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1. Amaltea is a myth criticism journal. It offers one issue per year, free of charge and via the Internet, addressing the subject of reception of ancient, medieval and modern myths in contemporary literature and arts from 1900 to present.

2. Submissions will be in English, Spanish and French.

3. The journal does not have its own critical approach.

4. Amaltea only publishes original articles. The high standard of the editorial process governing the selection of articles received guarantees the quality of each issue.

5. The journal is published by the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, which has included it in its Portal of Academic Journals. Likewise, Amaltea is indexed in the following  databases.

No. 6 (Oct. 2014): Female Water Spirits

Amaltea. Revista de mitocrítica. Facultad de Filología. Edificio D. Despacho 02.363. Universidad Complutense 28040 Madrid (España).