General Linguistics; Historical Linguistics, Typology

39th annual meeting of the Societas Linguistica Europaea (SLE)


clac 24/ 2005


Bremen, August 30- September 2, 2006



Deadline 1 April 2006 



The theme of this international meeting is “Relativism and universalism in linguistics”. The conference is organised by the Department of Linguistics and the Institute of General and Applied Linguistics (IAAS) at the University of Bremen.

Thomas Stolz

sle2006 A uni- bremen. de


Call Deadline: 01-Apr-2006

Notification of Acceptance: 30-Apr-2006


There is an on-line registration service available.


CALL FOR PAPERS (deadline 1 April 2006)

Linguistic Fields: General Linguistics; Historical Linguistics, Typology. Suggested topics are recommended, but not limited to the following areas:

-       Historical linguistics

-       All areas of grammar (phonology, morphology, syntax, lexicon)

-       Typology and universals research

-       Cognitive linguistics

-       Psycholinguistics

-       Sociolinguistics

-       Language contact/Areal linguistics

-       History of linguistics

-       Other areas relevant to the general topic of the conference.


CALL FOR WORKSHOPS (deadline for full workshop descriptions 1 April 2006)

The organisers welcome suggestions for workshops. The number of workshops is limited to a maximum of six. There will be a slot for pre-conference workshops on 29 August 2006. Those who are interested in organising a workshop on occasion of the 39th SLE meeting are kindly asked to get in touch with the local organisers in Bremen.

Languages of the conference: English, French, German, Spanish.



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clac 24/ 2005