clac 21/ 2005


Valencia, 7-10 September 2005



Deadline: 1 April 2005

Societas Linguistica Europaea 38


Conference organizers

Salvador Pons (Valencia, President)

María José Fernández (Valencia, Secretary).


Invited Speakers

Johan van der Auwera (Antwerp, SLE-president)

Antonio Briz (Valencia)

Sonia Cristofaro (Pavia)

Eva Hajicova (Prague)

Emilio Ridruejo (Valladolid)


Over the last decades discourse has taken up an important place in the field of linguistics. Nowadays the interface between grammar and language use is a demanding topic which many scholars deal with on a formal, functional and typological basis. Since the focus of this year’s conference will be the relation between discourse and grammar, we especially welcome contributions in the following domains:


- formal, functional and typological accounts of grammatical and discourse-related issues;

- formal, functional and typological analyses of morphological and syntactic structures;

- formal, functional and typological accounts of textual phenomena (inversion, discourse anaphora, deixis, etc.);

- historical pragmatics;

- pragmatic analyses of functionally-grounded constructions;

- theoretical studies aiming at grounding formal or functional accounts within a theory of science.


Scholars are also encouraged to organize workshops dealing with specific topics. Workshops should be open to all participants and favor the debate on ongoing research.


Individual papers are 20 minutes long, plus 10 minutes for questions and discussion. Workshop papers can last 30 minutes, provided that an additional time slot is reserved for discussion. To improve the interaction among scholars we invite all participants to prepare a hand-out, a computer assisted presentation or transparencies, or a combination of these.


In the perspective of extending the membership of the SLE, both members and non- members are invited to send in an abstract.


Conference organizers

Salvador Pons (Valencia, President)

María José Fernández (Valencia, Secretary).


Valencia Organizing Committee

Cesáreo Calvo Rigual, Hang Ferrer Mora, Antonio Hidalgo Navarro, Amparo Olivares Pardo, José Santaemilia and Tina Suau.


Scientific Committee

Marianna Chodorowska (Los Angeles), Bert Cornillie (Leuven-Antwerp), Ma Josep Cuenca (Valencia), Gabriele Diewald (Hannover), Ad Foolen (Nijmegen), Sophia Marmaridou (Athens), José Portolés (Madrid), Peter Pelyvás (Debrecen), Anna Siewierska (Lancaster), Mario Squartini (Torino), Maxim Stamenov (Göttingen), Elzbieta Tabakowska (Cracow), Richard Waltereit (Tübingen), Ilse Wischer (Postdam).


Guidelines and deadline for the submission of abstracts

Abstracts must (i) clearly state the topic/problem of the paper and the research questions to be discussed, (ii) specify the approach or method and data used, and (iii) announce the (expected) results.


The abstract should be anonymous and contain no more than 500 words, exclusive of references. When printed out, the title and body should fit on a single page of 12-point type, with 2 cm. margins.


The deadline for receipt of proposals is 1 April 2005. Before you submit your abstract to, please fill out the registration form at the SLE website.


Abstracts will be reviewed anonymously by the scientific committee. Submitters will be notified of acceptance by 30 April 2005 (by e-mail).


Registration fees

All participants should pay the registration fee before 30 May 2005.

General: 90 euro (120 euro after this date)

Scholars from Central and Eastern Europe: 60 euro  (90 euro after this date)

Students: 30 euro (50 euro after this date)



 The venue of the conference will be the Faculty of Philology (Facultad de Filología), located by the football stadium and within walking distance of the train station.


Important dates

- 1 April 2005: Deadline for submission

- 30 April 2005: Notification of acceptance

- 30 May 2005: Payment

- 7-10 September 2005: Conference


For any further questions, please write or call:

Salvador Pons (President)

SLE Meeting 2005

Departamento de Filología Española

Avda. Blasco Ibáñez, 32

46010 Valencia (Spain)

Phone: 00 34 963983269, Fax: 00 34 963864492



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clac 21/ 2005