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DA On-Line (ISSN 1477-7843) is a brand new, international, interactive on-line journal dedicated to the publication of discourse analysis research.


DA On-Line uses interactive, internet-based media to provide an innovative forum for the presentation of discourse analysis research, to foster on-line collaboration and dialogue within the DA community and to redesign the conventional journal review process.


Discourse Analysis On Line invites submissions from all discourse researchers in the social sciences, cultural studies or humanities, particularly discussions of the practical applications of discourse studies.


DAOL Team,

Communication Studies,

Sheffield Hallam University,

Mundella House,

Collegiate Crescent Campus,


S10 2BP


Erica Burman

Discourse Analysis Means Analysing Discourse: Some Comments On Antaki, Billig, Edwards And Potter 'Discourse Analysis Means Doing Analysis: A Critique Of Six Analytic Shortcomings'

Editor: Simeon Yates (Sheffield Hallam University). Reviewers: Anna Madill (University of Leeds), Kathy Doherty (Sheffield Hallam University). Open Peer Commentary invited: 16th January 2004 to 28th of February 2004.    


Sara Mills

Third Wave Feminist Linguistics and the Analysis of Sexism

Editor: Kathy Doherty (Sheffield Hallam University). Reviewers: Karen Grainger (Sheffield Hallam University), Bethan Benwell (University of Stirling). Open Peer Commentary invited: 2nd December 2003 to 30th of January 2004.


Crispin Thurlow

Generation Txt? Exposing the sociolinguistics of young people's text-messaging

Editors: Simeon Yates and Susan Herring (Sheffield Hallam University) (University of Indiana). Reviewers: Simeon Yates (Sheffield Hallam University), Susan Herring (University of Indiana). Now published.    


Ian Parker

Discursive resources [Marxism, Feminism, Post-structuralism and Psychoanalysis] in the Discourse Unit [at the Department of Psychology and Speech Pathology of the Manchester Metropolitan University]

Editor: Simeon Yates (Sheffield Hallam University). Reviewers: Kathy Doherty (Sheffield Hallam University), Peter Jones (Sheffield Hallam University). Now published.    


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