Myers (NRAO)
Penn/NRAO AstroLabs: Astronomy Activities on the World Wide Web

Astronomy WebQuests

Observing the night sky, the celestial sphere (PHY105) i (Vik Dhillon, University of Sheffield)

Stellar structure and evolution (PHY213) (Vik Dhillon, University of Sheffield)

Stellar Structure and Evolution (Astro 534) (Robin Ciardullo, Penn State University)

Physics of stars (T.J. Sumner, Imperial College, London)

The Origin & Evolution Of Stars, Stellar Structure Resources (E. Moyer, IMSA)

Astronony classroom talks (F.X. Timmes)

Undergraduate Courses at MSSL Mullard Space Science Laboratory, (University College London)

Modern Astronomy (B. Chandran, University of Iowa)
General Astronomy (R. Mutel, University of Iowa)

Astronomy (D. Coward, Univ, Western Australia)

Astronomy courses (G. Woan, University of Glasgow)

The Solar System, Astronomy 161 (University of Tennessee)
Stars, Galaxies, and Cosmology, Astronomy 162 (University of Tennessee)

Educational web sites (David P. Stern)

Hypertext software modules for classroom use.

A Star Cluster Evolution Simulation (James Muzerolle)
Orbital Simulations (James Muzerolle)

Multimedia guide to Stars and Galaxies

Evolutionary Synthesis on the Web GALEV, Univ. Obs. in Göttingen.

UCSB Astrophysics InterNetActive Sunspots Lab UC Santa Barbara Astrophysics Project
The YPOP Solar Classroom
Solarscapes: Sunspots and Rotation Space Science Institute

Spectral Classification Lab

Web simulations (Univ. Cornell)

Exploration of Blackbody Radiation (K.M. Strom, UMASS)

Atomic Structure (McMaster University)

Virtual Laboratory, Astrophysics JAVA Physics Lab (Univ. of Oregon)

Mathtools > Astronomy > Java Links

Demonstrations and Animations for Teaching Astronomy (DATA) Java applets and Flash animations (Univ. of Illinois)

Physics and Astronomy Applets, Programs, Materials a lot of applets about the Sun-Earth-Moon-system (Jürgen Giesen)

Astro-Physical Calculator (Chris Dolan)

HR Diagram, as related to Stellar Radius and Temperature (Larry Bogan)

Doppler Physlet (Physics Applets)

Libros y articulos en hypertexto / Books and articles in hypertext


IAU Commission 46 (Astronomy Education and Development)
IAU Working Group on Communicating Astronomy

The Washington Charter for Communicating Astronomy with the Public

Astronomy Education Review Online Journal

European Association for Astronomy Education (EAAE)
EAAE in Spain
Asociación para la Enseñanza de la Astronomía A.p.E.A.

Astronomy On-Line
Astronomy On-Line in Spain IAC

Centro Nacional de Información y Comunicación Educativa Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte

HIPARCO: (Astronomía y Astrofísica para alumnos de Secundaria) Programa Nuevas Tecnologías, MEC

Antares: (Curso de Astronomía y Astrofísica para prof. de Educación Secundaria) Programa de Nuevas Tecnologías del MEC

Physics Questions/Problems

Teaching Tip of the Day

Astronomia Internacional / International Astronomy

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