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The Biotransformations Group is an interdisciplinary research group where scientists from different research areas: White, Blue and Red Biotechnology, Organic Chemistry, Biocatalysis, Natural Products, Pharmaceutical Technology, Polymer synthesis Synthesis of nanostructures and Green Chemistry are working in an integrated manner. The research is focused to develop and to scale up integrated research projects in Biotransformations, Pharmacy and Green Chemistry. The researchers belong to different Departments as i) Organic & Pharmaceutical Chemistry, ii) Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Technology (Universidad Complutense de Madrid), iii) Organic Chemistry (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid) and iv) Ceramic & Glass Institute (CSIC).

The research group is working in different basic & applied research projects related to Biotechnology, Bioremediation, Pharmaceutical, Agricultural, Food technology Composites and nanostructures synthesis and Fine Chemical industries. In these projects the research group synthesizes the organic compounds, designs the biocatalysts, designs supports for biocatalysis immobilization, scales up the reactions and develops downstream processes in accordance with Green Chemistry postulates.

The Biotransformations Group has been selected as Quality Research Group by the Universidad Complutense since July 2005 and by the Regional Government of Madrid since 2006.

The Biotransformations Group gives scientific & technological support to spin-off industries in the Madrid Science Park by means of the Incubator of Industries. Two technology development units at this scientific park are directed by members of the Biotransformations Group; the Industrial Biotransformations Service (Director Prof. J.V. Sinisterra) and the Molecular Interactions Service (BIACORE) (Director Prof. M.J. Hernaiz). Both units develop R+D+i projects in cooperation with Biotechnological and Pharmaceutical Industries.

The Research group members teach in four Doctorate Programs with quality mention from the Spanish Government. Biotransformations Group Professors are as well involved in three Master programs: i) Green Chemistry (Interuniversitary Program), ii) Pharmaceutical Sciences (Universidad Complutense de Madrid) and iii) Pharmaceutical Technology (Universidad Complutense de Madrid).

The Biotransformations Group Professors cooperate actively with the Spanish Society of Biotechnology (SEBIOT).

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Biotransformations Group
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