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Amsterdam, July 6-9, 2005





Deadline: February 1, 2005


The Society for Text and Discourse will hold its Fifteenth  Annual Meeting at the Faculty of Arts, Vrije Universiteit  in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, from Wednesday through  Saturday, July 6-9, 2005. The Society for Text & Discourse  is an international society of researchers who investigate  all aspects of discourse processing and analysis. The  purpose of the society is to consolidate research in  discourse processing, to enhance communication among  researchers in different disciplines, and contribute to the  education and professional development of those in the  field or entering the field. Therefore, we invite scholars  from various disciplines (e.g., psychology, linguistics,  artificial intelligence, education, sociology,  anthropology, communications, philosophy and poetics) to  attend and participate in the annual meeting.


The specific aim of this conference will be to bring  together behavioral scientists with scholars who are  traditionally more focused on the structure of language,  text, and discourse. One interest that many of these  structure-oriented researchers share is their concern with  the function, context, and process of language use. We  therefore invite proposals for papers and symposia in this  general area. The deadline for submitting proposals is  February 1, 2005.




We are pleased to announce the following invited speakers have agreed to give plenary talks at the meeting:


Cecilia Ford

Department of English Language and Linguistics

University of Wisconsin--Madison, USA


Simon Garrod

Department of Psychology

University of Glasgow, UK


Gün Semin

Department of Psychology

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, NL




Presentations at the Fifteenth Annual Meeting of the  Society for Text and Discourse can be in the form of  posters or spoken papers. The deadline for submitting  proposals for both presentation formats is February 1,  2005. A Review Committee will review the proposals, and  authors will be notified regarding acceptance by the end of  March 2005.


Please submit proposals in English to std2005@let.vu.nl   The proposal should be attached to the email, and should be  saved as either a MSWORD or PDF document using the first  author's name as the filename (e.g. Magliano.doc or  Magliano.pdf). The subject line of the email should read  ''PROPOSAL SUBMISSION.'' If an author submits more than one  proposal, each must be sent in a separate e-mail message  and the filenames should be numbered (e.g. Goldman1.doc,  Goldman2.doc)


NOTE: If you wish to submit a symposium or panel proposal,  please contact the conference organizers, Wilbert Spooren  and Gerard Steen (std2005@let.vu.nl) prior to preparing the  submission.




Proposals should include a cover page with the following:


1. The title of the presentation

2. Names and institutional affiliations all authors, including email addresses of all authors

3. Contact Address for presenting author

4. Presentation Preference (Poster, Paper or Either)

5. A statement whether the paper is eligible for either the Outstanding Student Paper Award (OSPA) or the Jason Albrecht Outstanding Young Scientist Award (JAOYSA).

6. A 75-word abstract of the presentation for publication in the abstracts booklet.


In addition to the cover page, please include a 2-3 page summary of the presentation with a title but no author

information (max. 1000 words, including bibliographic references).


Incomplete, overlength, or late submissions will not be reviewed. If for some reason you cannot send your submission by e-mail, please contact Wilbert Spooren and Gerard Steen by mail at Faculty of Arts, Vrije Universiteit, de Boelelaan 1105, 1081 HV Amsterdam, the Netherlands.


Confirmation of receipt of submissions will be sent within a week of receiving them.


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clac 20/ 2004